Oct 28, 2016


Maybe people who can’t tell directions have no directions in life.
Those same people end up being…
Some of them follow others path’s and a few of them make their own.
Why is it so hard trying to figure out your path, who you are and what you like.
Why is it that when people ask me questions, I hesitate with an answer.
hesitant at first because I want to please them. How about this; I don’t need your validation.
I don’t need your opinions or suggestions. I don’t care.
I really hate when people ask me those type of questions; as if they want to categorize me.
I’m not made to be put in a box. I won’t ever be.  Stop trying to label me or figure me out.
I’m everything I need to be.

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
3 days ago

You are still waters that run deep;

a challenge some may say.

But to me, your closed emotions

are like a test to see

if I can crack you open.

You're not one to spill your secrets

yet every time we talk

whether it be cellular device

or heart to heart in person

I notice

(for intrinsically I notice everything hidden and important not seen with the naked eye)

I notice you slip

some of your most shielded


and I catch them

with soft cold hands

(because for some reason or other my hands are always cold)

with soft cold hands warmed

by your toasty rough ones warmed

by your sensible muttering warmed

by your discreet aspirations warmed by your witty attitude.

I like that we can be waggish

together like two jesters

high strung.

My facetious view on life is somewhat wrought with doubt.

My senseless family drama scaling backwards for months on end.

Return is what I want; a sense of peacefulness whereas I'm pulled into the flighty nature of my parents' inconsistencies and my aunts' finicky nature when all I want is for everyone to get along.

You have your barriers drawn and  sometimes and I don't mind it.

We are emotional opposites, bouncing off each other like ping pong balls, but in this scenario it works because we've both got paddles and are willing to play.

That's what I see in you.

An ever-eager possibility;

passionate in your politics,

loyal to your friends,

leader in some circumstances

when I am at a loss for words.

And you spark a sort of electric chord within me, plugging right into my frontal lobe, sparking my interest, lighting up my receptors.

My neurons have never been this happy before; I have never in my life had a romantic reciprocal relationship like this before.

Nothing has prepared me for this.

This floundering of feelings, sloppy, spilling, leaking out of the cauldron every time we speak.

You are boiling broth, a frothy drink I've put up to my lips and sipped from, a drink I did not order but delightful all the same.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sensual spice of parsley or dill that can lighten up any dish;

and it doesn't take a genius to see how much I need a person like you in my life to challenge every predisposition of romance I've seen, read, fantasized or imagined.

Caught in the slipstream of figuring out my future after the new year has yet to arrive. There's still so much to work out; there's still so much hope I have brimming inside me even after my confessions, even after I've asked for forgiveness and complacency.

Where there's hope and forgiveness, there's also peace.

Maybe all it took was the repetition of swimming pools in dreams this past week to understand where I stand. I'm not drowning anymore.

I'm on the edge of the pool looking into clear waters, finding the wise guide of my blue water dragon

and his humongous whiskered face

staring straight at me, into me, telling me that I have all the strength I need to overcome the obstacles. I need not cling to fear any longer. I need not hide away, like I've done in the past, behind thick curtains to blot out the light.

My only constant now is the sun rising and the moon waning.

You are still waters that run deep;

a sure-bound belief

that everything will be okay.

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on a pebbled beach,
would you pick me up and admire me,
treasure me with your whole heart.

Or, would you toss me into the abyss of the dark water,
as if another one of your typical skipping stones.

Would you cradle me and keep me from harm,
or show me to the world,
like a deserved golden medal.

Am I just like every other stone on this beach,
or am I special in some kind of way,
hopefully I'll see someday.

If I was a pretty stone,
sitting on your worktop, merely ten years old,
would you cherish me as you did when you found me.
If I was a pretty stone.

written 30/9/13
#love   #nature   #romance   #wonder   #caring   #beach  
Ricky J
Ricky J
7 days ago

This strong character ingrained by the fierce experiences she's faced
gives her the ability to hold unimaginable grace.

A woman whos heart is so precious so deep
Harmonies the tunes that makes a grown man weep

Her style of pragmatism so stylish and sleek
solving lifes riddles in a flash of a heartbeat.

She carries an attitude of splender and glow
A rare treaure that the world ought to know.

Like an elegant butterfly she travels light
with the fortitude of a warrior endowed with  might

Who is is this lady I care to speak of?
A woman of my heart the one I dream of.

#love   #relationships   #beauty   #woman   #strong   #kind   #caring   #wife   #loyality  

I miss you,
But its not some superficial want for something you can do for me,
It's the want of you.

