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1.4k · Apr 2
Last Summer
Black Petal Apr 2
The world was frantic.
Nature, the only escape.
You and I skipped stones.
1.3k · Mar 15
Spring Sun
Black Petal Mar 15
Sitting in the sun
Soft grass below my bare skin
A lovely moment
949 · Mar 29
Night Bird
Black Petal Mar 29
Moon glitters on waves
Blackbird sings in the shadows
Nature's midnight song
795 · Apr 6
Black Petal Apr 6
I am the howling wind
I am the cold mist kissing your skin
I am leaves and branches dancing
I am swollen waves and sideways rain
I am black sky
I am the storm.
740 · Mar 20
Black Petal Mar 20
Iridescent bird
Pauses for sweet red flower
Lightning bolt stands still
738 · Mar 25
Black Petal Mar 25
Breathe in and breathe out
Rooted like the banyan tree
Watch thoughts come and go
595 · Mar 14
Black Petal Mar 14
No matter what comes
I'm making it beautiful
Here in this refuge
554 · Mar 18
In Between
Black Petal Mar 18
I'll wait while you mend
And fill the empty spaces
With color and song
516 · Mar 28
Libra Moon
Black Petal Mar 28
Stay, luminous moon.
Orbit my heart forever.
Shine through its deep cracks.
514 · Apr 14
Orange Grove
Black Petal Apr 14
Sweet fragrant citrus
Awaken my tired senses
The essence of home
217 · Mar 19
Black Petal Mar 19
Among the Cypress
Portal to an untouched world
Where life reigns Supreme
200 · Mar 17
Black Petal Mar 17
A single flower
Blooms among the tangled weeds
Beauty in the mess
78 · May 6
Body Armor
Black Petal May 6
Soft folds of stretched skin
Guarding my delicate core
Deserve my reverence

— The End —