Potassium is my name,
Jun 10, 2013

Potassium is my name,
I'm dangerous in open air,
so they hide me away in shame,
I'm light,
you can cut me,
but I am toxic,
and very reactive,
and that's what's brought me to fame,
so if you remember one thing,
just one thing,
remember I burn with a Lilac flame.

Sep 29, 2013

I would rather be,
whipped, struck, or beaten,
punched, slapped or bitten.

Because I know it wouldn't hurt,
half as much as leaving you,
the pain of London can't be repeated.

Oct 12, 2013

I didn't love you enough,

   you didn't want enough,

      your mother didn't do enough,

   your father didn't see enough,

your brother didn't care enough,

   and our friends and family didn't know enough,

      we all blame our selves,

   but how ever hard it is for me to understand,

nobody is to blame.

Jun 8, 2013

I am waiting,
a mountain of might,
A belly of molten rock,
roaring and burning.

I am working,
for the world's discerning,
of my heart's yearning,
am I not worthy?

I want her back,
I swear I am earning,
of my extinguishing darling,
who holds back the thunder and lightning.

I am about to erupt,
the testosterone is flowing,
the gates of hell are about to open,
You better be running!

Jul 23, 2013

I said I'll give you everything,
I will never expect you to do the same,
because that would be selfish,
and for anybody other than myself it would just be so strange.

But I kinda expected your gorgeous voice,
it's to beautiful for even me it seems,
but that is your choice,
it would be the greatest of gifts if you gave it to me.

Jul 23, 2013

Being away from her,
   is like taking medication.

      It's hard to swallow,
but it's good for you,
  and you know it can't get any worse.

      You know your capable of taking it,
and it's not worth the risk of not taking it.

Sep 16, 2013

I said I'll love you always,
my opinion is gonna remain the same.
   So if I have to hide away,
Its not cos I don't love you,
It's because I'll die.
   If I'm helpless,
and I have to watch you,
obliviously stray.

Sep 29, 2013

My fear of hurt,
has been given to you.

My heart pounds,
when I see pictures of you.

I die,
when you're not here.

I hate to think,
of you any other way.

I'm cold,
when you're not holding me.

I'm throbbing,
when you gaze at me.

You stun me,
when you touch me.

And you kill me,
when you're in danger.

Jun 17, 2013

Is it his origin?

His Physique?

  His mentality?

   His mannerisms?

    Or is it something deeper,
something harder to explain?

We all have a goal,
a mind as strong as the body,
or a body as strong as the mind,
few have both in this world.

In response to 'Hell Boy, Here To Protect'.
Aug 15, 2013

I want you forever,
you can't handle,
you can now cope with our love,
but long term puts you in shambles.

Have you got plans of moving on,
will you get board of living with my opinion,
can't you see us together,
your the one I adore and I am your minion.

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