When a petal was a rouse
weighted a ruffed grouse
only this accusation
arose their superstition
today my summation grew
with rust nestled wing
that alighted by a house
as wood in a broom
let in the ravine
a newness in Celtic
and at their word again
upon this knoll in
soon grazed on brome
ignited their noble cavil.

#game   #high   #bird   #heavencluck  

Lovers come,
They linger,
Then leave.
And what stays behind lovers,
Is gaping emptiness,
A lack of aim,
A solo game.

My HP Poem #1440
©Atul Kaushal
#love   #lovers   #game   #come   #emptiness   #solo   #linger   #aim   #gaping  
Feb 11

"So, tell me. Do you love the game?" he asked.

"Yes. I do," I reply as I strain every muscle in my head, trying not to nod as if I was also convincing myself.

He gives an almost imperceptible nod as if trying to convince himself too.

I do nothing but watch him turn his back and leave.

And every single moment spent staring at the mirror not recognizing the con artist I have become flashed in my mind.

I have decided to play the game yet you have conceded the moment you sealed the wall as you turned away.

We were the only ones playing the game yet we were both losing.

for Arin and Kestrel

#love   #deceit   #game  
Just Melz
Just Melz
Feb 10

Catastrophic calamity
Souls made of blasphemy
On the down low
The World as a whole
Had turned to anarchy
And it's a shame there's no name
For all this antirelgious hate
Spreading across the world
Like a facebook game
Everyone looking for a high score
All in the name of fame

Those who have it ..fight
& coldly kill to keep it.
Those who lack it ..cry
& sadly die, trying to acquire it.
Those who have it ..are slain
& robbed in daylight for it.
Those who lack it... will do
whatever it takes.. to hold it.

What to do?
..There are no answers.

Both sides are the same;
they slice themselves up
mix everything up,
so the two become one
by dividing into four,
& from that ..it all
turns into war.

Both sides are the same.
All that’s left to do
is go insane.  All ‘cause of It,
whatever 'it' ..is.  & I?

...But an albatross,
amidst all this mental fire & loss,
crisscrossing rival X after rival X
after rival X after rival X
playing this game of
Four-Square w/ Chaos.

In the works.
Written on lunch.
#war   #life   #king   #game   #chaos   #foursquare  

A slightly crooked little smile
upon getting a sense
of the game it all feels to be,
it shouldn't make me tense
as long as I can see...

So I try to take on and play
and yet my shoulder hurt
on a daily basis overcome...
when you turn away into the unknown.

Hide and seek.
fun and free
erratic time given to each other,

Live and learn
get and let go
something to survive one another.

So I try and win a little more
over this weakness I have,
as lust over love does then...
when you return so intimately warm.

You flee and you chase
I take you by the hand
somewhere in between
I adore and I hate
you take me away in the end..

Maybe one of us is to win or lose
or maybe this way no one ever could ...

Lines as simple as a kids' game... where my refined and complex taste for poetry has gone? maybe cause lately I can't figure it out how feelings are contrasting myself... when things seems so wrong, but I can see the most little thing to feel right and holding on to it, I really don't know what to do... and how to come out with a worthy write... but I must wrote it, the only thing I could do to let go a little bit of my overflowing , intoxicating thoughts ...
#love   #poem   #life   #hide   #rhyme   #free   #play   #game   #write   #seek  

To the man who says he can't
When he just won't
You play chess with the best of us
because we are your chess pieces
I know you know how to play checkers
But your life is a game of chess with us
It's the poor you game
and we run after you doing your dirty work
You act like you are not intelligent
But the fools do your bidding
Pawns in your game
Just you look like you are not playing
Doesn't mean your not...

#man   #life   #cant   #chess   #do   #game   #wont   #your   #fools   #bidding  
Gabriel Burns
Gabriel Burns
Dec 9, 2016

We bowl and yet
no ball is thrown;
our gazes roll
through lanes unseen

two ends,
two pairs
of eyes;

whoever wins,
scatters all
the thoughts
on the other end
like pins

#eyes   #thoughts   #emotion   #game   #looking   #stare   #bowling   #gazes  

She was intrigued
by a nameless feeling
time and again.
She had a vague guess
of becoming a pawn
in a mysterious game.
Who could say why she,
or what it all boils down to-

she would wonder
in silence often.

#life   #mystery   #pawn   #game   #guess  

my cards don’t line up.
i know yours don’t, either.
if love’s a game, i call bluff.
you lay your cards
and think you’ve won.
we’ve just begun.
if love’s a hit and run,
you can play that perfectly.
if love’s a game,
then i will never lose.

oh here we are again. here we go again.
#love   #a   #run   #hit   #game   #win   #lose   #cards  
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