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Fred Jul 2020
I have found you again
but the floor is shifting,
revealing a void
with floating debris.

Every attempt at meaningful words
lacks the context that's been destroyed.
It's like a bad dream
that has woken up before me.

So I do the only thing I know
that comes before words
and you have been the one,
To show me how it works.

I pray for us at the bottom.
Building a ladder is a song from my favorite band hiatus kaiyote.
Fred Sep 2019
I'm so tired
I could cry or ****
Driven to the edge of Will
Case Supreme killing Spree
Or dream
Warm hearth behemoth march.
A tear of ******
An ear of mother
Words or smother.
Fred Nov 2018
Birth is honest

Growth is honest

Death is honest

Time is leaving

Lies are freeing
get there faster
Fred Nov 2017
I hold on
too dearly
to the things I love,
my love,
I gather dust
then rush
from the past,
shaking atomized shadow
off my silhouette of feathers
the air untethered
rubs the skin
and pulls stitches,
leaving aching itch
that reminds of something
that was in the way
Fred Oct 2017
The truth is
A window and a mirror
The holy grail and a dark lake
The recorded history of men
Is an imperfect amalgamation
Birth is it's most honest moment.
Fred Oct 2017
Shapes float

in the canvas

white as light

peers from behind

and draws shadows

on the mind

Light shines

outside linnen

white clouds

behind inner

sanctuary of

the mind
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