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Kanak Kashyup Aug 2018
You walked barefooted over
the crimson core of my baffled
heart, leaving the fragrance of
unclenched love well favoured
by your drifting emotions.
Kanak Kashyup Jul 2018
My heart is like an unexplored galaxy
Along with various stars
Glimmering flickering stars
Light of sun in and afar
The cosmos binding scars

Like in empty space full of
Bounded by bolide and comet

But obvious there is no oxygen
And group of flesh will pay and access
Cosmic expanses
And remain for infinity the same

And soul the tiny atom of faith
Larking in those dark
Conditions meet, meld and melt
Beats adrift
Along with soul drowning together

Essence currents

Fireball, in and out
It's space full of planetoids

And my heart,
Remained entangled in chaos of cosmos in search of eternity.

  Jun 2018 Kanak Kashyup
The Jarl
As I blow out my 18th candle;
My only wish is that my mom was here to cut the cake.
  Jun 2018 Kanak Kashyup
We're candles that want to burn bright
and wouldn't mind dwindling in the flames.
- this was pretty short -
  Jun 2018 Kanak Kashyup
There’s many ways to say
What’s already been said
Thousands of poems
Have been wrote and read
Still I would be your brother
Or I could be your dad
I would be the best friend
You have ever had
Our love would last forever
And ever never ends
If we could get together
We’d all be bound to win
Traveler Tim
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