When there ain't no mutual respect,
Must stop thinking about the ex......
How much can a koala bear?
Coping mechanisms abound here,
There is no turning back,
Douchebags--cut women some slack!
When there ain't no mutual respect,
Gotta stop thinking about the ex......

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Dec 5, 2016

To call someone a mate or a friend,
Be better than a statement designed to offend.
     Categorising be errant behavior,    
Compassion & acceptance be its savior.

  No more of, "they are this or that",
 "beautiful, short, gay or fat".
They just are, they exist, they be,
  Everyone is equal to you and me.

   Put simply, to just get along,
    no prerequisite to be strong.
  With such an eclectic mix among the throng,
 to judge or categorise, be oh so wrong!

 It be the 'Norm' that is the beast,
  Difference is interesting, in the very least.
So from norms & preconceived ideas,
  And from categorising behavior, let us flee.


A simple poem inspired by rote human behaviors, a seemingly compulsive and involuntary need to insert comparative adjectives to thought and existence. Comparative categories are subjective and exist  within the environmental parameters of the thought process that created their inception. Since I am yet to discover an individual of omnipotent ability, I question the validity of negative pre cursors, especially as they usually exist to combat the creators inadequacies. Seems both less effort and mutually beneficial to just eliminate them, opening up infinite possibility!?! Try it... and patiently observe the outcomes. I have been pleasantly illuminated both with and as a result of, the irrefutable tangible benefits, however where its greatest mysterious benefits exist, appear to reside in the spiritual realm!?!
Nov 7, 2016

“We could be gods amongst mortals"

“Why be a god when earth gave me you?”

His slight whisper
Another’s warmth on my hand
Body sculpted like those of gods
Engraved into my own
He is very humane; -

He is gravity;
Retain me against ascending
Pummel my sins

He is water;
Take away my thirst
Drown me when greed takes over

And I am grounded,
I am thirsty,
Lain earthbound onto the ground at his side
Heart aflame far away from Mount Olympus
I am still only  human.

Ambika Jois
Ambika Jois
Oct 23, 2016

Every time we argue
I shut myself off outside
Overpowered by my own reticence
Trapped away by my own pride

You fell in love with the fire
I'm flaming and burning out here and there
You only speak of the one in my belly
I feel the damaging aftermath everywhere

I love us the way we are
Fights, arguments, the regular LQ
We form the hurt, we form the surrender
It's perfect as it is, thanks to the MU.

Love hurts - I disagree.
Words do. Actions do.
Love can heal and unite everything.
Undoubtedly, even me and you.

LQ - Lovers' Quarrel; MU - Mutual Understanding
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aniket nikhade
aniket nikhade
Oct 20, 2016

Over a period of time difference of opinion leads to debate following which mutual understanding might take place.
Somewhere down the line,
something might click,
then signs of mutual understanding will be there in offing.

Mutual understanding will bring the much needed change,
a change that's desired,
since it also fulfills the need of hour.

If mutual understanding takes place, then nothing like that since it moves in the direction of drawing a line of conclusion, which is the only reason because of which the debate commenced.
If mutual understanding is still a viable option,
yet far away,
then it’s time to keep negotiation apart and away from been a part of the debate.

Finally difference of opinion can lead to something positive and healthy, if the debate that is ensued following a difference of opinion is in the right direction,
in right spirit,
focus remaining on point of concern,
substance with regards to what’s going on in mind is not disturbed in anyway,
most importantly the debate is held on proper grounds.

Difference of opinion is also a sign for something constructive, if the mind is determined to make sure that the odds which are going to come along the way will not only be handled and tackled, but also taken out and taken away from the way of getting things done.

Finally it’s difference of opinion that makes team work interesting, if it is taken in the right spirit at the given moment in time.

Steph Dionisio
Steph Dionisio
Aug 23, 2016

It's a great wonder how our eyes have met.
Tied up with my thing and various people were around,
I was still caught by your presence.
You are the story I've never knew I'd read.
From the day my eyes have met yours,
I was totally distracted—
distracted by your eyes filled with emotions.
The silence between us have brought words;
Feelings became mutual.
Strange feelings painted hearts;
It brought deep hope and started creating fire.
Fate's on our side,
and time drew us closer.
We were strangers who found a home in each other's heart.

-Steph Dionisio, August 23, 2016

Colten Sorrells
Colten Sorrells
Jun 2, 2016

released as ash
into the air

the flames devoured
all we shared

I searched the wreckage
nothing there

it's just too much
our cross to bear

we grasp at hope
it's not too late

but all we seem to find
is hate

it seems that's all
the fire spared

guess that's all
that we still share

#love   #hate   #pain   #burn   #destruction   #share   #mutual  
Yv S
Yv S
May 2, 2016

when he sees her first
he tastes the acid in his throat.
it burns hot when she tells him her name.
he tries it once, twice,
five more times,
memorised on his tongue.

she sees him once as a leader and a guardian.
she sees him again as a humble man.
and finally she sees him as a man of anger,
of rage,
and great beauty
pouring blood red between his teeth.

throwback to when they first met,
now with their fingers entwined.
neither are angels although they are guardians,
captivated by each other's beauty.
individual angers, individual loves gleam
molten gold in their eyes.

(inspired by something or other)
Apr 23, 2016

I could write such beautiful poetry about you
I could write about how your eyes sparkle when you get excited
Or about how your arms feel when they are holding on to me
I could write about your jawline that could cut glass
Or your collarbones that could hold oceans
I could write about your elegant hands and how they feel when they caress my arm
How they touch me the same way an art collector touches a painting
Slowly and cautiously
Like they aren't supposed to be there
I could write about the way your eyes follow me when I walk
Or how your arms always find their way around me
I could write about the time you held me up
And how I let you
I could do it
It'd be so easy
It'd be so easy about the night we spent laying in the park looking at the stars
Or about the time we first met when you decided holding hands is the best way to travel
About how you rolled down a hill with me a couple hours after it rained
And you gave me your sweater because I was cold afterward
I could write about all of it
But I won't
Because you are with a girl that puts hearts in your eyes
With someone that you feel comfortable and safe with
Even though you are under appreciated
Even though she leaves you in need of validation
Even though I'm pretty sure she is going to cheat on you
I won't write about the chemistry we share
Or the feelings we have
Because you are with a girl who puts hearts in your eyes
But I will write about one thing
I will write about how she may put hearts in your eyes
But I'll put stars
I will take galaxies and give them to you in a perfect little box
Because I know how important they are to you
Because I know how to listen
And I always listen to you

Colten Sorrells
Colten Sorrells
Apr 2, 2016

everything we shared
has long since

except for her
hatred of me

atleast that's

#love   #hate   #destruction   #share   #mutual  
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