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Boys love their toys and girls want a thrill
with their ever-wanting hearts needing a fill

Strings tied upon my wrist, they pulled her in every direction
Didn't you know? Filial love wasn't meant for dissection!
Your expectations and love are cutting into my skin
But no, I'm a child, I don't have an objection
I should be grateful for such affection.... no matter who wins...

One side of the tongue oozes sticky love
the other devotedly applies words quite vile
Someone turned benign qualities into a way to beguile
In that way, our family was something to defile
Well, hey, this was something we've known for a while, so...

Let's just give up
Divorce is messy, y'know? As a kid, it hurts to be stuck in the middle of it.
 Feb 2018 Austin Mizelle
My family tells me I'm beautiful.
But only if they knew,
the pain I go through,
At school. Where people
laugh at you,
and only tear you down.
I work so hard to put on a smile.
After being at school for awhile.
Your walls are built so strong,
nobody can break them down.
You isolate yourself from the world.
That only brings you pain.
Tried to make it rhyme but didn't quite work.
(read forward, then backward, line by line)

I ran.
Not knowing what else to do
There was so much blood on my hands
It was mine
The kitchen knife
Caught in my chest
Consumed by
I was heightened by
But running on
Wasn’t enough
While trying to stay calm,
Losing control
It was me that would end up
Dead. Because
He was
In front of me
The whole time
It was too late
I found myself
Locked in chains
My fate was
Forward: from the victims perspective.
Backward: from the murderers perspective.


— The End —