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Oct 2018
We smoked a cigarette together,
Your eyes were so sad
So lost.
And so, I’d asked you why.
You didn’t give me an answer, but I knew.
The love you feel for her made you this way.

My love,
this isn’t love, not even close enough.
I have seen those eyes before, last week, last month..
Those eyes are hers now, your sadness, your weakness, all of that belongs to her.

You deserve so much more.
You deserve a girl who makes you smile
You deserve a girl who would do anything in this world for those eyes to sparkle, to radiate,
You deserve freedom, love.
You deserve peace.

So listen, love
These words are for you,
You are so much more than this
You are strong
And beautiful.
You are my first poem that I ever write.

Love yourself like I love you.
Free yourself, like I free you now.
Because, love
I’m that girl that stole your eyes, your happiness, your hope,
In love..
Hey guys, this is my first poem, hope you'll appreciate it, it' s a part of my heart.
Written by
Luna  18/F
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