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Jan 2019
Did you know that she’s writing about you?
She writes with the ache from her soul,
about you.

Did you know that writing is the only way to bring the calmness back in her life, now that you are gone?

Did you know about the words she use to describe you? Like you were the moon and she was only a star, loving your light from thousands of years away,  adoring you in secret.

Did you know that she’s receiving praise for
what she writes? You’ve drowned her so bad that now she writes with pain, not only for her soul to be healed, but also for people’s pain to heal.

Did you know that she can’t sleep because the words shuddered in her head, her thoughts, back to the veins and right through the heart?

Did you miss her? Her laugh, or her serenity, her kindness?

Did you miss the hurricane from her thoughts, cause I see you now, with another one.
But tell me, did anybody ever wrote with so much passion about your eyes, how they shine so bright, how the brown turns into yellow once the sun is reflecting in them, about your voice singing ‘I love you’ like no other before, about your arms, your hugs, how they protected her from the bad angels that she was so afraid of , about your large smile, your small nose, your lovely figure, your angel figure.

Did you know that when I write ‘she’ it’s actually me?
piece from my soul
Written by
Luna  18/F
     George, Elizabeth J and ---
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