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 Jan 2018 Blake
Journey of Days
how long
before I can walk past
and not look

 Jan 2018 Blake
helena alexis
hold my thighs
lick me as if i’m
the only source
of liquid left on
this earth

devour me like
an animal
pinning me down
lapping me up
as if you were a dog
on an extremely hot day
 Jan 2018 Blake
Sun Drop
Let's not make any bones about it,
For I have no bones to pick.
Ah, and I've got you there,
for I am a sack of meat.

O, to live amongst the squids!
and be so jubilant and jiggly,
why, no pleasure's ever met my eye,
as that leathery wriggling beak.

Am I to blame for my misfortune?
Surely so, but of you I must ask,
what misfortune? Am I to assume
that because I have agency, I must fail?

Nonsense! And how fitting.
American manifest. Living
in a land, for himself, most befitting.
Laugh with me, for we live in Clown World.

This is the power of
the untamed duffle bag.
Vicious! O how vicious, his maw,
his all consuming zipper unzipped.

But my zipper, too, is unzipped.
Such a faux pas passes not
in our society, unforgiving,
Original sin.
 Jan 2018 Blake
Sun Drop
 Jan 2018 Blake
Sun Drop
I stare at the eyes
of the man with no face,
his fingers like tendrils
that weave mortal fates.

A long slender tongue,
which doesn't exist,
slides into my mouth
and I cannot resist.

A pitiful yelp,
and a desperate gasp,
serve only to feed
our vile attack.

Into my throat
we continue to ******,
penetrating the mind
while defiling trust.

But I'm no longer me.
With a flick of my wrist,
I dispose of my corpse;
I no longer exist.
 Jan 2018 Blake
Master of Tongue
She looked into my eyes
and I knew,
my answer
to the deepest blue.
 Dec 2017 Blake
"she is not aware of the
Glossy world of fashion,
Nor the joyful world of passion,
The beauty of her isn't in the
Clothes she wears,
Nor the makeup in her face,
The beauty of her must be seen
From her eyes,
From her words,
The caring she cares to give,
Cause that's the doorway to
Her heart,The place where the
Eternal love resides

She is one who feels deeply
And love feircly,
She is both soft and powerful
Practical and theoretical,

Her tears flows just as her laughter
Her essence is particularly a gift to the world."
 Dec 2017 Blake
I live in a cruel world  Full of cruel beings
Everyday I get drowned in the depths of their attitudes
Maybe it's bad blood running in their cold veins
And of course I get blinded by the darkness of it's solitude

Oh People! Don't open yourself up to this earth
When the life you live is a lie
Because you people are not enough worth
To live in this world and make others cry

Is there anyone to comprehend
The deepest sorrows embedded in my soul
And bring all things to an end
Where at least one day I can stand tall
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