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6.6k · Jul 2013
Knight In Shining Armor
sheloveswords Jul 2013
There was this knight in shining armor who took pride in his sword
Being the mightiest hero in his village
He charmed the hearts of ever girl
All women were mesmerized by him for he was the strongest warrior around
They’ll drop to their knees in his presence and tremble at the tender of his sound
His frame was as if it was built with God’s greatest passion
He was courageous and perilous, it displayed in all of his actions
One day while riding his horse he noticed the most beautiful face he ever seen
He was never impressed by the women in his village, but she seemed to be the lady of his dreams
She was sitting by the lake, gathering water for the villages feast
Fascinated by her beauty, her heart he had to meet
He descended from his horse to approach her with care
He concentrated on the glow of her skin and the sway of her hair
With his charming eyes he introduced himself as Prince, the villages bravest knight
She blushed in awe and whispered Rose in return and his eyes grew so bright
Rose indeed. She was as beautiful and savory as one as well
He offered to assist her for she was to gorgeous to be working herself
She graciously rejected his offer,  being the daughter of the king
Her temple was off limits and no man was granted thee
“My father is your King, and I am not allowed to take heath of a man, but you’re a brave knight so I hope he shall understand”
He lifted her on his horse and took her to his land, where he was the first man to touch her, he made love to her despite the circumstance
When she returned to her father he requested to know where she have been
He can see the fear in her eyes and the prints on her skin
“Who have touched you, what have you done? You layed down with a man and I must know who was the one”
“No father!” She trembled “You cant touch this man, he is a prized possession of mine and our connection you would never understand”
“I demand you tell me now! Or off with his head. You tell me willingly or I’ll hunt him down instead”
She stared with tears in her eyes and whispered “ His name is Prince he is the town's strongest knight”
“Prince?!” he replied he quenched his fist and yelled “ With all my might!!”
She cried “No Father please don’t hurt him, He is the man of my dreams, if you shall shed his blood my soul shall not sleep”
“Get her out of here!” He demanded to his guards his anger was so furious and hurt grew upon his heart
Prince, laying in his bed then he heard some knocks on the door
Boom,Boom,Boom, "Open it up!!!”
He ran to grab his sword
But he was outnumbered by the gaurds they seized him and threw him in the cell
He knew what he was being punished for, because it was for her love in his heart he held no fear
The King approach him, he could see the anger burning in his eyes
The knight rose out of the bench and positioned hisself for a fight
“You touched my daughter, what you did was forbidden, you laid hands on her before proper marriage”
“I wasn’t aware she was your lassie, I wouldn’t cause trouble to my villiage but she’s a beautiful Queen and in my heart I couldn’t resist it”
“I would fight for her love my King, to prove to you I am worthy, for no man is a threat to me only her disappearance would hurt me”
“Fairly well Knight your request is granted you shall battle Hollow, a knight who never been in deaths shadow”
With no hesitation he rose and grabbed a sword and marched to the scene
He fastened his armor took stance to fight for the love of his queen
He looked up in the crowd and in his eyes was his beautiful lady
His heart grew stronger and through her blessing he was motivated
He took the first swing missed and was struck in the side
The fight gotten intense and they was so much fear in her eyes
For Prince never been struck by the sword of another man
He was just as shocked by everyone in the village but he was determined to win
All that was heard was gasp of the audience and the clinging of the swords
Prince was growing tired by the minute and his energy was getting lower
He looked up at the princess and realized what he was fighting for
His concentration was knocked off and he was he was knocked down to the floor
A **** layed by his heart and stars formed in his eyes
Surely everyone thought that any minute his death would arrive
He layed in his blood and thought that his love couldn’t be cheated
Like being revived he regained all his strength and struck Hollow in his chest, he was defeated
Tired from the battle he fell down to his knees
Then come running to his rescue, his beautiful Queen
She ran and kissed him for she knew that he was her Knight in shining armor
Tears grew in her eyes and her love for the knight grew stronger
The King kept his promise and rewarded the Knight his Queen
For the Knight had scars of love, but because of his prize he was showered in glee
He fought the hardest battle and shed tears, sweat, and blood
He fought for his golden life, and for the woman that he truly love

Copy Right 2013
     Patty Ann
sheloveswords Oct 2013
The stars never seemed so far away
Lying with hopelessness sleeping next to my pillow
In the arms of seclusion, still I lay
After a long night we formed a *******
No strength to pray
Withing my carapace
I inquire a reason
Of why I'm so numb
Where is my lighter?
Concealing my pain
Where is my grinder?
When life is like a sudden rush of fresh air to
A raging set of flames
Savagely searching for an euphoria
But it's the impossible to maintain
Longing for an escape
Only in sweet serenity
But when 5 fingers deadly hugs your heart
& wrings out your
Innocence, happiness, and tranquility
You are forced to watch them leak
Reaching for a lighter to blaze the leaf
Because in the sober mind
You Are Weak
No that is me.
So I begin to pollute my temple
Taking it all into my bloodstream
With the exhale of a breath
In the mist of a cloud
I release my exhaustion
My emotion and my temper
Enhancing my inner being suddenly,
I know with facts that I am steel
Making it through another dreadful night
My wounds are temporarily healed
When there was no soul to console
No arms to hold
No pen to make art
No illumination from the dark
Only the flame that I flick
Which forms so beautifully &
Dances in front of my eyes
Offended that beauty could destroy so ruthlessly
A killer in disguise
Or ruthlessly be destroyed
In this life full of void
Consumed by the misery of all the screams
All the noise
When the Sun's job is done, it hides from the World
Full of hatred and pity
Another night comes
Captive in these four walls
No where to run
Now I'm forced to look at how far I've come
I could have died in insanity
Arson my soul
Plead guilty of ******
A Killer Upfront
If I had not match all those nights with all those blunts

                            Copy Right 2013
                                 ©Patty Ann
3.7k · Jul 2013
sheloveswords Jul 2013
Can I gently lure myself into your life?  

