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FMBurhan Mar 2020
I love myself enough
to fall in love being me
without claiming i'm not them
without letting it ruin me
love yourself, cause our lives are in the brim of death
FMBurhan Apr 2018
Let me be isolated for sometimes
For I want to know whether I'm perfect
Because they always do is wet my eyes
And I thought it's just because I'm imperfect

My faith in me is fading now
For I always try to be perfect
And all the Time when I try and try
I ended up being imperfect
People are not always complete or perfect they do have flaws and mistakes. Learning to live with each other's imperfection without highlighting them is terrific...
FMBurhan Apr 2018
I pictured an early morning blue sky
And how golden rays of Sun reach my eye
the way the aroma of black coffee pierce through my nose
When you and I lay inert with half closed eyes

I dreamt of evening walks through those far away cities
Far away cities where love was innocent
Wandering through those lake side valleys
And dreamt how you and I dwell on fantasies

I imagined a midnight moments town
Sitting beside a road side creepy valley
And imagined how you and I looking at the desperate stars
And finding a destination to reach
We all are lost dreamers in this endless universe. sometimes we wish to stay dreaming just because we find our dreams more pleasant than our reality. I'm still that obstinate dreamer that I have been in my childhood because I do always dwell on dreams...
FMBurhan Mar 2018
Spent years perfecting myself
Took split second to tarnish all-in
All my dreams are lost upon a shelf
And brought me down to a place where I can never win

But they will never comprehend my innocence
Instead, tormenting by feelings of insecurities
Every inch of my attitude is a nonsense
But I know where I stand and I too have possibilities

And here comes you
To shoulder my heavy-going pain
It's like a daydream comes true
Because whatever you do is not for your gain.
People do step in and out of our lives .some make our lives joyful Whilst some make the hell out of it. whatever the case the support of one's own family is vital .standing high amidst all the insults from the society and the family is not a easy task."The sun miss the stars  in the morning sky. Because the sun is also a star, shining without his family"..But in some point of our lives we come across that one person who make our lives a heavenly bliss
FMBurhan Mar 2018
Oh you! The darkened soul
Be not lost, in places you grieve
For you have escaped from battles, alone
And tasted the sour and sweet.

Oh you! The cryptic Soul
You maybe look like a crumpled paper
Don't let people to un crumple you
For you look better in your crumpled nature.
"I usually keep quite.I kept quite for years.But now my words roll of my tongue so quickly that without any introspection. I feel a difference In me (glad). But I wished
to be the old keep-quite me.."
FMBurhan Feb 2018
You... with your worn out purplish dress
And You...with your eyebrows knitted together
Waiting for me at the desk in the room end
Eagerly to talk around something

But I  walked with my head down, frightened
My heart starts to beat faster than ever
Knowing that something has gone wrong, widened
And I walked thousand steps to reach you

And you turned out to me wild
stabbed your finger angrily at my chest
Seems like you have never been kind
And asked few questions like you're  is in a quest

I saw tears of anguish in your eyes
And felt a blend of emotions fermented inside your mind
But what can I do?
Little did I know?

And you started listening to the music you really like
While I'm sitting on the bed and wondering how to spend the night
With tears in my eyes
And fears in my heart....
FMBurhan Feb 2018
The dusk falls without a rush
When I'm alone in the cold shallow beach
Sitting on an isolated rock beside the wild shore
With a feeling of heavy grievance

I looked at the hardy waves
And wished to throw all my sorrows
So the waves could wash gently upon the Sandy
And carry away my hearts grief.
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