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Iyallo Dec 2020
A creature who is fast and natural,
thee are canine and elemental,
many love thee soft and hairy skin,
but I am more interested in your welkin.

Cause you are more beautiful alive
than dead and every dive in the hot
sun with you is nothing more than life,
you are white and brown and you spot
birds who fly high and insects in the dark.

You are a beautiful creation and you are a natural spark.
Iyallo Dec 2020
Dear weather,
you are the cover
of everything to me dear
from the sun to the near
artificial lights,
our world heights.

Dear friend,
thee are the soul,
that follows me like a foul,
you are my weakness
and my fortress.

You are the mist, the fresh breeze
and you sting like a thousand bees.
Disheartening, Pride, Friendship
Iyallo Nov 2020
A women with a unique style,
a man from no phyle,
love is like a message in a bottle
escaping directly from battle.

The stars are dazzling in the sky,
the lovers are dancing in the sky,
love is something that is experienced
even by the souls whose life is tormented.

Life is better to be lived in love,
everyday is an opportunity to improve,
nothing will stop the flying dove.

Like words are given to the poet
every move is calculated in a ballet,
Love is a hymn to the couplet.
Iyallo Nov 2020
God save poetry,
the mother of all arts,
the beginning of all mastery,
it shines in our hearts.

Poetry is my muse,
It leads me peacefully
but when It leaves me with amuse
It strikes me gracefully.
Iyallo Nov 2020
Distant in the sky at night,
a profound and shiny light,
the moon slowly moves,
like a sloath on the roves.

A sensation in summertimes,
a cloud that sometimes
dresses the sky of white
when the moon guides my typewrite.
Iyallo Nov 2020
Love for knowledge drives me to read,
explore and find details in every bead,
Knowledge is a blessing given to me,
I shall not confine myself nor not let me be.

Life is made for being explored,
Love is there to be lived,
Knowledge is there not to be admired
but for Sophia to be achieved.

Conquerors of distant lands,
Poets of the most brilliant minds,
Scientists of the greatest imagination
they are all proud of their inventions.
Why shouldn't we do the same?
Iyallo Nov 2020
The green grass starts to sprout,
the first living beings come out,
the rains gently drop and signs
of a new beginning become veins
in the once sculpt and dry rivers.
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