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Kanak Kashyup Jan 2020
I see the rivers,
And a lane emerging from
that river along
with chaos and jumble.
A road in crumble and fire.
I want to emerge
with me in light and warmth
from dark and cold,
with a mind accepting the
with her demons,
with a soul compromising
with ice and clinkers,
with a heart
its every part
regardless of how many pieces
it has.
With so many tangled ways
in my breathes,
I don't know, when will I be able to
emerge from the
labyrinth of my life,
which I myself have become?
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2019
The castle of love,
You painted on my heart,
with the splashes of your yearning.
I was able to see the
hues of urge under the grey lead of pencil.
Afraid of grey,
I turned off my assorted feelings,
Allude to my eyesight,
Your teared the mist of pride.

You perceived my terror!  
I was in defeat.

You took me in my loneliness, as for my isolation, you were the barrier.
And, I chose to adore you from miles in my chaotic silence, for which I was, I'm the witnesser.

Integrity of your tenderness, you blazoned over white sheet and I saw the grey turning into black.
I didn't find the grey!

You seized my terror by brushing over your grey pride and defined me  shield against every pain,
The shield of essence.
Kanak Kashyup Dec 2018
She is burying herself
down in the ground,
instead she is getting
closer to the stars. She
isn't from the world
crawling on the ground
and even unlike the creatures
with wings in air. She
talks of the things
underground but loves
the cosmos above the
clouds' abode. She isn't
a devil soul, but, she is a
fairy trapped in
unfairly tale of life.
She has thorns all over her shards instead she picks petals from her abyss.
Kanak Kashyup Nov 2018
As the
nights have
always darkness
to spare, we all
too have good
memories to share.
Memories don't betray, people do!
Kanak Kashyup Sep 2018
And if you leave me
with blank pages, still you
will be mine forever in the
realm of my red ink.
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