Esther En Qin
Esther En Qin
Oct 9, 2016

You were the one for me
You were the one I cherished the most

You dislike coffee
Hot chocolate is your ultimate favourite

You eat every single vegetables
except for carrots

You love my naked face
You love my insecurities

We still need time to learn about each other
Unfortunately I had to stop it

I didn't know I was the third party
to your another beautiful relationship

We've been together for almost a year now
You've been with her for 5 years

I didn't know whether I was the foolish one
or you were the foolish  one

Was it my fault since I was the one
to interfere into your life?

I didn't know I was the third party
I'm sorry lets not contact each other anymore

By:Esther ong
#love   #party   #third  
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