Julie Grenness
2 days ago

Imagine the zoo after dark,
As if there's a swinging primate park,
Yes, after visiting hours are gone,
It's primate party time, so long,
Imagine all our furry cousins,
Having a primate party love-in,
Imagine a party in primate park,
No humans in the zoo, after dark!

Feedback welcome.
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2 days ago

I Remember how the party was clear as day
Sneaking out and looking to fade away
Lighting a cigarette with red wine
(Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice)
Sweet sixteen and she had arrive
Fixing her dress as she whispered hi, hi
Never knew how she made it so far
Teachers said she'd never make it out alive
There she was my new best friend
casual smoke filled the festive air
While she starts to laugh, holding her shaded lipstick in her other hand
Oh Ana, how I love those guys

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6 days ago

Pretty girls lifting up their skirts, while the moon is out.
Coming off strong the night still young, a mix of alcohol and doubt.
Ring around the torches whoever fucks on the porches, took a different route.

#doubt   #lust   #sex   #party   #old   #lie   #youth   #festive  

We drink alcohol
So we don't have to feel emotion
We smoke green
So we don't have to think about it
We party wildly
So we can have distractions
We keep secrets
So we never have to explain
We keep quiet
So we never have to argue
We pretend to be okay
So people don't leave
We fake a smile
So no one has to worry

Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Dec 31, 2016

You’re doing it again
So get yourself prepared.
You’re moving into the future
So, do not be scared.
You’ll be a year older so
We’ll get out the old jokes.
You can take it because
It’s love from great folks.

We’ll sing the usual songs
And by all means have a cake.
Bring on your birthday cheer.
Let’s do whatever it takes.
Maybe go out dancing
And have a lot of smiles
Like it’s not the age the tires
It’s all about the miles.

And of course quips
About being over the hill.
Somebody always makes one
And it seems they always will.
But others will remind you
That you don’t look that old
As they check you for wrinkles,
And gray hair and mould.

Let’s have great good fun
And all at your expense
Because it’s traditional
And only makes good sense
We always make those jokes
When others had a birthday
So now it’s your turn as you’re
Having another birthday today.

I amended this poem because I made it about me originally and that didn't work. So, now it's written in second person.
Jon Thenes
Jon Thenes
Dec 29, 2016

A caster of mimes and mimicry
Stilts a prance
About the tomb full of guests
It's a mirrored jest to ease discomfort
Visitors present their cards of invite
And go swiftly about the social wetwork
Their practices and manners
Interact and ply
Pulling teeth of the guises
Harvesting an imflamation of words
A baffle of tongue chorings
There is an hour
A second
Then a third
Whittling time
Taming code
Resorting to a little physical...
And then they take their leave ;
Prizes into the nights snare.

Allena Iris
Allena Iris
Dec 27, 2016

A glass to every drink
All the lights
Shined through it
All the eyes
Glanced on it

A glass for every lady
A lady with a diamond
A lady with a gold
Or a lady with a chain

A glass to every party
All the water
Wetted it pretty
All the napkins
Wiped with perfections

A glass to a catastrophe
Broke into the floor
With no one felt happy
Or sorry
The glass had broken
Into pieces
Cleaned and banished
And the party continued

Hail the glass
#wine   #water   #party   #pieces   #glass   #broke   #lady   #wipe   #gentleman  
Ju Clear
Ju Clear
Dec 19, 2016

One more wee pinger
Oh just one more before bed
The chat starts up
Feeling floaty and a wee bit bloaty
Forgetting my threads
Conversations middles and ends
Time for bed
No ,just one more
Wee pinger before bed
Chats are now more askew
Birds are chanting  
Flushes made
Heads are in beds

Smoking in doors
#friends   #party  
Lady of Ravenhill
Lady of Ravenhill
Dec 17, 2016

She puts on her best
Wrapped up like a pretty gift
Never to find him

@Ladyofravenhill 12/17/2016
Haiku 11
Elin Mellbergstedt
Elin Mellbergstedt
Dec 15, 2016

Tonight we're having a big feast
in the great city of sin
I'm about to unleash the beast
Let this party for players begin

The soft, green cloth beneath my fingers
The shiny deck of cards
The joy when the dealer bust still lingers
Wont you please send my regards

The tingling inside when the Ace says hello
The kick when the King joins in
The Queen is also welcome to the show
And the Jack can bring his twin

Race doesn't matter at this gathering
Both blacks and reds look swell
When diamonds and spades are scattering
You can invite hearts and clubs aswell

The bets are getting higher and higher
My wallet is getting thin
I hardly ever get what I desire
Cause the house will always win

At first I thought I had control
But suddenly I was unstable
I had lost my entire bank roll
At the end of the Black Jack table

#love   #party   #poker   #vegas   #lasvegas   #gambling   #gamble   #blackjack  
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