Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris
Jun 13, 2014

I need to know you haven't done what I'm thinking of doing.

hello old friend,
can you hear me?
hear me calling?
screaming out your name..
wondering if you're there..
am i even sane?
call out for a doctor,
help me help myself.
im lost with out your guide..
i feel as if im wasting time....

Jun 16, 2014

I miss you more than anything

Apr 27, 2014

And when you feel like you're falling
listen for my voice
I promise I'll be never be far
Calling you home
Summoning you back to reality
I'll be your gravity
You will never walk alone.

Joanna Rose
Joanna Rose
Jan 25, 2016

And of all the pretty girls I've loved, you were never one of them
Fragile feelings and toxic friendships
If you loved me as much as you said you did you wouldn't have hurt me
Because manipulation isn't love and I trusted you

super inggo
super inggo
Jun 7, 2015

A friend can make you smile
But a real friend can wipe the tears away
A friend will walk with you even for a mile
But a real friend offers a home to stay

Bridget Allyson
Bridget Allyson
Mar 28, 2015

I always wanted this
I had it
For a while I didn't know

We stuck together
Like a magnet
Everywhere we'd go

I notice now
That it's not me
It's not you who wanted to leave
It was her
Who taught you I was poison
How to know what to do
Well I know
I don't need a friend like you.

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