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 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
This is not a love poem
this is an I love you do you love me like
I love you poem
do you know me like
you think you do poem
this is a would you be disappointed
if you did poem
an I have been feeling the chilling of the air
and I cant tell if it is just the fault of the season
or if you, too, are cooling
whatever heat you had for me
browning and falling and
crumbling between my fingers
like the leaves of these oak trees
in november poem
a what would I need to do to keep us warm poem
and this is also
an I may be completely mistaken poem
an it was seventy degrees today poem
this is a show me I am completely mistaken poem
 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
Jen Snow
Freud says tattoos
The Manifestation
Of a

Every point
Separate pain

It took
And a

To complete
Of my

And half a million perforations

To convert
Into something




To finally
Let go
Of the past
 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
It isn't fair
You've gone and done it again
Made me love you
With reckless abandon
No thought of consequences or heartache
Just like last time

Did you know you were pulling me back in
Just when I thought I'd gotten out, gotten away
Were you aware
That with every text, every laugh, every touch
I was falling deeper in love with you
Until every poem I wrote was about you

Last time you weren't ready for this, for us, for a relationship
I waited as long as I could, but I couldn't wait forever
This time I made the same mistake,
Thinking you might finally be ready

And you might have been
Except that soon you'll be
Of miles

And I'll be here
And hoping
And praying
That one day you might love me enough to come home
I just read this back and it sounds more dismal than I intended. I don't blame him for anything, he's the one person that can always make me smile right now. Unrequited love just hurts, you know?
 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
Well...first I'd probably pay off all my student loans

And with the rest of the $10, i don't know.....

Chipotle or taco bell maybe?
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 Mar 2018 Brenna Comer
CA Smith
To you, the ground beneath my feet
Every step I take,
you support me.

You stand with me,
in my times of trouble

I am warmed by your embrace,
as I become entranced in your outfit of lace.

Nothing could be more finely crafted,
than my connection with you.

The ages may wear on you,
yet you remain the only one
my sole longs for.

For you truly are...
My favorite pair of shoes.

— The End —