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Jul 2019
Isn’t she beautiful ?
Isn’t she beautiful in the light of a sunrise, how the sun surrounds her figure, letting God know that he finally found his lost muse.
Isn’t she beautiful in the light of a sunset, watching the moon envy her, wondering how her light dies compared to  a muse’s aura.
Isn’t she beautiful ?
For making others think that her soul is flying in heaven, while her mind was captive in hell.
How her only happy moments were created while dancing in the rain, at 6 a.m in the morning, letting the clouds guessing how she’s not tamed yet.
For kissing her friends, laughing with them, isn’t her childish smile making you chuckle or the way her eyes are closing as she lets the happiness inside.
For isolating her soul whenever a new wound appears, making sure that no one is getting closer, being afraid, shaking, until she puts herself a bandage, recovering in time.
Isn’t she beautiful when hope is flowing through her veins? How her mouth starts to speak about dreams and future aspirations, I hope you observed how her fingers are shaking because of the anxiety that she lets in once with the thoughts about a honorable life.
Isn’t she beautiful for being scared of the unknown but still inviting him to the dinner, how she is playing with her fate, letting God decide whether she is flying or drowning.
Isn’t she beautiful when you’re standing in front of the ocean and the waves keep reminding you about her chaotic life?
Isn’t she beautiful for teaching you that the word “beautiful” comes from the inside and not from outside, how she is still thinking that the world will finally know the meaning of this word once with a flower and an I love you, Isn’t she beautiful for dreaming about a better world?
Isn’t she beautiful for being herself while the society tried so many times to put her down, when “you are not enough” , “ you are too much” , “you are too little” , “you need to grow up” made her laugh and cherish her diversity.
How she is trying to write hard and clear about what hurts, for others to heal.
And now..I hope you are still wondering, isn’t she beautiful?
and my answer is..
indeed, she is beautiful.
perhaps beautiful is just another adjective that can’t describe her divinity.
Written by
Luna  18/F
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