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 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Busy Day
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Today I woke up
and decided to paint walls
like clouds in the sky
**  ⛅️⛅️
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Spit Shine
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
hi bloodline, blood warm, crush kisses
red as a dress
chewable dandelion
interstate of honeybunches and grinning stars
over night lily light
and forever thighs
spit shine your moon beam
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Anastasia Snow
Our empire we are building on death and trash
Where once was life and beauty.

This world has survived so many horrible times,
But it is humans who will destroy it completely.

Glorious oceans once clear and blue,
Now a dark sludge, more plastic than water.

Air so ***** you can see it all around you, feel it in your lungs,
Not enough trees left to create fresh breathable oxygen.

We can’t live like this,
The End will come soon.
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
I've been gone a long time,
My leave more an odyssey  
Than a vacation.
Though lonely,
The beaten path
Has shown me my worth.
Though I was lost,
It's demarcations
Did at last guide me.
Many a stone have I tripped over
And yet many a fall I have risen from.
Dreading the isolation of every dark night,
Epiphanies shone unto me so as to bask in their light.
I understand now that I was never truly lost in this world,
I was only ever lost to myself.
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Carrie Partain
My frustration choking me
And you don't know I ache
Something better calls to me
But which road should I take?

We've been together for so long
Though you won't even try
To understand just what went wrong
And why it makes me cry

It seems you've time for everything
But whom you claim to love
I still wear my wedding ring
But you've just had enough

Since you don't want this anymore
I wonder why I try
If you come home and find I've gone
This verse will tell you why
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Carrie Partain
We gather here, on Labor Day
Each to our family, tribute pay

The Coker clan and all it's kin
To see what kind of shape we're in

Like, who's the newest baby born
And which loved ones have since passed on

A prayer is offered for the meal
While children's eyes, a peek do steal

At a feast that's spread for man and bug
Refreshing drinks in every mug

The men see more dessert and try it
While women think 'there goes my diet'.

With bellies full, we sit and hear
About what's happened, through the year

Of jobs and hobbies, grown-ups speak
As children splash in yonder creek

Old men and babies bridge the gap
That hasn't yet outgrown the lap

When day is done, we'll all depart
With greater love in every heart

May God bless each one gathered here
And bring us safely back next year
Family reunion of the past. Unfortunately my husband divorced me after twenty-one years of marriage. I guess for better or for worse and in sickness and marriage doesn't cover MS and Marfan Syndrome as a package deal.  I was declared too much to handle...but I digress.
 Jun 2019 CapsLock
Carrie Partain
Precious Pet
Dependable Dog
Compassionate Canine
Spaniel Psychologist

Famished Friend
Hungry Hoover
Loves Leftovers
Greedy Gulper

Boisterous Barker
Wonderful Watchdog
Always Alert
Champion Chaser

Every Evening
Bedside Buddy
Doggie Dreamer
Sweetly Sleeps
This was a poem written about my Tri- Color Champion Cocker Spaniel named Joe Cocker.  He lived fourteen wonderful years with us before he passed.  

Then we rescued a Rat Terrier named Shenanigans.  He lived about ten years until he got cancer and we recently lost him. I'm thinking of fostering for a while before I decide on another companion animal.
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