Alice R-P
Alice R-P
1 day ago

There is only one rule
In the game-
What you think,
You will gain.
Want to live in fear-
Be afraid.
Want Your dreams to become true-
Dream every day.

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Megan H
Megan H
4 days ago

You grabbed the rule book
And ripped it in half
Then you blamed
The other players of the game
For your own misery

You never did like rules.
You created your own as you went
But when things didn't go your way,
It was the fault of others.
And now you're alone.

Cheaters never win the game.

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5 days ago

All the things I have done for you
All the love I am feeling for you
All of me I have given you
All my life I offered you


All the fights
All the “I love yous”
All the tears
All the laughs


All the kisses
All the memories
All the plans
All of us

Two words

Love is never a game.
#love   #game  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 11, 2016

Just come here,
come here and break my spirit,
push me to the ground,
step on me while you're at it,
I know you'll love it, Mr. Evil, you'll love it.

Spit on my face and make me feel worthless,
isn't that your hobby and your passion?
You crush my happiness into bits and pieces,
you kiss me just to bite me,
you fuck me just to hurt me.

Mr. Evil is pure evil,
he loves to give me a beating,
he hides in my closet and comes out at night,
to first wipe my tears but then to make me cry.

It's a vicious circle where he gives,
then takes,
takes it all away,
more than he gave,
I'm left with nothing,
nothing but more pain.

This is Mr.Evil's game and I don't really want to play.

#pain   #evil   #play   #game   #fetish   #kink   #kinky   #sadomasochism   #sm  
Julie Grenness
7 days ago

Way back when, in olden days,
Did you all play those old board games?
Snakes and ladders, you see,
Internecine family rivalry,
The last snake does you in,
Then your little sister gets to win,
Then there's Monopoly,
Breeding ground for hostility,
"Having fun, all you kids?"
Who took off Monopoly's lid?
It's a big bastard of a game,
Sisterhood is never the same,
Way back when, in olden days......

Feedback welcome.
#the   #perfect   #game  

A poetic
password feels
right today
as she
drew lines
parallel with
her cadence
that logic
shorten arc
of real
flatulent her
desire now
circumcise blind
interaction to
dissect lateness
but to
ensure righteous.

#love   #poem   #game   #gift   #show   #saint   #quiz   #patrick  

it was a normal day:
in the metro, a tall guy was giving
oral stress to his girlfriend
for spending too much time on her phone,

angry mothers were killing it at Fruit Ninja,
aiming only for the green items;
all because of some article on vegans
they read on Bored Panda,

students were kicking it on Tinder,
deciding their political views
in the same time,
with simple left & right swipes,

Romanian women were being abused
in Italian FarmVille games,
while the cucumber production
was growing and growing,

it was a bad day for poetry;
all the good words were on strike!
the streets were empty
and all the traffic lights were red.

I was still hoping there was hope in this world.


#hope   #stress   #normal   #italy   #game   #bored   #oral   #farmville   #romania   #panda  
Mar 13

A light-dappled square,
Buzzing like the
Center of the universe.
Flat-capped Frenchman
Strut like mid-century
Movie stars.
Cigars flaunt from
Languid fingers.
Serious facades mask
Red-blooded kinship.
They wait their turn to
To flick, to spin, to thud
Their steel onto
Provençal terrain.
What a life. What a game.

Title translated: Petanque Life.

Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally "piglet") or jack, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.

Benny held
his conker
from old string

Derek aimed
at it with
his conker

then brought his
down with speed
whacked Benny's

conker in
a wide arc
twirling round

Benny's hand
has it spilt?
Derek asked

Benny looked
at his brown
conker no

it's ok
Benny said
my go now

Derek held
his conker
from new string

Benny aimed
and whacked it
into two

and it flew
to the ground
that was my

Derek said
he picked up

the pieces
and walked off
Benny watched

him go off
and put his
conker in

his pocket
and walked back
into school

as the bell
was ringing
for lessons

with Mr Finn
The Normans

the wild eyed

just like him.

#boy   #game   #conker   #1955  

You know nothing – she said,
Stepping out of the flames.
At that moment I knew
We ain't playing no games.

With desire I burned.
Her immaculate blaze –
Nothing else did I yearn.
Pure as pharos her gaze.

… And we danced, and we swerved,
Glints and flickers beside.
So august our verve
Which no woe would betide.

…In a flash she took off –
The mirage molt away,
But my sorrow paid off –
I live on for the day.


#armin #r'hllor
#love   #friends   #peace   #fire   #time   #dreams   #eternity   #game   #unity  
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