Oct 9, 2016

You were the one for me
You were the one I cherished the most

You dislike coffee
Hot chocolate is your ultimate favourite

You eat every single vegetables
except for carrots

You love my naked face
You love my insecurities

We still need time to learn about each other
Unfortunately I had to stop it

I didn't know I was the third party
to your another beautiful relationship

We've been together for almost a year now
You've been with her for 5 years

I didn't know whether I was the foolish one
or you were the foolish  one

Was it my fault since I was the one
to interfere into your life?

I didn't know I was the third party
I'm sorry lets not contact each other anymore

By:Esther ong
#love   #party   #third  
Sep 30, 2016

Please do not hide
That sweet 'o beautiful bright smile
that brightens up a dim dark room
The girl who showed positive vibes
to the people's heart about to shard

Please do not hide
The girl that carried our problems
She lifted it strongly behind her back
yet she never complained
she never showed how painful it was
people were blinded by her sweet 'o smile
her sweet 'o smile that hides the pain

Please do not hide
Girl I can see it what people can't see
the truth behind that sweet 'o smile
must be really tiring for you
but why must you be smiling all the time?

Girl stop carrying other people's burden
That burden is like an infection
Spread upon you by your brethen
Girl you didn't know and it showed
The burden was a virus
An infection
That caused you pain

Please do not hide
Stop hiding your sickness
your pain
because a beautiful sweet girl like you
should not be in pain
girl please do not hide.

By:Esther Ong
#love   #feelings   #girl   #hide   #sadness   #not   #please   #do  
Sep 30, 2016

Target locked
there he goes
aiming straight in front of me

He was the prey
I was the predator

He lured me with believable kind words
shot me with his gorgeous smile of his
made me fall into his trap
beautiful perfect man
that fluttered my heart

Who would know that
this beautiful man
targeted to break my heart
not to crack it
but to completely break it into pieces

My heart shards like glasses
he indeed aim it successfully
successfully to break my heart

my beautiful soul
soon became a dark black soul
why did I  not know earlier
that I was the target

What had I done wrong?
I do not deserve this
I cannot believe in the fact that
I was the target

By:Esther Ong
#love   #feelings   #girl   #hurt   #boy   #i   #the   #was   #target  
Jan 9

We both are from different country
specifically very far from each other

You don't know my language
I don't know your language

our culture may be different
our tradition may be different
our belief may be different
our skin color may be different

both of us tried
I'm glad we tried
because there's a spark between us
that you and I can see

The few days we spent together
was the best days of my life

No I wouldn't want it to be over
This is just the beginning for both of us

Long distance relationship is absolutely hard
People say it is impossible
People say it is a joke
an infatuation

but I'll try for 'us'
and I hope you'd do the same as i do
I want 'us' to be real.

Because I wouldn't want it to end
Believe me I know,
This is just the beginning for us two.

6 days ago

I do not need
a fancy proper date
nor for you to wear suit&tie;
order the most expensive entrées;
Duck with Cherries In Chianti
names of the dishes that are outstanding
Servant to serve classy white wine
to cheers to our anniversary

I do not need
  a sparkling silver-white gown
made by luxurious fabric
embroidered with stunning floral patterns
countless layers of tulle
to have a dance with you
and your classy tuxedo
that'll make a spotlight
shine on us while we dance
gracefully upon the dance floor

I do not need
A diamond ring
platinum band
filled with distinctive characteristic
our love story in our engagement ring
finish it with a 20 karat diamond
that represents infinity of our relationship

All I ask is you to stay
by my side
when I need you
when I call out for your name
and you'd be there for me
comfort me
protect me
cheer for me

Is it a selfish request ?
because all i ask was simple
but you couldn't do that for me
you decided to leave.

Oct 3, 2016

They told me not to be afraid
They told me not to hide
It is time to face it

I practiced every single day
practice makes perfect
It trained me to be better and better

I am now well prepared
I sharpened my blade
Ready to slice every obstacle away
Ready to cut through every single issues

I prepared a shiny armour
To avoid people from hurting me
Especially my fragile heart

I learned how to fight
So that I can fight for myself
So that I can stand up for myself
Because I have countless scars left on me

I am ready
I am ready to face tomorrow
I am well prepared
For all the obstacles I'm about to face
Because I am a warrior

By:Esther Ong (this is a note to my dear self to be strong and face every obstacle ahead of me)
#self   #note  
4 days ago

Please tell me
I am more than just a friend

Please tell me
you love me more than just a friend

Is it true?
  That I am more than just a friend?