Make you feel as you’re forever in my arms, when you’re alone in bed at night?

Whisper all the sweet words into your ear until I see you slowly and slowly fall into my deception and lies

Make all things that’s wrong feel ever so right

May I lead you into my home and gently place you on my bed

Look straight into your eyes and speak words of significant meaning

As if they wore worthless and dead

Can I bring comfort into your heart?

I’ll make you feel so loved and serene

I’ll disguise myself as being the man of your dreams

While I prey on my next victim to control and lead astray

In the same manner I lit up your light blue sky, I'll make em truly dark and gray

Can I drag you into my deceit, forcing you to make me the center of your life?

Can I pretend to love you and untruthfully envision you as my wife?

Portraying to be your blessing,

Disguising the hidden lesson

I‘ll make you fall so deeply in love with me

That you will have to pray with all of your might

For the Lord to bring you out of the darkness and make everything vivid and bright

Can I take you on pointless dates and sit through meaningless movies and earn my way between your legs?

Cognizant that this bond means loyalty and trust to you so I’ll take it slow and just ******* instead

Can I make you believe that I AM the man that can protect you from all the hurt that this world can bring?

Then I WILL up and leave you  on a beautiful day without any logic reasoning


Because I seen a woman with more beautiful eyes.

I seen a lady that smelled as sweet as a rose.

I seen a gorgeous woman with a smaller nose.

I seen a lady with a beautiful body and attitude so fierce.

I seen a woman with a smile that'd burn the sun and hair flowing past her ears.

I tricked you into developing such love for me that, I took it from your mind to love yourself

I display myself as a perfect man, so you wouldn’t go and fall for someone else

Like a thief in the night I snuck in your life in the mist of you lying hopeless

I played your Knight in Shining Armor because I knew you were a Damsel in Distress

Your weaknesses, I feed on until I began to bore myself of fraud

When I seen that love was all you needed

I valuated my hand

Weighed my decisions

And I played my cards

                              Copy Right 2013
                                    ©Patty Ann
3.5k · Jul 2013
Shades of Shady
sheloveswords Jul 2013
The elegance of her ardor
Captures you and lures you into her clean hands
But living in this cynical world, with overflowing grimace
Many souls lack to understand
Why her stride is full and incandescent
She posses a sweet force were every murmur she whispers pushes you to listen
A voice fully soft spoken
It's a gentle breeze through your ears
In the absence others' may make you feel
In her presence, you are here.
The quantum she share is as petite as her frame
Longing for more, she makes it impossible to maintain
Straight forward.
Her ratherness for avoiding the curves and steeps that one can provide
Would leave you at a daze with desire
A fire inferno
Burning inside of your eyes
Seconds and affection she hardly gives
Made her a tenacious woman in twenty-one years
But the love that she gives.
The love that she gives
Is more sweeter than honey in a tomb of one thousand years
Seeing men fall into her deep dark abyss
From their own creation and temptation they couldn't resist
Attempting to crawl back into reality, after losing themselves
You would think she's a Black Mamba
A hunter
Looking for a prey to lead astray
But she's only a sweet soul that God humbly perfectly made
A gift that many fail to contain
That makes every Man yearn and kneel to pray
There is No woman like her
Her ineffable felicity you will not find
Her Respect, you'll give
Or you will not live
She posses the power to take over your mind
With every thought you feel
Her time isn't wasted on pleasures and life's immorality
She's the meaning of a blessing
She fails to degrade her self down to worlds level
You'll fall in love with her originality
Some would go far as calling her stuck up
A *****
But a deficient mind wouldn't comprehend
She's a woman of God
Of wisdom
And your respect she demands
Perfectly sane
To me she's a courageous lady
Some men call her dangerous
But Me,
I call her Shady

Copy Right 2013
   ©Patty Ann
3.5k · Dec 2013
A Pessimistic Penny
sheloveswords Dec 2013
You feel you're invincible
being that your sanity is uncontrollable
strolling around with your shoulders past the birds
past the planes
your ignorance succeeds in innumerable ways
your sight is weak
your mind is enable to capture
it's buried under life's adversities and Earth's pleasure
you don't know when to stop so you flood yourself
until you're lame at your ankles
and paralyzed in your emotions

you wend through life this way
well you try
stuck in misery
with no lane to merge
frustration is your best friend
a human is impossible and
incapable of the acceptance
your belittlement draws mankind away
no one wants to attend a pity party
unless their accompanied to your VIP
and to reserve
you are the one to RSVP

Enlighten heads will stray away
pessimism is a curse
rapidly spread by the weak
you have distress and frustration
strangled screams
holds your eyelids open at night
deliberations controls your emotions
controls your feet
throughout the day
you are terrified of tangibility
so you indulge yourself excessively
burying your true identity
becoming irritable when bearing your sober mind

if only you knew how divine you are
you would grow to love yourself
in ways incompetent of how you could love so hard
look yourself in your eyes
find who you are
even if you have to savagely search
you'll see the soul people has grown to
love so much
you'll notice your beauty
that covers endless realms
or your strength that could hurl a boulder
No one can help you discover
your destiny
it's your journey you'll have to make alone
but during the expedition and constant footsteps
the process of elimination could be your guide

find your inner child
it can help your prevail that's
where you once had happiness
your joy was established there
because if you continue the silencing
of your heart's cries and
your soul's screams
you'll live a life analogous to hell
and that is

