1 day ago

My metamorphosis is now complete, love
I'm a beautiful magnificent waterfall
Come see me, my waters flow, flow, flow
from majestic mountains way up high
Down to rushing rivers below
flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing, flowing
where i eventually go splash, splash
Splashing onto you, refreshing your skin
cooling you from a blazing hot sun
making you say oooh, ahhh, sigh

tl b
tl b
1 day ago

at edge of the forest, among the evergreens,
even weeds wear a shade of green that begs to be called growth.

wrapped in cloth, emerald stone,
the wind whistles through my hair
my breath is stolen along the breeze.

#love   #nature   #winter   #change   #green   #spring   #selflove   #season   #growth  
Anna Mans
Anna Mans
2 days ago

Summer’s time has come and gone
The walls, floorboards release a yawn
With nine months then to recoup, recover
From being a home, just for the summer.

Eloquent memories freshly remain
Of friends who nestled within her frame
A cabin of bunk beds, cubbies, fresh air
Where girls unwound with little a care.

Her crevice now holds a left-behind letter
Whose parchment hardens with winter’s weather
Yet the season’s sleet knows the warmer reflection
Of late night secrets and encouraged imperfection.

Spring has sprung most slowly for some
The evergreens exclaim a harmonious hum
Her wooden steps defrost, and patiently await
The coming of campers to the cardinal state.

Fall, winter, and spring all pass
Warm rays have woken the mountains at last
Each cabin’s frame stands taller, erect
While girls, all ages, reconnect.

Anna Mans

Glenn Currier
Glenn Currier
2 days ago

Dragonfly lights on the lily  
her veined wings translucent
morning sun on the shimmering dewy grass
seeps through seducing my eyes
drawing me in to this delicious glory.

Looking at a stained glass dragonfly plant decoration in our garden room I was reminded of one of my favorite poetry books, Ode to Common Things by Pablo Neruda who is one of my all time top poets.  He could inhabit the essence of a chair to make you think you were friends if not intimate with it.
#nature   #beauty   #things   #ordinary   #pablo   #neruda  
2 days ago

her spirit was so powerful,
I believed she controlled the weather.

her smile caused her eyes to crinkle and the smallest sliver of light shone through to brighten the sky.

her mouth created the most beautiful sounds while laughing and singing. It felt like the calm before a storm because for a short moment,
everything seemed perfect.

her tears in her dark hours caused monsoons and tsunamis. So much pent up emotion in one fragile person created the idea of a dam breaking when her world does too.

her rage that forms with the realization that no one can change the inevitable life brings, causes her to shake with fury. The dark sky breaks open with a momentary light. She makes lightning with her quick, angry ideas that are bursting out of her collapsing body.

her shaking hands are the slowing down of rough seas. The drying of puddles after a spring shower. She's sorry for the mess she has made but doesn't realize it's only natural.

it's in her nature, so that's why it happened in a cycle.
I stood in the eye of her hurricane and watched her fall in a downward spiral.

Written 6/14/15
#sad   #sadness   #happy   #nature   #woman   #emotions   #grief   #angry   #natural   #freeverse  
RL Glassman
RL Glassman
2 days ago

The tenderness of stars is true
When darkness swallows careful
And I lean back next to you
Of all things learned and taught
Only one I know to be thoughtful
In matters alone and matters not
Only and only the tenderness of stars is true

Written January 9th 2017
#truth   #nature   #stars   #thoughts   #night   #sky   #nighttime   #star   #starry  
2 days ago

The platypus in the crisp clean water,
Fish dressed in mail, but never a clink.
The bears sauntering through the thick woods,
Surveying the land for a meal, a morsel.
Deer sprinting through the verdant forest,
Carrying with them their children of the trees,
From the birds and avian creatures high up,
To the worms and insects cavorting underground,
All converge together, An orchestra of biology,
Filling the man's ears,
With the songs and sights of mother earth.

#love   #hate   #pain   #time   #woods   #nature   #earth   #environment   #trees   #suffering  
2 days ago

Sweet flowing river,
Flows softly to mountain edge,
Waterfall then created.

JB xx

Search of day break far gone
The muted lilac sheet
Tucks the rays away
As i feel the time slip with every sip of my afternoon coffee
Keeping me sane

Time to mend the broken clay
Of the beutiful sculpture, once
Now cracking under pressure and heat the rushing time keeps giving in

Layer by layer damp earth clay splattered on the cracks of distress
Will i mend once this comes to an end?

Recovering from the routine of days full of self disappointment
#time   #nature   #day   #night   #sky   #angry   #dissapointment   #waste   #quick   #mending  
3 days ago

Wildflowers grow free,
Bluebells, rich in abundance,
Busy Buzzing Bees.

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