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You're going to read this wrong,
Every single one of you.
Because you are not me,
And you cannot see what I'm saying.

No amount of stressed syllables in these lines can
ever describe what it means.
To me.
Why I wrote it.
Why I let you read it.

You will never understand
My understanding.

And that's okay.
It's a long list.
Phi Kenzie Jul 2018
Have I lost my way
been tossed astray
depraved and often caught in shame

I am Phi Kenzie
suspend all your envy
I’m plenty unfriendly and tense up when sensing

The touch of another
to shutters and covers
and run for the river, ride rough with the rudder

Flown under the radar
I hoped it would stay dark
but no, it’s the day and it breaks the equator

I could go on about my fears
they won’t disappear
peerless endearment from people jeering for years

Eerie queries in tears
near and dear to mine own ears
rearing iridescent essence empirically in spirit

Hear it speared into the ether
reverberating meter
ceaselessly tinker on the readers need to reach eureka neater
Novus Oct 2014
Kenzie is making


i should probably
poem 2oo

**i dont wunt 2 beeee left out
I get so bored in college
Kenzie Shea Apr 2016
Does one simply know what love is?
Is it truly meaningful?
Or is it just another thought in the back of our heads
that some of us brush off our shoulders like nothing.
While for others it consumes us, drives us, so what exactly is it.
Can it actually be considered more than just a simple feeling
because that might not be possible for some of us.
For few love may be a playful game, a physical pain,
or a simple walk in the park.
But for others it is their life, their work,
their commitment, not necessarily for just a special someone,
but it could be for whatever, or whoever;
an obsession for anything, a person, a place or a thing.
Because for some, love is more than a feeling,
it is a life’s work of
pleasure, heartbreak, and happiness.

-Kenzie Shea

— The End —