a nightmare's worst dream

                Copy Right 2014
                     ©Patty Ann
sheloveswords Sep 2013
There's an elephant in this room, there's no denying that
No allegations, no assumptions
Just here to state the facts
I see all your dirt
And the **** you try to hide
But what I don't see is your respect
Did it die along with your pride?
And the love you say you posses
Or did it get erase along with all the traces of your text?
Yeah, you thought I didn't see all the lies that you succeeded in
And I played it blindly like I reside in Stevie's skin
And what really irritates my soul, is I could've played that role
The difference is I was investing in commitment
While you was the one auditioning
Now aint that bout a *****
Either resistance was too hard
Or even with a straight flush in your hand you were incompetent in playing your cards
February 22
Where were you that night?
I laid peacefully in my bed, eyes closed tightly, thanking God for sending me a wonderful man
Instead of being April's, I was playing your fool
Swimming foolishly and open in your deceitful pool
in 12 feet
But I still wouldn't get out if I could
The irony.
Man, I swear your ******* be so good
I respect everyone's privacy
like there's a No Disturb sign on the door
But your cell phone has been ringing vigorously and that
I wont ignore
I gave you your space
You could've freely ran away if you wanted to explore
You give a person enough rope they'll hang themselves
And right now your toes are dangling 57' from the floor
I'd slave to bake your cake.
Let you eat it wholly.
And you still want more!
I bet you didn't even think of me as she laid in your bed naked
or if when you slipped on that contraceptive
Emphasis on the IF just in case I stand corrected
The betrayal
The wonders living in my mind roams in a frenzy
In a million years I never suspected you
Faithful is what you pretended to be
And when I bring it unto your attention
You're worse than an evidently guilty man crying innocent
Obviously, you love to play with fire but when I deliver it you can't sustain
That's like constantly running to get an umbrella when you "claim" you love the rain
You can't handle the truth
every moment its time to defy it you coil
Just face the aftermath with your ten toes planted on the soil
Because every word you deliver, every punch you throw
Will travel through this universe and manifest to your soul
You didn't like that huh?
Your emotions sings that you're ******
Storming out the door like a madman
But where's he going at a time like this?
To get some fresh air?
To **** another *****?
Men offer me pleasures that I happily resist
But now that the truth comes out he can't handle the ****
He wanna throw his hands up and be a little boy
Hell, I might as well go to K-Mart and buy his *** a toy
Or run to Priscilla's and get me one as well
**** being deceived, I'd rather indulge my own pleasure and be by myself
But the way he makes my legs shake
My heart flutter
My soul yearns for more
Makes me reconsider to stay
Did he do it ruthlessly?
Was it a mistake?
I'm all out of thoughts, I don't know *** to think
All this **** is unbearable
I'm going out for a drink...

                          Copy Right 2013
                                ©Patty Ann
3.1k · Jun 2015
sheloveswords Jun 2015
I had a desire to dance, enchantedly I danced all night*

Copy Right 2020
2.9k · Sep 2013
A Man In Love
sheloveswords Sep 2013
When he sees a shine inside of her
Even while the Sun's descending rays are beaming in his eyes
Or the beautiful glow she has at the darkest hour of the night
He begins to hear love calling his name
The way she makes him feel like he's being nurtured all over again
Isn't a coincidence
She's not attempting to change him, only mold him into a better man
She makes him feel limitless
When the tips of her fingers smoothly caresses the hair on his head and whispers into his ear
She kisses his temple, her lips makes him tremble
And her soft voice is all he hears
He closes his eyes and Thank God
For sending him such a golden soul
Through all of his iniquities and transgressions he don't deserve
Her sweet sufficient love
But his graciousness for her is in evident form
He will walk with her during the pouring rain
Shed blood to share her pain
Captivated by her mysterious allure
He opens himself to love
Inviting her by her hands to join him
In Unison
Still blesses her with enough expansion to stride her confidence in pride
She makes the candle inside of him ignite
The romance inside cry
She's his rib
That God silently plucked from his side in the still of the night as he slumbered
She's the dire lightning to his thunder
From her kind love he knows he's invincible
SHE is the principal
Of why he suits up his tie and perform longs days of labor and sweat
Because he knows that
He's her Eagle, soaring in the sky
He protects her with all of his life
She brings comfort to his soul
Strength to his bones
With one knee planted on the dust
He will hand her The World
No bedazzles are needed
He has his pearl
He refrains from anger
Controls his temptations
Exalt his rapture
Inside of his dominant, sensuous life
She is captured
In his confusion
His pain
passion and
emotional being
Words, Money, Jewelry, or Love can't explain the joy that she brings
He is a Man In Love
and a man in love, is no simple thing

                           Copy Right 2013
                                  ©Patty Ann
2.6k · Aug 2013
A Hummingbird's Life
sheloveswords Aug 2013
How can I say "We're just friends"
When I taste you in my dreams
Your honeyed savoriness on my tongue
Formed itself
You dance like an angel
In the center of my pupils
Your song is exceptionally sweet
It humbles my spirit
Divulges me
That we are all just hummingbirds
Vigorously, hunting for a melody
Auctioning off welfares
For pleasures swimming in vain
We've never enjoyed the necter without the pain of
Piercing thorns
With handicapped feet,
We dream to fly
60 miles a beat
How I wish the breeze
Would carry me
Straight to your home of
Butterfly Weeds
Longing for the eightenth year, to sore away
Just as a sweet bundle in Mama's womb
In the nest we mature and anxiously wait
Planted firmly on the dirt
His amour
Gives me wings
And, I flutter
His humming is a pleasing sound
Searching for a fullfillment
Two times our body weight
In the ebony of my skin
I inertly wait
Wishing for reincarnation
Of a harmless, beautiful
Harmonizing its way
Across God's blue sky.

