Jon Po Dom
Jon Po Dom
16 hours ago

City besieged
So many fallen
Beneath your feet
Joy and Laughter
Replaced by
Horrors unseen

I see the pain
In your eye
Senseless fighting
Bombs falling from the sky
Screaming, Yelling
Children crying
Blood on your streets

The world on its knees
Hoping for peace
Your beauty forsaken
Loved ones taken
A path of destruction
Complete devastation
Will you ever be
Aleppo again?

JM 10/3/16

1 day ago

I screamed at the top of my lungs,
but yet you did not hear me

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I couldn't breathe
   I tried to scream
Silent tears
   A horrible dream

You covered my face
   And held me down
I couldn't move
   No help around

I was too small
   Your hands too strong
What did I do
   That was so wrong???

So I just cried
   Wishing you'd leave
Alone in the dark
   I couldn't breathe...

#abuse   #alone   #tears   #scream   #child   #suffocated  

I could sob.

I could scream.

But instead I’m crying,

Silently crying.

Alone in my room, crying.

I can’t let anyone in.

Silent tears.

Holds the most pain.

#pain   #alone   #tears   #crying   #screaming   #silent   #scream   #sob   #sobbing   #silenttrears  
4 days ago

Mirrors will never forget
The names I've called
And the fates I've met
From crying by myself.
I really don't know
What has become of me
Bloodshot eyes and deafening cries
And I scream and I scream again
Until long,
Nothing is left of my sanity
And I call your name once more.

#sadness   #scream   #sanity   #mirrors  

i try to open up
and bees and moths and venom
spurt from my chest
my rib cage so hollow
you knock it down
tear the tissue from my outline
i am just a shell
the skeleton my biological walls
built to protect me
broken to tease me
i feel like you've been
hammering on my heart
for years now
so much i can't say
with punctured lungs

#love   #pain   #sadness   #cry   #hurt   #scream   #silence   #sex   #body  
Jan 19

tears and screams and laughter
are but song --
then there is no tune without life,
no life
without tune.

Am I so deaf
that I cannot hear your melody?
Am I so cold?

When I sing
will you listen?

Hello! Compass here. I write poems sometimes. If you like this let me know, okay? Thanks!
#tears   #scream   #melody   #song   #cold   #sing   #laughter  

There is a disconnect.

Dancing to no music,
you did not speak in my dream last night.
You were still there with me, parallel.

Your eyes screamed to me in the silence
and, turning away,
I was deaf to your dance.

Blind to your voice,
we have fallen out of rhythm--
nothing more than an old

cacophonous tune.

I have no idea where this even goes but it's late. It can't be nostalgia, because I dont't miss you.
#love   #dream   #dance   #silent   #music   #scream   #falling   #old   #apart   #day12  
Jan 13


My mouth became a cemetery
for all the words I didn't say,
I bought them all
tombstones and coffins
and buried them,
a self destructive funeral.
I could rip you in half,
turn into a lurid scream
and shatter your spine;
I think you would be
the perfect picture of putrefaction,
mutilated, in monochrome;
the very shade of my heart.

#poem   #father   #thoughts   #scream   #perfect   #new   #him   #picture   #lurid   #ammonia  
Ana S
Ana S
Jan 5

Self hate is so much more than based off personal looks.
The way your eyes slant downwards or are just a little too squinty, the way your nose takes up a fourth of your face.
The way the kids tease you that your lips are too big or small.
The way that girl called you fat,
The way they told you you can never be loved.
Self hate routes from something bigger...
A fire burning deep inside.
Self hate comes from emotion.
It comes from the people closest.
The ones your told to trust.
Mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts and uncles.
Mom and dad used to fight...
Your older sister said it was all your fault.
You blamed yourself for so long.
Then one day you took a blade.
First time you ran it down your arm.
Let out your demons.
They screamed inside.
And now they are free.
Sure the kids at school all play into this.
But it's so much more.
If only you could see.
Within you there is still beauty.
You survived.
Therefore insperation remains alive.
You got past every name you've ever been called.
Every word your parents cursed.
You got through it all.

#suicide   #self   #scream   #hard   #help   #voices   #venting  
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