Zonika van Zijl Nov 2015
Your words, they wash
all over me
and then crash on my shore.
Sometimes I wonder what all this
fighting is for?

You breathe in deeply,
over and over again,
knowing that's how you gain control,
while I try to recover from
the tsunami, that you've caused in my soul.

I must have known,
the full moon predicted,
that your temper would be high.
He also said I should leave,
so this is my final goodbye.

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
Why do you so quickly forget
The pain you've created?
Your sweet words healed my heart,
But there were too few in comparison
To those I have hated...

Why do you write me off like a
Shopping list on a piece of paper somewhere?
And when you were done using me for all your needs
You threw me away, tell me, do you even know
The definition of care?

Why do you still smile
And laugh so much?
Don't you feel any hurt or pain?
Well I hope your grin will be wiped from your face,
As you get hit by a moving train!

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
Little blue lace,
I wore on my wedding day.
It represented my grandma
In every single way.

How she loved sowing
A little lace on everything.
I remember the lovely melodies
Her Singer could sing.

My wedding dress was naked
Without a little lace.
So my something old, new,
Borrowed and blue was represented with grace.

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
I remember as a little kid
how life seemed,
how crazy the things were
that I so easily dreamed.

How I wished for adulthood
while holding an ice pop in my hand,
how I imagine living in the castles
I builded out of sand.

But for a life like this
I weren't ever prepare,
yes I got the tale
but it's sure not fair.

Maybe if I got the chance
to go back to yesterday,
I would've appreciated the time
I still have left to play.

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
When the heat of life gets too warm
I will plant me a tree,
Between the flowers I will sit down
And watch the dance of a bumblebee.

Then I will get hungry
And start searching for food,
My tummy will exclaim
"Berries will be good!"

I will find them
In my forest's heart,
Cause then, I knew,
Food is where all great things start.

Now standing here
In the center of it all,
I realise this is more than
My own planted forest,
This is my soul.

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
Don't you sometimes wish
for something new,
like having an opportunity
to be a better you?

Don't you sometimes wish
for a brand new start,
to get a chance of playing
with a different card?

Don't you sometimes wish
to be another person,
maybe still you, but a
better version?

Don't you realise,
the past is someone that you were?
All we have now,
is the present to endure.

So stop trying to
change your yesterday,
and rather start focusing
on living now in a better way.

Zonika van Zijl Oct 2015
Let's walk hand in hand
where the wildflowers are.
Let's draw flowers
on an old VolksWagen car.

Let's plant seeds next
to every road.
Let's decorate the pavement,
with a flowery quote.

Let's start tending the rainbow
on the ground.
Let's just do something,
before there's no flower to be found.

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