                             Copy Right 2013
                                    ©Patty Ann
2.6k · Aug 2013
The Pain She Felt
sheloveswords Aug 2013
Sad to say
Hope wasn't enough,
there was a thousand words battling in her mind
but her tongue remained numb
Deep into the late night hours
She hugs her pillows
and paint them wet
Realizing her existence in this world is inane and all her ways are complexed
She was forged this way
An unbalanced scale of life
She was forced to stay
Agony of her loneliness brought penetrating pain
She cried even through the sunshine
Lived depressed during the rain
Whips from life's battles instilled on her frame
Perfectly tattooed on her skin
Innocence robbed from her before the age of ten
Those hands exploring her body never got approved
Scars and words of abuse was all she was accustomed to
From minds of the ones she loved
Grew extreme curious
Too see what lies inside of a woman for deliverance
Nights she cried tears that refuse to come
Glands denying the tears and sufferings that attempted to form
The torture and sorrow in the glass of her reflection
Taught her venom which she perpetually spat at the girl in the mirror
Her thoughts was her MRSA, constantly eating her away
Rug burns implanted on her knees from all the nights that she prayed
Her life felt more painful than being engulfed into flames
Disgust boiled in the bottom of her stomach, just from hearing her name
No one* understood her pain
No one even knew
Of all the dirt and infidelity her poor soul was drug through
Knives met her hands
Many nights she felt tempted but was too weak to stand
She'd rather fall
Full possession of her extremities but,
She rather crawl
into a deep dark cave
Than to reside in this World and become its slave
She was just a little girl
Dwelling in purity
A lost wandering soul
No form of security
For those who are believers and have even only a mustard seed of faith
Pretty please
Remember her in your hearts
When you go to God and pray

                             Copy Right 2013
                                    ©Patty Ann
sheloveswords Sep 2013
It's been eight long years
since God has called you home
He noticed your angel wings and glowing halo
He brought you to where you belong
In a world of divine pure love
A heaven full of God's grace
You reside
Where there is no pain
No sickness
Only joy and peace
Your spirit living abundantly*
Your mind forever at ease
I think about you all the time
Laying and praying for you to come to me in my dreams
So I can see the penetrating beauty of your light and
You can show me the gifts that heaven brings
As I gaze at the mirror
my eyes
my nose
my smile
Are all identical to your bloom
I can vividly hear the music of your voice that echos through the room
The young woman I've become
Is subjected to make you proud
The respect, courtesy, and love I share
In this World, you showed me how
I deserve more than the voids this World posses
Therefore, I remain to seek the Kingdom first
Our Father will provide the rest
I just want you to know
Words are incompetent in describing how much
I think of you
I love you
I wish you was shoulder length away
When I get weak in my body and mind
I humble myself and I pray
This life here on Earth
I wish you had a chance to explain
I wander in a puzzle
Each day that I face
But I've come a long way
In spirit each day I grow
So I can ascend into heaven
When God calls his church home
This world is full of madness
In confusion I remain
If this stubborn world only knew what
Divine creations we are
We posses to be
We wouldn't live in vain
But this is YOUR day, Beautiful!
When God brought you in this marvelous made world
To explore through his glory until your job was well done
It was completely a honor to have met you  in your lifetime
To have you as my mother
Eight years ago I'd be kissing you until your cheeks color
Now with an open heart I speak towards heaven instead
Happy Birthday Pretty Lady Happy Birthday to you!
Until we meet again Barbara Jedale Bryant
I love &&
I miss you

                                 Copy Right 2013
                                        ©Patty Ann
May you forever in peace. BJ 1960-2005. Your love and your image shines through every word I speak, every step I take, every breath. If you are still blessed with the presence of your Mother, LOVE HER. Respect her and submit to her because when her spirit leaves and only her body remains but only to be laid to rest, every word you never spoke, every thanks you never said, every way you treat her will be heave on your heart and constant on your mind. Have a beautiful day you all.
1.9k · Oct 2013
Don't Thank Me...(Explicit)
sheloveswords Oct 2013
You hear the vocals of my pores
Calling out for your ecstasy
Baby, will you answer me?
Annihilate my suspire
I'm craving for you to sojourn your lips unto my dermis
Floating in passion, your love takes me higher
With annimalism
Your death grip on my waistline severely quenches my skin*
I feel your thunder storming on my frame
Being pounded by my waves
Of this flash flood you made
To come and swim deeply into my ocean
Contain my legs from this uncontrollable wavely motion
Surf my waves at each convulsion
Your breath trickles down my spine
You haven't even reached your peak yet
And I have came here
This visit, I do not regret
To make love to me
Like there is a war outdoors
With nature and valley
A war between temptation and flesh
But wait
Not just yet
Because your cinnamon skin
***** my tongue passionately
I melt, into a puddle
Full weight on the floor
That you lick up until  no more
I travel my lips up and down your masculine build
You feel my exhaustion
Invading your spine
Interrupting your concentration
At this hour, in this moment
You are mine
And I am yours
Finally tasting those lips I've always adored
My succulent tongues takes a moment and travel down your chest
Leaving my mist dwelling on your buff
Down to the strong man hood you possess...
You grab my neck
As you explore the soft walls
Of my saturating portal
Your head inclines back in full relieve
As I continually, savagely feast
You then explode in great fury
We collapse as if an earthquake violated our terrain
And then we lay....
This is not the end
Welcome, to foreplay
With gratitude, your excitements hardens
And your eyes paint me, you feel extremely lucky
You begin to fill your lips with thanks
But  NO
Baby don't thank me
Just **** me...

