Nature and us..  (64 followers)
Nature is our inspiration, it stimulates all our thought processes. By observing and understanding nature, we can analyze our lives. Share all those poems which ...
Nature's Majestic Beauty  (62 followers)
Poetry about Nature and beautiful landscapes.
Observing Nature  (56 followers)
Those things we notice in minute detail, or in broad strokes around us in the natural world.  :)
Nature's Gifts  (42 followers)
Any poem including nature's gifts; trees, flowers, sun, sky, water, rain, storms, etc. You know--nature! :) Blessings to all who contribute!
Nature's gems  (35 followers)
It's Only Natural  (33 followers)
Describing nature and it's creatures. Beautiful (or perhaps not so beautiful) ***CREATION*** site artwork painted by SoulSurvivor
Occupy Silence Occupy Nature  (22 followers)
celebration of quiet life and nature... devoid of noise
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