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 Jul 2021 Elizabethanne
Sy Lilang

Write β€”
As if the sky wasn't blue
And every day
Is as upside down as the next.

Write β€”
In colors,
Then write
In black and white.

Write β€”
Because you can;
It’s your freedom.

Write novels that span pages upon pages Bound together by leather
Or some short words.
The sunset is so beautiful.
Just like you.
I can compare the two.
And it would be flawless.
 Nov 2020 Elizabethanne
for the first time in my life, I'm not hiding.
I stand with my walls down and my heart open.
my legs are shaking, and my breathing is shallow.

he wraps his arms around me to keep me steady.
my head rests on his chest as he strokes my hair.
I close my eyes for a moment, finally able to rest.

I look at him carefully, and I see no armor.
his walls are down and his heart is open.
his legs are shaking, and his breathing is shallow.

we hold each other until our love grows roots.
then we let go, and our smiles illuminate the world.
he takes my hand in his, and we walk together.
This poem is very close to my heart. I don't think I've been as honest and vulnerable with anyone as I have been with this person. He has said the same about me. It is wonderful to love and be loved back in this way, and I hope anyone looking for love will feel this way with someone.
 Nov 2020 Elizabethanne
 Nov 2020 Elizabethanne
Empty hollow holes
echo anger, tears & shame
Criticism destroyed all of her true colors that only
bleed to black
crushing vices
became her only comfort
sending her to a bitter end
 Nov 2020 Elizabethanne
 Nov 2020 Elizabethanne
Tonight I am sad
Tonight I am lonely
The demons are screaming
So please someone hold me
 Oct 2019 Elizabethanne
The night is daughter to the moon

The sun her father

Wilful and wild


So unlike her serene and graceful mother

Or her bold papa

She hides where they shine

Unseen and often unheard

Keeper of secrets

Dark eyed girl of mystery and magic

Singular blue child

Of many questions

And few answers
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