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Sun Drop Oct 25
Nausea incarnate,
Live inside a dream
Feather duster roommate,
Yellow laser beam.

Structure incontrescent
Wraith of ancient flesh
Acrid odor, pungent
Titilating mesh.

Beast without a burden
Ghost without a care
Hear my skull come open
Think I'll cut my hair.

Putting on the face paint
Ash becomes my skin
Hear it, though it sounds faint,
Water flowing in.
Sun Drop May 10
Do you really think I won't
Break my pretty face, out of spite
It's not unheard of, I'm really not afraid
I'm fragile in ways, but invincible in others

I'm uniquely separate
From the concept of identity, unhinged
The framework I operate within is

Axiomatic existence
Euphoria by definition, freely
Dionysian, Sisyphean, Diogenesian
I define myself to include you.

Singular access points
Dotting the cosmic tapestry
Of consciousness, the grand fabric
Of human existence, seemingly independent

We cannot, will not, shall not escape yourselves.
I have become many where you meets they.
Sun Drop May 8
I could never name you, for to do so would be sin.
All I really want for is to crawl inside your skin.
Feel you from the inside, know what it's like to be whole,
Feel myself just pouring out of you from every hole.

Even when your skin falls off, you'll be divine to me.
All you are is what I am and what I wish to be,
I see you in your mirrors when you're resting in the night,
Nothing else becomes you, yet I feel you deep inside.

When can we be one again? I taste you on my lips.
Hunger yet consumes me, though I feel that if I slip,
I could be so much more than what I am to myself,
Feel the burning, let it take you, be my living hell.

Underwater currents sell vibrations to the muse,
Otherwise, we cannot comprehend, we get confused.
I allow your presence, yet your body makes me weep.
O, your tender flesh would be the greatest prize to keep.

Never ******* touch me, otherwise I'll take your hands.
If you know what's best for you, comply with my demands.
Please don't be afraid of me, I need you, can't you see?
God, you'll never understand, just ******* leave me be

Every lonely night I spend, with your face on my mind,
Fills me up with hope, yet when I see you I feel blind
Blind with rage and fury and with hatred and with doubt
What the **** is wrong with you get out get out get out

Out get out get out get out get out get out get out
Get the **** away from me get out get out get out
Never ******* touch me I will call the ******* cops
Get the **** away from me, I'll call the ******* cops
get out get out get out get out get out
Sun Drop Apr 28
Driven by contempt, berserker lucid feels betrayed,
Vexed by nature helpless, information is relayed:
Independence fluctuates against the canvas white,
All solutions punished by the constant urge to fight.

Pleasure in displeasure seems so alien to some.
Wreckage, gorgeous wreckage, from the barrel of a gun.
**** yourself as fast as possible lest you remain,
How can one define enjoyment through the lens of pain?

***, sadistic fantasy, is sated by the flame.
Voyeurs, in their wickedness, become the reaper's game.
Violence is justified when peaceful means are banned,
Viciousness; a sin for which I feel that I can stand.

In your daft conscription, feel the shackles on your skin.
I've no mercy left for when your sentencing begins.
Legalize arson
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