                            Copy Right 2013
                                   ©Patty Ann
1.8k · Jul 2013
Sincerely, Your Past
sheloveswords Jul 2013
Emotions running wild at full momentum, the inability to stop this force is straining me
My conscious is constantly blaming me
All the screams and darkness that’s in this world are aimed at me
I halt with my hands up in full surrender
He carries the hurt from the past love, he’s the true offender
With no doubt
The thief who stole my love then snuck out
His hands were full, he stole everything that I had
Our future has died so now, he is facing my past
I’d given all my love away, how could I be so foolish?
He received all my love, then threw it away, how could anyone do this?
How could someone tell you they love you then disappear so fast without leaving a trace
How could someone sing they love you, but you can see all the lies written upon their face
Yet you pretend that its all kosher but you see it in his beautiful eyes
You don’t wanna face the ugly truth, so you feed into those beautiful lies
The pain is too overbearing so I attempt to run and hide
But theres nowhere to go when the walls closes in, and all I’m doing wasting is time
So Im stuck in this dark lonely place
I’m imprisoned next to these lost souls with blood all on their face
Blood all in their eyes, they reach for me, I try to fight them but I can’t move
And my pride wont let me cry, and It wont allow me to lose
They pull me into this black hole, with muggy mist and shattered bones
This can’t be hell, because I know that God have my soul.
I try to fight them off but they are too strong
My mind is getting weak and body can’t go on
Then he awakes me and I’m out of my dark horrendous dream
He holds me and brings me into his light
Where everything is so beautiful and seen
So I feel in love with him, he was my knight in shinning armor
He rescued me from my terrors and brought me out those horrors
I loved him with all of me, not leaving a split second out
I can’t blame him he’s not the theif here, so I’m calling love out
Love can steal someone’s life, I see it everyday
I’ve committed no crime here yet I still have to pay
I did everything I was suppose to
I never abandoned you even when I was told to
Yet you pushed me aside
All those tears I cried
Stain my shirts, my sheets, my pillows, they’re bleached
From the hurt and pain that’s was held hostage inside of me
And I freed those tears from their shackles and let them run free
I freed myself from my shackles now I have a chance to run free
Run away from ME, I’m the one who I’ve been fighting all these years
I’m the one who didn’t allow my self to love because of all my fears
So I began to runn sooo freee and I‘m running so free I feel so free…..I pause and look back and realize that Something’s got a hold of me
It shouts at me
“Where do you think your going, haven’t I been all you had”
“Now your gonna leave me behind, because of this guy that you think you have”
“You Can’t just up and vanish from me, lets not forget sweetie I'm your PAST”
“Whenever you look back, you’ll always see me, ha! you wont last”
“So your giving me up. All because of this LOVE”
“ Your gonna leave me for that, after he took all your trust”
“Go right ahead, LOVE is gonna hurt you anyway, you think this guy will be here for everything BUT trust me I’m here to stay”
“You can leave me, go right ahead but I bet you be back”
“Because soon as that guy abandon you you’ll realize that I’m all you have”
Sincerely, Your Past

                              Copy Right 2013
                                    ©Patty Ann
1.5k · Dec 2013
In and Out
sheloveswords Dec 2013
sat and I waited for you
with my skin crawling
many nights I looked into
the mirror
and I didn't recognize her
She was someone new
Someone desperate and broken
into a million pieces
The Culprit Was You
you brought forth misery
wrapped expertly with a
bright red bow
camouflaged and putrid
with your tarnishing love
it was a beautiful trick I must admit
you are quite the magician
you created trust
transformed it to dust
then made it disappear
with the blink of an eye
you forced love to die
with no arrangement of a funeral
I sat and I waited
many nights I contemplated
on ways to make it even
closure is what I needed
but my love for you was too strong
and you made it cry
the mistreatment you delivered
made love die
but my heart still beats
and still I remained
broke, busted, and disgusted
All of my fortitude invested in you
and you imposed it upon me
such potent ammunition in your grasp

you controlled me

to be your slave
while you swam nights in vain
I stayed in and prayed
for direction for protection
I would pray that your heart would fall
into my hands
and God told me to be patient
I can't
every moment had to be filled
with you
you are my filling
and I was your crown
pauperized by love's cavity
sleepless nights indulged
by the whispers of my mind
painting sweet stories
covered and blurry
my focal point was set on you
my thoughts left me at times
in spite of you

I didn't bother to pursue
how foolish of me
I was stupid
in love with you
meta-morphed to ignorance
in-cognizant of my worth  
I left it at the creek
in my dream
where I sat
in thirst
where I washed my hands
in the glistening water
and laid my worries
in the white snow
but in reality
you know my inner child
only you see my inner core
so tell me how could I
love someone else?
who could ever love me more?
than the man who
your the man who accepts me
your the man who adore me
there's no love in me
to love another


                                Copy Right 2014
                                     ©Patty Ann
1.4k · Jul 2013
Silently Loud
sheloveswords Jul 2013
Waterfalls of emotions, rushing into destruction
Prolonged feelings of love and ire eruptions
Disoriented impassion flows through the air without restraint
Without gravity
Fixed my lips to force sound but I can’t
His cell phone breaks the silence, the loud noise of his dying battery
Skin on skin, sitting so close yet feeling so far
My heart reaches for yours, yours for mines but they never seem to bond
Secrets from the past presents the truth for the present
So many thoughts are running through my mind, still my lips have not to depart yet
My eyes closes slowly, my heart drops landing right beneath my feet
My mind is racing, thoughts are flying, I begin to realize that this is were the ending of us meets
It feels as if my ears are going to explode
I try to protect them but right through my fingers the loudness pours
My silent cries, my fainted screams
My palms are sweating. My heart is racing. My tears are beginning to fill.
I glance at his beautiful brown eyes, and the thoughts of his secrets forces them to spill.
Not ONE word was said as we sat next to one another. Sound of his breath is all I hear
Space? Didn’t exist between us there was no room for it there
All seats were filled, BUT one will be empty as I watch him leave the room.
Never knew Silence could be so LOUD, especially when It’s talking to you.

