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José May 2019
I am destruction and death
I wonder the impact i will make in this world
I hear the chaos and fear  i will bring to this world
I see how this war will change mankind
I want master race to be the only race in worldwide
I am destruction and death
I pretend to act in defect to everyone else so i could hide my plans
I feel this anger to this world nevertheless
I'm touch about how much progress i have made
I worry about this success not coming to display
I scream to every other race ain't the master race
I am destruction and death
I understand the pain of this world which is cause nations themselves
i say that the world is far too overwhelmed
I dream of  places i should make and make it held
I try making a new era and i been withheld
I hope someone else could see the dream i have for this world  
I am destruction and death
I see the world different from everyone else
I want to change it to something else
Something that will make sense
Master Race
I feel like every other race is a disgrace
I touch the heart of my nation with display
How the master race should be the only race
it a history poem i had to make
José Apr 2019
I runaway from Home and i don't have a lot of money if i want to go back home. I'm going to try to train hop. I don't know if life just get better or worse
I'm kinda lost but not lost
José Mar 2019
I thought we would have last many generations
The matter of truth is nothing matter
Feeling like I'm living on a death row
"I will always here for you"
"I love you"
"I would never cheat on you"
Stranger with promises that are broken
Now i walk home alone with empty heart
I draw with a sliver line that paint red
Now all alone and wondering why you left
I don't know what to do with myself
Please Help me
5/16/18 - 12/15/18 never knew it would end this bad
José Mar 2019
Have you seen a empty person?
Their lifeless face full of emptiness
Eyes that speak millions of word
Yet their empty like a single
Star millions miles
Away fill with
I feel empty yet I try so hard to word this out sorry if not good.
José Feb 2019
How broken you left?
How much i truly miss what we had in the begin
I don't miss you anymore, I hate the person
You become and what you did to me

Empty Heart is all I have left
I'm trying to think but nothing come out.
José Feb 2019
My father is always calling me useless and that I'm ungrateful  
Don't get me wrong i earn everything
I have everything a kid would want
Yet I feel like I have nothing
The problems is I have everything and no one to truly share it with
Oh love change a person for the better or the worst.
I guess i just will have to find out what it change me into
Im confused and i want someone to share moment with and i dont have anyone i could trust and that would care about me
José Jan 2019
I'm broken
I'm a monster that ruin everything
within themselves and everyone else
Even though i know everything isn't
My fault i blame it all on me
You cheated and slept with my best friend
dreaming about it and being reminded

It remind me of how worthless I am
I thought we were meant to be
You threw it to the trash
I'm broken
Because of you
I wanted you and only

Knowing your with him again
Hearing you hold hand with him
You said i would replace you
but really i was the one replace
A long time go
I'm healing from this but this girl destroy me and i still think it my fault
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