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José 14h
How broken you left?
How much i truly miss what we had in the begin
I don't miss you anymore, I hate the person
You become and what you did to me

Empty Heart is all I have left
I'm trying to think but nothing come out.
José 3d
My father is always calling me useless and that I'm ungrateful  
Don't get me wrong i earn everything
I have everything a kid would want
Yet I feel like I have nothing
The problems is I have everything and no one to truly share it with
Oh love change a person for the better or the worst.
I guess i just will have to find out what it change me into
Im confused and i want someone to share moment with and i dont have anyone i could trust and that would care about me
José Jan 14
I'm broken
I'm a monster that ruin everything
within themselves and everyone else
Even though i know everything isn't
My fault i blame it all on me
You cheated and slept with my best friend
dreaming about it and being reminded

It remind me of how worthless I am
I thought we were meant to be
You threw it to the trash
I'm broken
Because of you
I wanted you and only

Knowing your with him again
Hearing you hold hand with him
You said i would replace you
but really i was the one replace
A long time go
I'm healing from this but this girl destroy me and i still think it my fault
  Jan 14 José
Anna Sophia
I’m just sick of people not appreciating me

I do everything I can to make someone feel like they are doing great
And I never get that in return
I smile to them and I talk to them
I tell them they are amazing
I encourage them

And I get nothing in return.
Am I worthless? Why don’t people care about me? I try my best. Why isn’t that enough? I just want to be appreciated by someone.
José Dec 2018
Well this is my goodbye letter to the world. So today mark as 6 months with my girlfriend. But guess what? she dump me a week before we made  6 months. She told me things i didn't even know, Like cheat on me. It okay, it hurt because everything i did was my fault. I mean i'm not killing myself because of a girl. My reason are my choices in life. I could have been a better person for one. Then knowing she cheated on me and it funny because one of her friend told me it was my best friend she cheat on me with. It show my worth  because i don't believe her or my best friend. By knowing that it close my case knowing my worth. I wish things could have been better but look what i'm going to do on Christmas. I'm trying to overdose. I try last night but really woke up at 3 pm.  Other reason is no one care about me. I wish people did care but i always ruin it. She move on that quick and blame on me for replacing her. I didn't wish she knew that. Well I'm useless and worthless.  I know people say it going to get better but it really isn't it getting hard to live and wake up. I just hope people know i'm going to go to a better place.
- Jose Avalos sging out
José Sep 2018
Haven't been feeling anything lately,
my girlfriend has been worried about my safety.
I haven’t care, I’m sorry about that.
I have been happy for a while and now it all falling apart. I thought I would be happy but nothing could get me to smile. I’m just venting here because I don’t have anyone and my girlfriend think I’m sleeping. I don’t know how to come to her and tell her how much I think of dying.
Tmr I’m about to smoke three blunts for the first time. So basically this will help me with my thoughts
José Jul 2018
There isn’t anyone in sight.
Im breeding to death slowly but surely.
Stuck behind four walls and a bed. This bed is draining my energy away.
It getting harder to breathe from this room of thoughts. It eating my insanity. Why isn’t there anyone in sight to get me. Why can’t someone knock the door, maybe I’m unworthy.
I’m lost in my own thoughts, I need a escape. I can’t handle this alone.
I’m dont know what I’m feeling anymore im alwsy stick in my room and I alwsy get to me.
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