She stands hard as stone.
Now in a temporary home.

The thoughts I had when writing this poem, albeit short, is that the little girl is depressed and struggling with her daily life in a place that she knows won't last because none of the rest have.
If you read it from the bottom up the girl has been 'set free' in the sense that she is now dead and the temporary home is the grave and "she stands hard as stone" the "stone" represents the head stone that marked her existence.
If you have any other way of interpreting this please let me know in the comments below.
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Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like
And who I would be
If I dug out a grave six foot deep
And buried my bad habits there underneath
Once the freedom of topsoil was beneath my feet
Above that habitual grave who then would I be?

I wonder... I wonder... (:
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Feb 24

Too bad
Saint Valentine didn't weep
on the grave
you left in

as you were
from the thousand poppies
of little lost girls
dressed in blue,
white, and

even now, i know:
(that) you're not from here,
crying pink balloons
and little white

still attached to your eyes,
float right back up
and pop, when
they hit they sky,

and maybe,
it shows,
you just weren't built for

(i feel like i just ate poison)
for k, happy birthday
#eyes   #cry   #grave   #heaven   #fly   #valentine   #poppies   #pink   #balloons  
Feb 17

Falling in love with you is like watching a genocide from the comfrot of my grave
Like our sex is some kind of biblical analogy for everything that should have lived,
but couldn't
There are prophets holding art exhibitions beneath your skin,
and I can't help but feel like it's my god-given right to undress you,
like you're my seventh seal
We've romanticize death like a Shakespearean concept,
all passion and prejudice and perceptive pain,
but baby you look so beautiful when you're fighting to live

#love   #god   #religion   #death   #grave   #skin   #live  
Feb 21

You are so saddening, deafening and deadening.
Wish you didn't exist once in my life.

#sad   #life   #death   #dead   #loss   #grave   #wish   #miss   #loved   #deaf  
Feb 13

The tides of time flow beneath my feet
Rippling and flowing uncertainty
I am fish in the waters of constant change
Unpredictable ain't it strange

Will I be eaten by my disability?
Devoured by the shark like features of my own mind?
The stormy waves inside my heart
Will not just depart

The sea the tides of time
Hide my lost treasure sinking in the deep forever
Atlantis a lost city in a watery graveyard
Rusting away
rotten ships
Drowning wreckage of lost sailors

the waves hold a watery vigil
a siren like fate waits
For me with a lover who could save me
or cast me into the murky depths
Maybe the seas of time are all our tears combined
throughout time inside are all our aspirations we cast our nets for
and still we cry more than we catch
So the seas are maintained
For us to sail on...

#time   #grave   #water   #sea   #seas   #shark   #watery   #atlantis   #disability   #vigil  
Jan 31

I don't remember your sapphire eyes,
or the teasing trace of a grin procured
from my stupid pun that "gave you cancer."

When your forgotten face uttered those words
I thought it was a lie, our inside joke.
Little did I know that heart-wrenching truth.

I don't remember the way your chest rose
whenever I uttered your name in bed,
or the silken touch of your hand in mine.

Your words are just etches, shattered by time.
A single blink and you were gone, replaced
by someone, my love, and my life.

I don't remember the feelings I felt
nor the uplifting leap of my bowels
when you said I was yours, and you were mine.

#love   #lost   #grave  
Julia Mae
Julia Mae
Jan 23

your body is dead cold
but in my mind
it is warm and alive

#dead   #alive   #grave   #you   #body   #gone   #cold   #warm   #died  
Jan 12

Vinyl Chloride

I try to soothe
my haggard mind
late at night,
I try to run from you,
because your damage
soaked all my bones
and all the happiness I owned.
Your name dug my grave
ahead of time,
I'm sorry, but you crossed a line;
You cannot trespass my heart,
you cannot say you loved me most
because when I bled in the dark,
your presence was a ghost.

#poem   #father   #grave   #mind   #night   #late   #new   #him   #name   #haggard  

From the mirror
Start my day in living fear

From a tear
I live the horror

Beauty is never near
The rose is but a scent

Never held close to breast
My mask covers all fears in my chest

I feel natures embrace in botanical gardens of grace
I smile when I see a babies face

Yet here I am ugly as ever
For the kiss I desire seems to be coming never.

Ugliness was the life of me
My grave stone now, as pretty as can be

I am ugly
#love   #kiss   #grave   #ugly  
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