Splat, goes the teardrops down her freckled face
I hate to know that I'm the one who caused her all this pain
I might as well have held the gun and shot it in her chest
The pain might've been lessened if I'd cared much less

Recall the day
My smoke eyes laid
Onto her violet orbs
Recall the way
I begged her stay
Despite my side of war

Enemy camp is where she lived but I payed that no mind
Instead I snuck into her heart, promised that she'd be fine
I grasped onto her soul with a gentle loving hand
Soon we shared our bodies as a woman and a man

She disappeared without a trace not leaving me a clue
I found her again but to my shock, her stomach clearly grew

She found out my past and knew which side I took upon the war
My darling cried and with dark eyes said, I wasn't good for her

All because of the difference in sides, a daughter I would never see
I, a soldier of Lustful Broken: She, the Queen of Loved Purity

She's right, I'm just a soldier boy
Who's bought by women as a play toy
But her, despite my solider boy ways
Gave me a dream for a future someday

#love   #heartbreak   #war   #man   #lust   #soul   #imagery   #purity   #baby   #gentle  
WJ Thompson
WJ Thompson
7 days ago

I am fascinated and enamored
         by the jewelry of a woman's heart
who after being torn apart
         only grows softer, gentler, and kinder.

Just saw The Beauty and the Beast. Inspired. Though, I suppose this poem doesn't exactly capture what was happening in the movie, but it reminded me of a couple girls I've known.
#heart   #woman   #kind   #gentle  

Dive into the other realm
Wash away the pain
Ease the burden
Let it stand
Flow your life today

Rose of anguish is so pure
Grows out of your core
You can feel the bloody thorns
Pierce what should endure

Feel the waves of solace lull
And the streams of fate
Let them gently bear you by
The shores of never-why
Untill it is too late
For time have never stopped
The joy of pain is rough
And cruel and insane
But that's the only raft
One can row on this way

Oh, my friend sleep softly
Oh, my friend be quiet
Fragile art of your existence
Won't bother you for now
Your chest's breathing is so peaceful
Scarlet lips are still
My shy hand will reach just once
To caress your hair
If I didn't know your pain
And would see you know
I would think that I have found
The only blissful one
And still I think you are
But only for a while
For this so short one "now"

If you only knew I share
The same desease as you
If you only knew I bear
The same cross just like you

But sleep for now my friend
Slip into the void
In the comfort of a dream
Find the ease to cope

I will sit right by your side
On the shore of never-why
Watch you slowly float on by
Until you wake and cry
Not seen but deep within
Then I will have to go
Coz' I have heard your "No"

Sorrow lilac is so pure
Grows out of my pride
I can feel it growing wide
Trough what should endure

#song   #personal   #gentle  

i want to live as if i were a firework.
it is an absolute ownership of the self
to recognize that none escape life without burns,
and to charge forth recklessly.
screaming across the night sky,
fireworks cannot go unnoticed
with their gaudy colors and thick trails of smoke;
i wish to be myself as unapologetically.

brash and impatient,
i want my voice to reverberate across the masses,
whether i speak to one or a hundred thousand.
my words will echo the raucous thunder of fireworks,
in the ceaseless recognition that i am alive, that i am something;
be it nothing more than a camera flash against the smudge of time.

do we not delight in the glare and promise of a simple firework,
a chemical accident launched into being?
if a firework can be beautiful despite its brokenness,
then i too can rise from my own ashes,
cry into the void, and flourish.

It is so sad to think
That the ones who self harm
who cut;
are the most gentle.

Who would rather hurt themselves than anyone else..

#cutting   #sad   #depression   #sadness   #burn   #selfharm   #cut   #killme   #gentle   #kms  

Quiet and gentle

this apparition

of caring about

the wind and how

it howls through

the air at top speeds.

Quiet and gentle

this space inside me

when music isn't playing

when silence calms the mind.

Quiet and gentle

this clean atmospheric

liberation front

canton of rhetoric feelings

theoretically seeming

just in its cause.u

#quiet   #music   #air   #wind   #abstract   #gentle   #apparition  

To my future children,
nothing in life comes easy
you will hear these words all the time.

To my boys,
treat the world with a gentle touch
be kind
do not let others
teach you the ways in which
they think boys ought to be.

To my girls,
i say the same
but in this cruel, cruel world
remember that you breathe fire
for that is the only way
you will make it out alive.

#love   #girl   #fire   #future   #boy   #breathe   #children   #feminism   #gentle   #feminine  

I'm not looking for a prince charming.
But a man who has callused hands,
a gentle heart,
and a forest fire that's raging in his soul?
He, I wouldn't mind standing beside.

Someone to provide for me, guide me, and stand beside me.
#heart   #future   #god   #him   #strong   #kind   #gentle   #provide  
Dakota Perez
Dakota Perez
Dec 30, 2016

(October 12, 2016 // 2:48 PM)

We were so young.

And we were so fragile.

We knew we were too young, and because of it, too fragile.

But we were never gentle.

We were never gentle.

#love   #young   #kids   #gentle   #ji   #dpxx  
Dec 24, 2016

Like the wind,
passing freely,
gently caressing my skin.

Like the water,
my feet wallowed in,
fully encompassing me.

Like the sun,
with its rays of light,
warming my heart.

Like the moon,
in the nothingness of black,
dimly lit over me as I dream.

I'm reminded of you yet again;
I wish you were here.

#love   #remember   #memory   #warm   #reminisce   #gentle  
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