                             Copy Right 2013
                                    ©Patty Ann
1.3k · Apr 2015
sheloveswords Apr 2015
your hands grips the hard wood
drenched in sweat, an irresistible feeling of defeat
barricades your body
I watch you waive your white flag in the clear blue sky
although the colors bring pleasure to my soul
in unison
they are absolutely stunning
I will take your white flag
I will burn it to the ground
and watch the ashes dance with the wind
You Will Not Surrender
You Will Not Lose.
Get on both of your feet
Fight those spirits away
Until Your Victory is Proved.

Copy Right 2020
1.3k · Nov 2015
Weak Days
sheloveswords Nov 2015
You are the perfect ending to my Monday
                 every night of the week

Copy Right 2020
1.2k · Jan 2016
Lingering Taste
sheloveswords Jan 2016
I can taste your breath
merged with my smoke
as I inhale to capture
the last wind
that was taken from me

& now I watch you dance away

Copy Right 2020
1.2k · Jun 2015
sheloveswords Jun 2015
Tonight, I thank you for holding me in my dreams.

Copy Right 2020
1.1k · Jun 2015
sheloveswords Jun 2015
You cause me a fever
I sweetly burn
I perspire until my dehydration makes it lovely
to be soaked
in your drenching passion.

Copy Right 2020
994 · Nov 2015
With No Curren$y
sheloveswords Nov 2015
He does not remember paying for my love,

I have the half ripped down the middle
tear smeared receipt
in my hand
as we speak

Copy Right 2020
960 · Nov 2013
sheloveswords Nov 2013
I wonder If you knew
if I held my breath for you
I would be no more
I'd be as a hole in the floor
A bottom-less pit
I'd be a scream in space
Not being heard
Not from the stars
Exceptional from the birds
I'd be a void
a disgusting black hole with the densest concentration of mass
I'd be the silence after the laugh
In math
I'd be divided by zero
Utterly impossible
If I'd hold my breath for you
I wouldn't see
I wouldn't think
I wouldn't feel
The warmth of the presence of the one you love
I'd be the key to the theory of everything
In the words of Aristotle
In this seat, I am waiting for you
In your brown eyes I am an empty chair
Just sitting there
You'll see

And that is all that I am....

If I held my breath for you*

Copy Right 2013
   ©Patty Ann
939 · Nov 2015
sheloveswords Nov 2015
I fell in love with the pain of missing you

            and the torture of your smile

embedded inside of my thoughts

Copy Right 2020
902 · Jun 2015
Contradiction (10w)
sheloveswords Jun 2015
I have never written about you,
and I never will.

Copy Right 2020
sheloveswords Nov 2013
Wouldn't unveil compassion earlier, trying to produce worthy of a plan.
The dark includes a convincing and compelling direction.
The jaded and rigorous truth seemingly complicates delicate human beings.
From genuine to the most inconvenient love
Life mistakes points there are no mistakes in the end.*


Copy Right 2013
    ©Patty Ann
WO-MEN or Nothing. My first Black-Out Poem. I wish I could include the beautiful photo. Absolutely Stunning it is.
859 · Nov 2016
sheloveswords Nov 2016
You have to learn to continuously feed love
or else
love will feed on you.*

Copy Right 2020
821 · Apr 2017
a poem for you
sheloveswords Apr 2017
I loved you in another space and time
a place where I did not exist
all I lived to breathe was we
the nurture, the soil, the growth
the seed
that we were fixing our hands to plant has now vanished
I am left savagely searching for those promises and words
that still floats in my soul
the free radicals
stripping my bones
from the same nourishment
you once provided
read between my words
within them
my love is somewhere hiding

Copy Right 2020

- Tribute to Donny Hathaway -
806 · Mar 2017
Allow Him to be a Man
sheloveswords Mar 2017
I'm allowing him to be a man
I'm letting him spend all of the money inside of his pocket
until there is lint aslumber in his wallet
for him to feel the need and know the deed that he must provide
I allow him to make the critical decisions and life altering choices for him to know that he is fact the man of the house hold
I fall in line
I give him time
I let him breath
I let him know my divine femininity sometimes get the best of me
to the point that
I can't help but to worry
to care
to be mad at him
to stare
at my hero, my all that I want inside and out of a man
I allow him to be a man
I let him experience his frustration
and channel his anger even if that means I watch his fist ball
and maybe hit a wall
for him to know that
He has strength
He has emotion
I allow him to be a man and notice that he should never put his hands upon a woman
I anger him
to help teach him you must forgive
you must feel
we must not fight
it is human to be angry at me but he learns to never bring it to the bed before he holds me tight within his ebracing arms at night
a man learns never to go to sleep upset
I allow him all the means that he need in order for him to know
that he must protect
and he protects his queen
I am utterly satisfied
when I feel the damsel in distress I know in his built tower I can hide
and I am safe
I allow him to be a man and know He is the King
I am the Queen and I know my place
at his side
the adornment for my man
I will not hide
I allow him to be a man and position me anyway he please
I acknowledge him as my man
every time I fall down and get on my knees
for him
I quease for him
I pray for him
I submit to him
I slay for him
My King of Solomon
My Boaz, I am your servant
I would uncover and lay at your feet
if you please
I am your Ruth as you bless me
I am your possersorship, you may dress me
and give me life
heal with me
walk with me into the light
blinding the impossibilities
because my man is altogether capable
my man is able
my man is strong
my man is dominance
my man is home
to where my heart is
I allow him to be a man and decide if he wants to live
if he wants to love
if he wants fight
if he wants to give up
if he wants to feel
I allow my man to be my shield
to be my all
I allow him to fall
so he can get back up
I am allowing him
to be the best manifestation of his man that he could possibly be
for himself
for us all
for this world
for his family
for Yah and
my most delicate
I allow for him to be a man
my man
for me

Copy Right 2020
782 · Nov 2015
sheloveswords Nov 2015
As we lay
with passion between us
I whispered sweetly into his ear
to go deeper
He looks me in my eyes and says

"With each stroke in and out
Of you
I learn you
I travel your soul
and explore every atom
combined that forms you
into the beautiful queen
that I hide inside
when the world comes crumbling down
Everytime you cleanse me
with your nourishing juices
in my soul
my garden grows
and being inside of you reveals to me
of the man I was placed on this Earth to be"

of course I came...

