Ritika Dev
Ritika Dev
1 day ago

The Great Barrier Reef
A beauty born out of rock and sand
Seldom touched by human hand
An image of beauty
Slowly demolished
By the unpolished

The Great Barrier Reef
An unexplained bleaching
Its beauty compelling,
Its color expelling.
It lays in pain,
Forever longing a voice.

The Great Barrier Reef
It burns with heat
A half now surrendered
To the changes from above
A feeling unknown
Whirlpools surging
Destroying all we’ve known.

The Great Barrier Reef
She’d given up
The destruction will never stop,
Her perseverance now lost.
But maybe someday,
The world will once again live in peace.
The Great Barrier Reef

Rose L
Rose L
6 days ago

Sludge and blood. The smell of deep red iron
filtering through the rocks and bodies bruised to the touch.
Grotesque collections of pills and broken skin;
infections and secretions and violent affections -
Spit stained fingers and dilated pupils at thoughts thick with resin.
Waking up with sickness in your stomach and bite marks on your neck
The pull of clutching hands at strands of hair and bitten lips and sweat
Pulling deeper, sharp inhale of self-done stitches
Ripped open insides and the moment his breath hitches -
aches forever. Pulsing, swollen, bleeding on the brain
Sweet and sickly, gorgeous and gorged veins
Momentary singularity in pain.

I tried to create a parallel in this between illness and sex. I hope it shows!
#love   #blood   #sex   #killing   #murder   #horror   #scary   #sexual   #bdsm   #violent  
7 days ago

because it confuses people...

it is easier than explaining
what is killing you

#smile   #killing   #inside  

You are killing me

you make my heart twist.

Maybe you and I could be "we"

perhaps I can finally be kissed.

#love   #i   #you   #me   #killing   #maybe   #hurts   #hearts   #english   #twist  
Feb 22

Fly high!
That's what they'll say,
after you wreck your car
and spill your brains.

They won't know--
or maybe they will.
Heroin tomb,
disguised as "wonderful daughter,
great friend."

Everyone has earplugs,
blindfolds too.
The epidemic is supplying
some for you.

Russian roulette
has some competition.
This ain't some new

Nobody cares--
it's not them.
Nobody cares--
unless it's them.
But it's too late by then.

#sad   #dying   #pills   #drugs   #heroin   #drug   #killing   #opiates   #fuckheroin   #drugepidemic  

In August of 2017,
Rumors were swirling in Washington, D.C.
Of sexual perversion and paedophillia
Similar to what had been documented
In  the Branch Davidian Cult of Waco, Texas in the 1990's.
"President" Donald Trump
Had become the leader of the New Doomsday Cult,
And was planning  to lead the entire United States of America
Towards Self-Destruction.
A high-ranking U.S. Military Officer
From Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York
Named Moishe Bernstein
Got wind of this
"Sodom and Gomorrah'
In Washington, D.C..
He had witnessed the Damage
Caused by Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community
And was determined to take action against Trump.
On August 26, 2017,
An Army Force, consisting of 15 Tanks,
Under the direction of General Bernstein
Rolled towards the White House.
Moishe shouted on a Loudspeaker.
"Okay, Trump."
"I want you to come out of the White House with your hands behind your back!"
"What if I refuse?!" was the response from "President" Trump.
"You don't want to witness the consequences of That, Trump!"
Responded  Moishe.
It was little Barron Trump who fired the first shot
At the American Troops with his pistol.
Private Gamal Deng,
An immigrant from Gambia,
Was caught off guard by the bullets coming from Barron's pistol.
He opened fire with his Barret M-107
And instantly blasted the boy to bits.
Melania Trump picked up a rifle,
Aimed it at Private Sandra Cisneros from Tempe, Arizona,
And started shooting at her.
Sandra did not want to kill Melania,
Feeling threatened,
She felt she had no choice,
But to open fire with her
Fabrique Nationale M240.
Sandra not only killed Melania.
She caused a gaping hole to form in the White House
And a Fire to break out.
The White House was burning.
Abdul Karim Masjid
Was on the Scene for Al-Jazeera News.
"Yes, it's very tragic what has happened to America,"
Abdul told told Al-Jazeera's Worldwide Simulcast Audience.
"We knew that they had some serious  Problems,"
"But we never thought it would come to This!"

#fire   #killing   #weapons   #warfare   #washington   #massacre   #trump   #waco   #coup   #barron  

I was told I would be safe when we put down our guns,
But it seems to me like we kill people before they can run,
Its a disaster,
If you oppose you are shunned,
We act like we're the masters,
But even children have only one,
And how dare you think,
That any of your emotions are worth more than a life.

When I was a Youth,
I saw this Cult Classic Film
Called the Toxic Avenger
At the Ogden Movie Theatre here in Denver,
Which has since become a venue for Rock Concerts.
As I listened to the Statements on Environmental Issues,
And witnessed the Appointments for Key Positions
By President-Elect, Donald Trump,
I started to wonder
If he is actually
The Toxic Avenger.
"We're gonna' eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency!"
"We're gonna' destroy all the Government Research on Global Warming!"
"Industry will be able to pollute as much as they want."
"We're gonna' drill all the Oil out of this Country,"
"And mine all the Coal."
"You're gonna' get SICK, Jewboy."
"Sick! Sick! Sick!"
"You're gonna' DIE!"
"We ain't ever had no use for your Kind anyways."
"Hitler should have finished the Job!'
Of course,
My Ancestors immigrated to the United States
To escape Religious Persecution,
But, now,
It feels as if my Faith
Is Under Threat.

David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 26, 2016

"Monkey see as Monkey do..."

You killed all
It never stops...
..never ends.

As long as one
Monkey survives,

So it,

"Monkey see as Monkey do?"
"Monkey do as Monkey see..."


#war   #life   #humanity   #killing   #human   #fighting   #horror   #enemy   #monkey  
Rowan Deysel
Rowan Deysel
Dec 10, 2016

Caucasian cadaver in the windless woods.
Carelessly hanging from a tree.
Colorless face looking down.
Carrion yet to be seen.
Creation of an evil man.
Displaying his departed art.
Completed, his compelling plan.
Of helping death do its part.
Few colors, fewer sounds.
White skin contrasts the black dress.
Faded yellow floating all around.
Splatters of red fill the rest.
A frightful figure that overwhelms.
Above the confused and bloody trails.
All the shallow know themselves.
At the sight of this female.
Breathless before being dangled.
Dead before being displayed.
Beautiful body, cold and mangled.
Death magnificently portrayed.
Multiple stab wounds in your back.
Added to the smell of war.
Mind immersed in barren black.
Gnawed eyes to watch and adore.
Dripping, dim and dreadful.
The portrait he wanted to smear.
Your future as empty as your words.
Your hollowness shown clear.
You don't know what you're missing. 
Elders still die, the young still grow.
The leaves below are hissing.
At the corpse of a girl I used to know.

Made when I was an angsty,  stupid  teenager who just got dumped by his first girlfriend.
#girl   #dead   #killing  
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