The way you hugged me
The way you made me laugh
The way you stood up for me
Be my partner for prom
When you know I'm alone

Please tell me
The actions you showed
The way you treated me
Was so much more than just a friend

People say we are together
A couple
That I had to deny
Although I was hoping
it would be true
And answer
"Yes ,we are together"

Because  I am waiting
Patiently waiting
For 6 years of friendship
Yet you haven't ask the question
That I've been eager to answer
"Yes,all this while I've been waiting for you"

#love   #sad   #relationship  
6 days ago

How are you?
I hope you are doing fine
but if you are not fine
here's a message for you.

I want you to know,
You cannot please everyone in this world
even you did something good,
something that helps the society
something that helps you,yourself
something that help your friends

There will be people unsatisfied with your actions
they'll haunt you with criticism
they'll compare you to someone better
they'll barge into your life
and bring you down

No matter how good you are
how kind you are
how talented you are
how much you wanted to be you
be yourself completely
You will never,ever
get to please every single one
in our society

I want you to know,
that I want you,
to be yourself.

Whether you are
transgender ,
love yourself.

Do what you love,
Do what you enjoy,
as long it can please you,
satisfy your day,
you are happy,
it'll make me happy.

I want you to know,
you have friends and family,
that'll always be by your side
they will help you through
the ups&down; in life.

Ignore what other people say about you
Do not let them pull you down
Be strong,
fight back,
move forward,
Care about what you think,
not what others think of you.

I hope you'll soon be fine,
I've been there,
I know how it feels.

My final message for you,
is to be you.

It is sad to see the society nowadays just keeps on giving negative comments on everything we do,I just want everyone to be yourself.
#you   #motivation  
Oct 1, 2016

Don't you worry about me
What you've done was very strong
strong enough to break my heart
I somehow do not expect you to come back

Don't you worry about me
I refuse you to apologize to me continuously
What you did was unforgivable
Cheating wasn't something to be forgiven
Yes I can say I forgive you
but it became a scar in me

Don't you worry about me
I refuse you to ask how am I
After what you've done
how dare you boldly ask if I am okay
I had to lie thousands time to you
thousand sins to act like I am okay
that I am happy without you

Dont you worry about me
I refuse you to ask how is my life
If you stop bothering me
my life should have been good already
stop interfering with my life
when you were the one decided to leave

How can I move on if you keep on asking me
questions that I can't answer?
Questions that I had to lie
to show I am strong
So  I won't be defeated by a man like you

The thing is I am actually weak
very weak when it comes  to you
very weak when it comes to love

Don't you worry about me
So I can carry on with my life
So I can get back up
So I can start a new chapter without you
So I can be strong again.

By:Esther Ong
#love   #sad   #girl   #boy   #dumped  
Oct 10, 2016

"Let's break up"
those three words
very strong words
was like a sharp blade
pierced straight through my heart

Now let's see whether I survived
either I move on to start fresh
or I cant move on
that's when I lay to rest

By:Esther Ong
#love   #sad   #heart   #break  
Oct 9, 2016

What Girls Meant To Say

Please leave me alone   equals to   I want you to stay

Don't talk to me   equals to    Please come back and talk to me

I hate you    equals to   I fucking love you

I'm fine   equals to   I'm not fine at all

Haha ,chill everything will be cool  equals to  everything will be miserable without you in my life

Goodbye   equals to  Final time for me to say I love you

I'm a strong girl   equals to   I'm very weak

It's Okay if he didn't reply   equals to  desperately need you to pay attention to me

I don't care   equals to    I care too much

4 days ago

"Do you still like me?" She asked.
"I like you as a friend" he said.
"Me too,haha" she lied

2 days ago

You told me you lied
I'll accept

You told me you love someone else
I'll accept

You told me we are now just friends
I'll accept

Everyone knows we broke up
I'll accept

Everyone now knows he have a new girlfriend
I'll accept

Friends scolded me stupid cause I still love him
I'll accept

Friends say I'm good with hiding my feelings behind his harsh words
I'll accept

Friends say I put on a fake smile in front of you everyday
I'll accept
If he breaks up with his girlfriend
And decided to come back to me

I'll accept

Keep calling me a fool  for love
I'll accept

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