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May 2022 · 370
Miss Child
Cledentine May 2022
The same room
Same table
Same chair
Same bed

Yet different
Just different

From walls
With pencil drawings
To murals
Much of color

From warm floorboards
Into welcoming chills
Of the tiles

From the old television
Into that cute little printer

From the overflowed drawers
Into a spacious built - in

From that small rolling table
Into that long wooden one

From my playtime on the floor
Into busy work on that
uncomfortable chair

How long has it been?
Since I've grown into this?
How long will it be?
For me to be like this?
May 2022 · 1.2k
Emotionless AI
Cledentine May 2022
Isn't it fascinating?
Telling you they're down
Telling you they're suffering

Isn't it amusing?
Telling you they give up
Telling you they want the end

Pessimism fills their statement
Dejected faces
Inconsolable souls
Shells impossible to move

Yet it amuses me more
Their smiles
Their laughter
Their permanent changing masks

Their tears
They wipe off
As if it's a raindrop
Just happened to come down

How does it feel?
To be in pain
To hurt
To be happy

How does their life go?
Having more marks
More than in my system?

It must be really amusing
May 2022 · 477
Lost Plan
Cledentine May 2022
That road I planned
Is merely a plan.
No dent, no mark,
No foot print of mine.
A clean canvass
With no acrylic colors,
An untouched paper
Without a sketch.

Sometimes I think
What road should it be.
Mine or theirs,
What should it be.

I go with mine,
I'll be happy
Apr 2022 · 740
Fortunate Heartache
Cledentine Apr 2022
There I stood.
There I ached.
There I cried.
There I hoped.

Must be a dream
Or a nightmare
Just far from reality.

Reminiscing the days,
Just you and me.
Not a glance of her,
Nor echo of her voice.

You were happy,
I was happy,
Both of us were happy.

I told you my love
You did the same.

Told me of going back time
I asked if you're willing.
Making the sacrifice.

What we have now
It should be enough.
Yet the feels of seeking more
keeps creeping in.

Thoughts of regrets
Not making the mistake.
Longingness and misses
Wouldn't have to exist.

I love you
But you have her.
And though you love her,
You love me still

Indeed difficult,
Letting go the emotions.
Yet holding on,
Bigger and deeper wounds,
More than to bare.

I love you
Yet you have her.
Her with your angels
Beautiful, soon to come out.

I'll be happy
You'll be happy
We'll both still be happy.
Won't we?
It's been a long time. But here I am again, though with a heartache
Cledentine Feb 2021
Easy to say to not give up
Find that help
That glimmer of hope
Hang on

"Those will pass soon"
"I'm here for you"

"Tell me
I'll try to help"

You've tried
Tried countless times

To hang on
To work it out
To breathe
To still live

I did try
I did ask for help

But I'm tired
I've lived enough
Been tormented enough

I'm so tired.
Haven't said my goodbyes
But my life ends here.
Aug 2020 · 123
Cledentine Aug 2020
That Purple Ocean
Their Universe
Their Biggest Love
That's Us
I'm proud to say that I am a BTS ARMY...
Please Stream Dynamite...
Dynamite is out on August 21
Aug 2020 · 92
Been A While
Cledentine Aug 2020
I've been wandering
And it's been a while

I've been thinking
And it's been a while

I've been silent
And it's been a while

I've been searching
And it's been a while

I've been hiding
And it's been a while

It has always been a while
Been A While
Sep 2019 · 276
Cledentine Sep 2019
So quiet
Yet so loud

A whisper
Yet an echo

Very subtle
Yet lurid

My world
In a picture
My Abstract World
Sep 2019 · 122
Cledentine Sep 2019
Heaven and Hell
Welcomes me

I get cozy
Do my deep slumber

So ecstatic
I'm back
Again, in my Territory
Aug 2019 · 123
Cledentine Aug 2019
The bathroom she goes.
Locks the door.
Sits down.


With every wipe,
Tears roll down.
Every pause,
Just cause misery.

So off she goes
Into her fantasy
Beautiful dreams
Longing to be the reality

Smiles she sees
Laughter she hears
Love she feels
Care she deserves

Her dream,
Extravagant success.
Her dream,
That happy life.

Her dreams
Her dreams
Are not only
Just dreams

For her reality,
Her life.
Is actually,
No more it seems.