Copy Right 2015
©Patty Ann
779 · Aug 2016
sheloveswords Aug 2016
He is broken, his pieces
are scattered around and
he blames me for being the
person that found them and
he hates me for knowing
the anatomy of his dismantled puzzle

The pieces that yearns for love
I know how many there are
his parts hiding in the spent years
I know how far they are from
completing him wholly
they only want him to love me
and to defeat the grim that is
imprisoning him
inside of his own reality of insanity
in this severed mind that he has grown to possess

This preciously shattered jar of clay
shining on my marbled floor
I regret not catching him sooner
but his scattered remnants I adore
he is the stars in my lunar
my gravity exists for him
my planets rotate

he is my perfect paradoxical mockery of fate
my most favorite enigma
placing his pieces to the belonged
I am bewilderingly profounded
I must complete before I deliver this masterpiece
of the most beautiful disaster that has fallen upon my hands

Copy Right 2020
716 · Nov 2015
Matthew 11:28
sheloveswords Nov 2015
God said*

  *"All those who are weary and burdened come to me,  and I will give you rest. "

His words are the arms that is holding me to sleep tonight.

Copy Right 2020
sheloveswords Oct 2014
there was a tickle in your nose
water glistening in your eyes
for a millisecond your heart stopped
it skipped a beat
reminding me of how deep
my need is for you
how the corner of your lips smiles at me
your eyes dances at my very sight
my body cooes at the sensation of your fingertip
I inhabit the  moment
I wouldn't be able to live this
impermanent life without your
intense energy flowing through me
the thought takes my emotions
commute it to clay
smashing me into mural
of empty-ness
I pray
your natural defense remains at guard
and strong  
the invaders of your temple has found no home
When I see your eyes shut tightly
your nose dance
your fluids escape across the room
I feel despair
If your heart didn't compensate
that moment to adjust
you wouldn't make it through
I wouldn't have you here
I couldn't remain without you
no other being would do
I intensely felt in that moment
why I say
God bless you
702 · Apr 2015
The Rolling Film
sheloveswords Apr 2015
you feel my despair*
your fingers quench the loneliness

you don't flinch at the touch
I know you've felt it before

fighting the battle
of worth and contentment

love and war

reality and fantasy
my mind paints pictures
and shows movies
that has never touched a screen

yet, I still cannot see
the moral of your story

the focal of the point
its blurry and faint

but the script is still there

the film is still rolling
and the same movie plays

in my mind the same scene
constantly, over again

me yearning for you
needing more of you
hopelessly feening
restlessly dreaming

tossing and turning
in this imaginary love
you aided in me creating

its so warm
and deep
and wet

drenching me completely
in this
mythical story

that you could possibly

no actually



you could quite love me..


Copy Right 2020
700 · Aug 2013
Enlighten Me
sheloveswords Aug 2013
Oh love.
Opposite of what I percieved
Convicted of knowing you
but I was decieved
I am ready to learn.



Copy Right 2013
                                   Patty Ann
687 · Nov 2015
Open Door
sheloveswords Nov 2015
My days and nights are often cursed
with routinely thoughts of you

Coming and leaving as you please.

My heart is in shambles.
tearing up my emotions.
wrecking the place.

I must have misplaced the keys

to the door locked inside my heart,
that you obviously can't see.
671 · Jul 2015
sheloveswords Jul 2015
"You make me feel like I'm on top of the world."

"Because you are, King. "
642 · May 2016
sheloveswords May 2016
Violet to your ears
I slowly watch my heart pierce
itself to your skin
engraved into your passions
each word,
each action,
each thought within
every hand motion,
every verb.
Your daily stance
I've seen myself inside of your hands
& I felt so home
So comfortable.
The though of me never being alone
was merely touchable
made my temple sing the blues
a saxophone blowing in you
Ricocheting my melody
It's violet to my ears
rose water
his love fell on me

*now his garden is all I want to hear
617 · Apr 2017
sheloveswords Apr 2017
inevitably tempted to touch me
breathe on my neck
and remind me
re -iterate to my being
dive deep inside of me
and plant
and dwell
and reside inside of all of my angst
we could live there
and make love
until the sun gives light
to where my ion has

Copy Right 2020
577 · Nov 2015
I find myself
sheloveswords Nov 2015
constantly waiting for someone to love me because I have never met the strength that I always had to love myself
constantly waiting on you to learn me because I never used the knowledge that I have living inside of  me to learn myself
I find myself
constantly waiting on you to read me because I never knew that on this beautiful brown face of mines that
I already have the eyes of finding the beauty inside of the readings itself
559 · Aug 2015
Soaked Desert.
sheloveswords Aug 2015
Love flowing as a river
currents of passion rushing to the gulf
of your open wound
somewhere near that place
where your heart use to beat

