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Jan 2019
You will instantly know when she is feeling like a mess. She will put her headphones on and she will play a sad song that once made her happy.She will shut down, and just observe the world.

And when she feels like that she will write. Maybe you don’t know that about her, but  writing actually helps her soul come back on earth, where it belongs.
She feels how the sorrow settled in her soul, so, she will use the only weapon that she owns, the words, to **** the sadness that is dragging her.

She smiles a lot, but after such an episode, hopefully, you will know what is hiding underneath that laugh, behind those browny eyes, behind those wrinkles that appear once with the smile.

And your mission is to wake her up once those moments settle in. You, because, I can see clearly from what she is writing that you have the power.
She deserves, indeed, to embrace the hurricane that is hiding in every part of her body.

I’ve never seen someone more natural than her.
Written by
Luna  18/F
       PoetryJournal and APoetisOnly
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