For she is,
And will forever be
In her wonderful dreams.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Cledentine Dec 2018
Clock strikes 12:00;
Midnight of 24th December.
Out of my comforts
In that cold winter.

Hands in my pocket .
With a thick sweater;
My source of warmth.

I hear the carols; The laughter
I hear the cheers; The stories

I smell the turkey,
The juicy ham,
And that smoked barbecue.

Dangling lights,
Of each city structure.
Glow and flicker,
Warming the cold weather.

People I pass by,
Faces lit with upturned smiles.

“They're enjoying,”
I say to myself
As I feel myself
Enjoying as well

I see couples,
I see families;
Friends having fun

I continue strolling.
Enjoying amidst midnight serenity.

Stars above keep me company.
While I hum to myself Christmas melodies.

“Merry Christmas Ma'am.”
A man sits by a bag only filled for daily living

“Merry Christmas,” I softly replied, sitting next to him.

“Have you eaten, kind sir?
How about a hot meal
In this cold weather?”

To my questions,
He humbly shakes his head
As ‘no’ is his the answer.

“Your company,
More than enough.
This warm porridge,
Could satisfy both of us”

These words with his hand,
On his canine pal in slumber
A trusted companion.

“I see you have a friend
No, a family,
Your family.”
As I see him caress the one sleeping next to him

I stood up after the conversation
“Sir, please wait for me here”

To a nearby restaurant and open shop I ran.
Buying all I could

Both hands of mine
Carrying all I've bought
In a hurry to the man and his friend… No, his family

“Dear Sir,
Let this be a gift
From me to you
Please do accept”.

I gave him all
Those that I've carried
For him, his family.

Tears in his eyes,
He thanked me.
I Couldn't hold back
As I also cried.

His furry companion awakens
Stopping that teary and joyous moment.

Enjoying in laughter.
Having the Christmas meal,
Amidst the cold weather.

This is a moment
Long to love
Long to treasure

A story
An experience
I would like to have
In the Midnight of 24th December.
It's been a while since the last post of my poem.. This poem is actually inspired by a homeless man with his dog, both of which I usually see when I go to school.. I hope that they could still enjoy Christmas together...
Nov 2018 · 666
Cledentine Nov 2018
Born from the darkness,
Came from all the agony,
And came to take life.

Chaos, the name he bears
Written with all shed blood.
That is his name
Who everybody fears.

His tower of pain
And throne of suffering.
His diadem of greed
With the cape of misfortune.

What is wanted to exhume
Is what he entombs.
What is to forget?
Is what he reminisces.

Oh the woe to take
Is the pleasure he seeks.
Even the courageous
Cowards up bring.

These shackles
These walls
These shards
These thorns

These are the things
That I should overthrow.
Yet I cannot.

For even the deity that I have
For pure goodwill
The deity that I have
Are all against his will?

For I am the opposite
I am the good
I am the benevolent
I am the enemy

I, his enemy
Though benevolent
Though righteous

I, his enemy
Though honest
Though pure

I, the enemy
Have fallen in love

To the one who caused pain?
The one who's ecstatic in wars
Attached to bloodshed
Rules ruthlessly over unforgiven souls

I fell in love
Yet I have to win
He fell in love
Do I need to win?

We are opposites
Living the opposites
Opposites that fell in love
Yet one must win

He is Chaos
And I am Concord
Both to act
How we should act
Both to think
How we should think

I fell in love
Yet I have to stop
To where I should just be

He is in love
But has to stop
To where that he should be

And though pain and suffering,
Would still be consistent,
Good will be there
To make even a little difference

But I won't win
Nor he will win
Not I to rule
Nor he to rule

For even Chaos
Only causes chaos
And I, Concord
Would only cause concord

Both won't be in existence
If one overthrows the other.
Both won't be in existence
If one isn't meant for the other.
I joined a group publication of our school, this is the piece that I submitted... I hope you enjoy.. :) :) :)

Warning... Poem is long.. Hahaha
Nov 2018 · 641
Cledentine Nov 2018
They'll surround you
They'll keep you
They'll befriend you
They'll love you


When they don't need you
When they won't want you

They'll leave you

Back to the corner
Again to stay,
As a stranger.
Nov 2018 · 155
Only Three - 1
Cledentine Nov 2018
Leave me be
That's better;
For you and me.
I wanna be in my comfort zone now...
Nov 2018 · 104
Cledentine Nov 2018
Should I do it?
Can I do it?

When to do it?
How to do it?

