4 days ago

It feels like I'm drowning in black tar
Moving against so much resistance
You won't let go, pulling me down
Deeper into the depths of my soul

Trying to suck in air but I can't breath
Lungs of lead and heart of hurt

It's only as I look deep down that
A reflection of loneliness peers back
The image seared unto my mind up until forever and which shall never leave

That I realise it is not your hand that grasps me, but me that is clinging to you
I unclench, secret scream, silenced shriek
A single tear sinks, and all is quiet


A trapped heart is a hindered soul
#heartbreak   #lonely   #leave   #hurt   #scream   #breathe   #drowning   #depths  

Sparkling, shimmering, shining..
Tortured, pleading, and full of sadness.
Each unique and full of beauty..

Quietly screaming,
Intensely studying,
Learning, yearning, burning.
Searching for a new depth.

     speak in silent glances.

Open and yet, unseen,
Unable to make that connection.
Disengaged and detached,


     encapsulate blind words.

The profundity of the mystery,
Lined with a silver band,
Bright and vibrant..

Forging, Pushing, Striving.
Constantly evolving.

     whisper secrets loudly.

Mar 2

I want to scream my lungs out
Want to tear my chest apart

Nails first, then skin, flesh and bone
Tearing until i can breathe again

The red is becoming a river
the hole inside recovering a treasure

Get out little birdy - be free.

Mar 10

My blood is pulsing
her blood.
it's pulsing, hot and hard.
she's screaming and only i know why.
i wanted to make her stop, but i can't.
she's hurt, i know that.
i feel her hurt, i feel her hear shattering.
i am her.
but it doesn't feel like it.
it doesn't feel like me.
no matter how hard i close my eyes
im still me.
im still her.
im still here.

#heart   #hide   #cry   #scream   #blood   #her   #me   #feel   #shattering  

I scream to you

scream right to your face

and I wanna be true

and put you in place.

But maybe when I scream

is when you can't hear me

and just to dream

about finally being free

#hear   #true   #i   #scream   #you   #maybe   #face   #right   #english   #place  

tell me why you're falling apart
why the world tells you
how to live
how to do

the med's kick in
i'm a zombie of a person
fogged in
left cursing

i'm left caged
caged in
a complete mess
a dead human

who am i?
who should i be?
don't answer.
that's up to me.

you are who you choose to be despite what everyone else says

City besieged
So many fallen
Beneath your feet
Joy and Laughter
Replaced by
Horrors unseen

I see the pain
In your eye
Senseless fighting
Bombs falling from the sky
Screaming, Yelling
Children crying
Blood on your streets

The world on its knees
Hoping for peace
Your beauty forsaken
Loved ones taken
A path of destruction
Complete devastation
Will you ever be
Aleppo again?

JM 10/3/16

I screamed at the top of my lungs,
but yet you did not hear me

#love   #heart   #scream   #her   #me   #she   #he   #we   #yell  

I couldn't breathe
   I tried to scream
Silent tears
   A horrible dream

You covered my face
   And held me down
I couldn't move
   No help around

I was too small
   Your hands too strong
What did I do
   That was so wrong???

So I just cried
   Wishing you'd leave
Alone in the dark
   I couldn't breathe...

#abuse   #alone   #tears   #scream   #child   #suffocated  

I could sob.

I could scream.

But instead I’m crying,

Silently crying.

Alone in my room, crying.

I can’t let anyone in.

Silent tears.

Holds the most pain.

#pain   #alone   #tears   #crying   #screaming   #silent   #scream   #sob   #sobbing   #silenttrears  
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