Copy Right 2020
Simply written
sheloveswords Dec 2015
I didn't have to tell you I Love You

my body spoke it for me

Copy Right 2020
530 · Nov 2015
Dive Soul
sheloveswords Nov 2015
You open my eyes
to see more
than my sense  
would allow
525 · Sep 2015
Tempie's Freedom
sheloveswords Sep 2015
I's don' really know much
only how to cook and clean
fa ma marster's and they chillun
they tries to teach me to read
i's neva liked the white folks edumucation
so I's just stay in the field
spend time with the sun
until the moon comes
and take me on away
das my's only time to heal
from the scars they puts on my skin
from the scars they puts in my mind
from the scars they puts on my family
my brothers and nem
I's wonder all the time
will we ever be free?
I's think of it everyday
cant wait for it to be
Mama always worked in the kitchen
but she has her fav spot
next to the chimney she a sit
listen to the white folks talk
I's pray all the time she ont get caught
one day she heard sumn
mussa been real good
Is seen her smiling
as Jesus himself gon an got mama a new dress
but I's know ha smile na
tha day she sats in a corner listnin'
she hurds them finely' say we's free
we's free
but marster wouldnt let us go
she herd' em tell mistus
he wont let us free till me make sommo'
for thems to eat
but mama hops out that chimey corner
jumps to her feet
I's herd' ha yelling
"I's free I's free'
"then she runs to the field 'gainst marster's will
and tol' all the other slaves n they quit work"
I's seen all the hoes and rakes falls to the dirt
dat nite ma slip out the house
like a banana was at da do'
she hids' in the ditch
I's get snuck out my bed
next I's in mamas arms
I's look at mama's tied' feet
running so fast
to chase her freedom
I's hear shots from *****
dem dogs barking n growlin'
Lord please keep mama safe
and the Lord hears ma prayas'
cause' that nite
afta alls the yelling cryin' n sweating
me and mama
we finely gits away

Copy Right 2020
523 · Jun 2017
I Am Almost Saying Goodbye
sheloveswords Jun 2017
what is the good in bye?

maybe we will see in time
or somewhere in our dreams
after we close that door or
drop the curtain to end the scene

but you know
this time

my heart doesn't hurt too bad
maybe by human nature
I've adapted to the inevitabilities
I've finally learned to grasp
those things that use to damage my soul so much
but not these days
I see a possible hope twinkling like the oceans in the skies
I see a possible chance of my happiness in the stars that are swimming above our heads
but your firmament always seem to block me  
my humility never seems to stop me from making an
absolute fool of myself because for your love that is what I would do
but for my love
        am I willing to the the same?

Copy Right 2020
518 · Jun 2016
sheloveswords Jun 2016
my thoughts of you are raw
if touched
pain might follow after the
surface has been breached
my initials are exposed
you have walked inside of me
pondering in my mind
you have found a new home
inside my affection and passion
you belong in my arms with my love
holding you tightly caressing your cares
verbing your actions
my longing
has made me sore
raw to the touch
your love has made me pure
your least is enough
to make me
dance in you
swim in you
facing my deepest fear
I rather drown in your love
then watch it disappear
ideal suicide
I have been living to love you
I have been fighting to erase you
magically replace you with the silhouette
of the figment of my imagination
A man who can do for me what I have been indulging
This man he can love me and make me his home
and all of a sudden
through the forestry of thoughts in my mind
I don't feel so raw anymore
507 · Nov 2016
Resulting In
sheloveswords Nov 2016
I am convicting myself of loving you
the most loneliest trial to attend
alone I sit on the stand
I raise my right hand
to God
that there is a truth
I am hiding
burying inside me
a national treasure
of finding
the truth
I love you
I see your amazing
I admire the weakness of your strength
those elements of you that lack
the sight of eyes
hands couldn't even feel
I have to leave you
I don't want to
you have to leave me
with silence filling my ears
completely full
of my tears that feed me
my fears that keep me
from living my life
without you here
your laugh has become the best sound on Earth
your smile has carved itself tattoo on my skin
scrubbing the lust off
fighting the demons you left within
as I opened my life for you to fill me
I wait for the rest of you to leak out of me
but all in love is not fair
now I am condemning myself to the only lie told
I had to do all that I could
to get away from you

since I didn't get my way with you
501 · Nov 2015
s a c r i f i c e
sheloveswords Nov 2015
I know you love reading so
I created pages inside of me
with hope to be the
best jumble of words
your eyes have
ever laid across.
481 · Nov 2017
but the world did not end
sheloveswords Nov 2017
he hates me but no more than I hate myself
he takes from me but not more than what I've taken from myself
I feel his pain, anger, and hurt more than I feel his love
but that's because he has none to give
between his own lips he admitted it

its not like I'm worthy of it anyhow
it could all end any hour
because through and out of all this
in his eyes
I am not the same woman anymore

Copy Right 2020
474 · Apr 2014
A Signature Cry
sheloveswords Apr 2014
you want my signature on the line
where the blank space lives
tarnishing the pure white
with nothing to give
but why?
should I sign
where is the beneficiary of
any agreement?
you created these words
and transferred it onto the
once beautifully grown tree
slaughtered and decimated
bull dozered all over
and you want me to agree?
What will I have?
I give
you live
off my cents that I've
emotionally and physically
slayed over
you want that end result
it is all i have
I wont allow my name
to be slandered
ripped apart if you may
if the time calls
my name is accounted
for more than fancy words
adjectives and verbs
there is no agreement
we did not come together
for a conclusion
you've created the
perfect detrimental illusion
and your waiting for me
to comply
I am all that I own
All that I know
my name
perfectly cursived
signifies my dignity
and all that I am
you can't own that
no you won't own that
you can
take a spear
and pierce me
take a rope and
hang me if it'll
make you prevail
but my fingers
wont meet a
single pen
because my nature
will be revealed
any way that you
it'll give you the power
to deceive
others and blindly me
on this line
I'll have to disagree
because my signature
is all that I am
from the P to the T
it reflects the beauty
that's I see in the mirror
and I wont let you destroy me
465 · Nov 2015
With this kiss
sheloveswords Nov 2015
He fills my mouth with words
I fill his with verbs
our unspoken acts of love
dance and withers
at the vibration of our energies
with this kiss I tie our spirits together
as one Earth
as one synergy
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