I can do it.
I'll do it.

I'll just wait....
I wanted to do it but, I just don't know... (Sigh)
Oct 2018 · 239
Cledentine Oct 2018
Oh wow..
You're with them again.
Don't worry,
I'm already happy.

Take your time
I won't care
You're the prime;
My best nightmare
What a friend....
Oct 2018 · 402
Silent Reaction
Cledentine Oct 2018
Their simple "Hellos "
And "Goodbyes".
I just....
What can I say??.. Sometimes, I just leave myself speechless.
Oct 2018 · 954
Cledentine Oct 2018
Your hurt
Your Anger
Your sadness
Your pain

Cry it all out
Show them you're in agony
Say you want to die
Scream that you don't want to live

Show them that you can't take it in
Say you've been through so much

Cry it all out
Scream it all out
They're always there to listen

Feel their embrace
Feel their pity
They'll surround you
With care and understanding

Talk with them

Let them see your melancholy
They'll care for you more

You're the victim?
That's what you want

Feeling really *?
Tired of being here?
Cause you have them

You have friends
Those people who I cherished
Those people who you stole from me

Those friends of mine
Are no longer mine

I took pity on you
I cared for you
I didn't mind while you're having Fun
Fun with them, without me

I don't care if you're laughing with them
But you stole them
You stole them without hesitation

Going through some
You and I are the same
* up?
Well so am I

I sit at the corner
You're being caressed
I cry, waiting
While you're embraced

You laugh at their jokes
While I walk away
You smile with them
I won't stay

You keep quiet
Well I'll stay in the silence
You have the light
While I'll live in the dark

I really do hope that you're happy
Happy with them
Happy without me

I'm jealous
I really am
I was the first

I was there for them
I lowered pride for them
I laughed for them
I smiled with them

We are family
We were a family

Now it’s you
You with them
Now, it's just me
Me in the Silence
Another long poem, but I do look forward for your feedbacks.. :) :) :) Heheheh..
Oct 2018 · 2.0k
Cledentine Oct 2018
“Beneath the willow
She’s singing
Beneath the willow
She’s waiting.

Beneath the willow
Under the willow
Her body
Is now laid to rest”

A simple rhythm
I follow
A simple tune
I hum

A simple song
I used to sing
In those days,
When I was young

But I’m not a kid
Not like the other kids

They form a circle.
Hands held together.
Dance around;
Enjoy singing

On the other hand,
Kept thinking
And thinking.

Why is there a willow?
Why is the woman there?

“Laid to rest”.
Shot, eaten,

May have died of old age.
May have not.

I wanted to know…
Already 18;
I went into the woods.
Looked for the willow I know

Two before, now three.
To the center willow;
“What was she singing?
Why was she here?”

There was nothing.
Just dead silence.

Asked again,
Yet no response.
Maybe, just maybe
I’m already losing my mind

I needed rest.
Something startled me.
A stone,
Not any kind of stone.

A graveyard stone
So old;
Dirt covered the entirety,
Although I have read these words.

“My beloved Willow,
For whoever finds your grave
Will be your eternal companion”

Is it just me?
Or is my mind on it again?
Doing its tricks,
Because of a graveyard stone?

Wind blew for a moment
As if someone passed by

Then I heard it,
I heard the song.
I saw a woman,
Heard her singing.

I stood there,

In a long white gown
Hair dangling,
Towards me,
She walked.

Screaming in my head.

But I couldn’t
She got hold of me

Her hands,
Gripping tightly my arms.
I could not escape,
I could not run

Gripping me,
Still singing

“Beneath the willows
You’re singing
Beneath the willows
You’re waiting

Beneath the willows
Under the willows
Your body
Will be laid to rest”

Her head is up.
Her eyes,
Bloodshot red.
Gazing into my very soul.

“Let go of me
Please let go.”
Remains in my head
No word can I speak.

Feeling heavy

As I try,
Making an inch move,
I am slowly devoured.
Not by her.

A willow.
Not two
Not three
Just one ****** willow

Crushing me

Can’t get out
Nowhere to escape
Trying to catch my breath

Agonized, screaming

Fully consuming me.

Awakened by my mother.
Embrace, she whispers,
“It was all just a dream.
My only beloved Willow”.
This is a first to publish on a website a poem of mine. I want to improve myself in writing poems.. Please do tell me if you have any suggestions or comments cause it will be a great help :) :) :)

— The End —