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Toni Lane Dec 2018
you are dangerous
even with fake memories
the hope never died

petals will drown me
in the comfort of their scent
I trust nothing else

can you hold me once?
it does not need your feelings
just let me touch you

in the dim light here
I can imagine your lips
staining all my skin

aching and waiting
we flourish only to die
that's no life for me
These kinda relate to my last relationship, sorta doesn't. It's all feely and junk, mostly desperation which is not a fun thing.
  Aug 2018 Toni Lane
Thomas P Owens Sr
I've yet to write of the child in me
that kept you close
and made you smile
I've yet to write of the terror in me
that held life and death
on a precariously short leash
I've yet to write of my love for you
though draining and awkward
was the love meant for this soul
take me to where the light
follows the waves to my feet
as she settles in
behind the horizon
and I will write my final words
at dusk
in the hours that remain
in the moments I have saved
in the grace of the setting Sun
9/2007 - slightly revised
Toni Lane Aug 2018
the meadow calls
in many forms

the pages
of these books

the subtle cry
of piano keys

the tears from my eyes
as I remember
who I miss
???? gonna edit later????
Toni Lane Aug 2018
the floor
is not as
as it used to be
An old and boring poem I wrote many moons ago (maybe like a few weeks ago?)
Toni Lane Jun 2018
When you love someone
spurs incentive
gives you reason
to overlook
the red flags
hanging about their castle
no matter how
they flow in the wind
fun stuff my dudes
Toni Lane Feb 2018
The doves, the doves
they fall from the heavens
for you, love

The doves, the doves
at your feet
they bow and kiss
your sores
heal your wounds

The doves, the doves
in your locks of brown and bark
they tangle
bring flowers for you
sprinkle their petals into your strands

The doves, the doves
they breathe your scent
lavender incense,
the first snow of winter,
trees and moss

The doves, the doves
lost in your eyes,
agleam, a striking color
mimicking the forests,  

The doves, the doves
they melt
at the chime of your voice
you laugh
you sing
like jingling bells
riding the winds

The doves, the doves
they worship your compassion,
the way you ****** their necks
and kiss their beaks
with such ****** touches,
absolutely mesmerizing,
ruffling their feathers

The doves, the doves
will follow you
until their wings
no longer sprout feathers
they will raise generations
to fill their spaces
to continue their love
for as long as you live
they will love you
your children
and your children’s children

The doves, the doves
will cry tears
of sunflowers
when you pass
and will scorn the Gods
when they take you
from them.
A poem I wrote my partner for Valentine's day
Toni Lane Jan 2018
waiting for a
real voice

but when i
did not respond
for a mere second

they hung up on me
I tried calling the national suicide hotline because I was having a really really really bad night and I pulled away from my phone to cry out for a little bit and I didn't realize someone had come to the phone so when I went to put my phone back up to my ear I realized they hung up on me.
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