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some days
the world is a canvas
of breathtaking mountains
powerful oceans
and roaring cities

some days
the world is just a giant rock
getting hurled through space
stuck rotating around
an imploding star
these days
i'm stuck on the rock
and existing feels futile
I woke up heavy
a thousand blank pages on my mind
a million words buried in stunted overgrowth

I woke up heavy
with all the voices in my ear
driving daggers through my heart

My eyelids were steel traps
and between dream and reality
my nightmares were in the shadows

I woke up heavy
My lungs filled with smoke
My stomach was full of red fire

I woke up heavy
and for another day
I wish I hadn't
//On anxiety//
Nothing can go wrong and yet you wake up depressed one day.

— The End —