You, as a woman to lie with and love
You, as a friend to show me glimpses of above,
You, as a musician to sing to show the birds how to do so,
You, as a tutor to teach me new things I could never know,
You, as a caregiver to help me when I’m down,
You, as a date to take out to the town,
You, as a partner to support in your endeavors,
You, as a dreamer to never say never,

But of all these things listed, the one thing I miss that nothing can quell,
Is that most of all, I miss your smell.

All right it may be weird, to those who wont admit,
There’s nothing wrong with liking this, nothing to be acquit,
For to love a person, at least in my experience,
Is not just about the person, but about them as an experience,
And each person's smell is a good summation,
Not infallible by any means, but provides significant information.

A smoker smells as such and a drinker will smell askew,
And those who wash give fragrances, and those who don’t--old stew,
But there is one smell that I crave most,
That is the smell of you.

Your smell is all I love of you, and what you do daily,
And what we'll change, wont change how I feel, love for you, insanely.

#love   #poetry   #lonely   #relationships   #poems   #you   #longing   #miss   #caring  
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae
Dec 30, 2016

The absolute irony (as it occurs to me)
is that we all have it in us
but so many of us
just don't see...
This Power.
We can each and every one of us
(yes, I said choose)
to be kind and caring and good
to set our hearts, our souls
completely free
by living our lives
with love and joy
and not judging others
for being who they just so happen
to BE.
©Pamela Rae 12.30.2016

I try so hard to not judge and to choose to be kind and caring always...
#love   #life   #heart   #good   #power   #souls   #kind   #caring   #judge   #choose  
John-Paul Richard
John-Paul Richard
Dec 26, 2016

They say...well...I say, say they, and so I relay to you,
That those with passion lose a certain ability to be true,
For they are too brash, too close to see,
And too excited to be able to read,
And too was my stance on the matter 'till now,
I admit I mocked them quite aloud,
And I tried to erase all emotion from this sot,
And, thank God, I seemed to have missed a spot.
For facts are not cold, and until you can touch them,
Many cannot sense the fiery passion at their stem.

Do not mis-strew my words, however, there are those who misuse,
Passion is a aptly named a fire, for like such there is control to lose,
But as with most, moderation is a steady guide,
And after then, but until now, my emotions I did not hide.

As I am now, reluctant to show heat,
Because as I do I can feel others', mine, meet,
Burning, melding, combining the two,
And then the pain of their death, to say adieu...

Well that was fun, but the real world is not for me,
Time to retract into anonymity,
"Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." or so I’m told,
However from my own experience, that phrase loses its potency, and quickly is cold.
For each face I’ve grown with I cannot but see their bones smiling at me through the flesh,
Smiling of their eventual victory over their fine human mesh,
I see the dripping paste of man melting off each white core,
Until my dearests... and my deepests... are no more.


#poetry   #fear   #sadness   #death   #poems   #caring   #lack   #dontcare   #meeting   #molding  
Dec 7, 2016

you have eyes full of intergalactic spasms and
a smile quiet like falling snow.

but right now, silent whispers fill your gaze,
and we're meant to be slaves
to the quiet.

i hope everything works out
for you, because i hate this too.

this hurt in your eyes it's-
this pain on your face just-
i love you too freaking much
to want this for you.

so i touch your hand,
and hug you a second too long,
although neither of us want to cry today.

just know babe, i'm always here for you.

you can find home in me,
when the one you're living in
feels like hell.

you can find home in me,
if not anywhere else.

a dear friend (and my half-crush) is going through some really hard stuff at home right now, and it hurts me because i can't fix his life, i can only be there.
#love   #sad   #life   #home   #distraught   #caring  
Dec 4, 2016

I thought I was perfect
In a place I wanted to be in
Practiced smiles and eye-flares
Abandoned, left to bathroom mirrors

A funny night, a funny funny
A taste of what's to come
I learn, my mail
Has no chinks, no tinitus stretches thee
I'm different

So it amused,
To still try what seemed like ages
Between liquores and a job that was not mine
Understanding is in vanity, and I am long dead.

I've written long on triumph
And I thought of you today
Rolling out there, between voices and phone calls
Do I think of you?

Let's see, let's know
For your idea is my friend
And I'm wasting away in the hunt
But at least I see something

At least I am God

Not actually a religious poem, I just like to let my brain take loose control
Nov 27, 2016

he tastes of
fresh coffee and old memories
mixed together with
swallowed sentiments
that neither of us
is brave enough
to say.

#friends   #life   #sex   #honest   #caring   #complicated  
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