Ee Aug 23
I love the rain
you know that
it's about to pour down will you think of me?
When the smell of rain hits your nose,
will you remember that
that is my favorite smell?
When your shoe hits puddles
will you see my face in the reflection of the water?
I hope you think of me
Ee Aug 10
I often wondered why people do drugs
To not feel?
But not feeling is the hardest thing to feel
Ee Aug 9
I’m waiting for you to respond
And I am not skilled at being patient
When you reply I want to give you the cold shoulder
I want you to know that I am upset
That your silence was felt
And how it was agony for me
This is a poem about a guy that lives in another country. We don’t talk all that often not because of me... it Is on his end.
Ee Aug 8
My hand hurts.
My fingers are going numb.
I guess its time
time to let you go
But will you please
Please choose to stay

— The End —