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Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Your memories are my prime addiction
And I don't want any cure
#Come #leave#memories#stay#forever
Missing you a lot my crazy multitude.
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
My trust is broken
I got scattered.

My faith has drowned
I got scared.

My tears are falling
I cried over pillow.

My perceptions won
I got defeated.

My dreams have broken
I got nightmares.

My hatred increased
I got stabbed.

My pieces will integrate
I will live.

My intentions will firm
I will grow with trust issues.
It's like my fate which is deceiving me again and again.
So, starting a journey all alone.
This time with a vow of not trusting anyone.

#lies #ignorance #broken #firm #continue
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Dear life take a pause.....let the death explain my existence...
Let my emotions be dribbled through each corners of my known ones' brain....
Let their eyes ignore my presence and after my collision with death let their brains remain haunted by my absence.
Wait in between my presence and absence....there are brains and eyes only.....
Yeah..... Brain and eyes witnessed the both my presence and absence.....but where is the heart.....
In my whole journey of few lunar years I'm unable to find the heart...
That heart which do not hurt.....Cause when it comes to mine.....MINE.....literally hurts
My heart  hurts.......or got hurt....its a satire on you my life.....
It's each borrowed beat burns...
Not for a long.....just for few moments...... Give this beat a pause....a rest......
So my dearest fellow life only you where the one who didn't left my rains and storms..... Give a chance to that death to accompany me.
Let me see the other option of course after you.... Is loyal enough or not...??
If not then you are allowed a true friend to clench me from the lap of death.....the mysterious dream death.....
#life #pain#brain #eyes #heart#hurt#death
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Here in the world of dark and deep...,
Offer me the undisturbed eternal sleep...
The harder you try but unable to peep...,
Don't want I to show you my scars and grief....
Preserve your presence as I'm unable to keep...
Lake, Ocean, Sea..tears are in all seep...,
Forgotten the present,unaware of need...
Optimization of memory and  your talks that creep..,
Searching you in all dreams and deeds...
Beatless by heart, life growing reminders that feed..,
No peace, instability and and powered by oversleep...
#Extract # you
# memory # you
# cure # you
And this you is my hope.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
The hope with which you started
the journey is not going to end
Destination is sometimes get confused with the most hardest way to mend

The brightness and darkness are part of a full day & not a measure intended
Blessings lie when you together pass the dusk & dawn of life without any bend

The moments are to be enjoyed together but standing together is appreciated
Stillness & loyalty are the base for any kind of alliance to be beautifully garlanded

The beauty and darkness are hidden companion and both should be mended
The agitated wind and splitting sails even unable to shake the bond of cloud & sand

Your drowning is just an illusion & some bonds are eternal, just needed a hand
Even furious waves can't sink the life of a pious kin which tremendously you found

There is no end of that life which is full of heart & ignored the treacherous mind
Some things are meant to be with life and that's the precious part of your kind
Without knowing the condition just an accomplition.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
Wading in the meadow of sorrows
Glaring the newly blossomed lilies
Pondering the slow slow breezes
Greenness is more inside than outside
Leaves the yellow oscillating with grace
Leaves the golden striking the land
Leaves the brown silently scattering
Crushed by the feet of travelers
The same going somewhere else
Leaves the white oscillating with stiffness
Leaves the blue striking forcefully
Leaves the red scattered screaming
Crushed by the feet of dearly traveler
Autumn is inside, Autumn is outside
October is just slandered for no reason
Real culprit is favourite traveler
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
.....the beats of your heart are now resonating in mine.
& that powerful resonate is firm enough to reach each vein of my
And piercing the contracting muscles
with  suppressions of relaxing ones.
The weirdest incident ever. Quite humorous prank ever played by fate.
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Grown up too mature..., left with no Childhood...
Wanna become child again...but afraid of that unlikelihood...
Full of dreams scars too...,Tears, Fears,Years, what would...
Making different lies...,Hiding pain and each wound...
Die or live felling is terrible..., surround the trials with snood...
What will thinking, rational or not...,Neglect or accept they exist the neighbourhood...
Some childhood experiences never loose their grips.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
Ceased by
Castles of doting
Controlled with stream's knot
Curing the deepest affront's agony...
Tried something very new
That's a mirror poetry.
Hope you will like it.
Please drop suggestions & advise.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Trust or not there lie a compassion
Fasten by some deep aberration
Understanding is an art of wonders
Caged by false esteem that ponders
Holding back with tormented hope
Chained by long & swindled rope
Veining in concrete experienced mind
And stopped by sudden ****** wind
Why?? That's the ridiculous one sided debate
Intend or not, what to stop? the self made bet.
When you realized that you should stop but you can't.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
It's true
I care
Care a lot
Even more than a lot.
It just took me down
A regular down
Or simply uncontrollable
& that's my problem
My silly behavior,
My witless habit,
I wanted it to leave,
I wanted it to quit,
I'm unable
I'm habitual
Suppressed by my own words,
Defeated by my own thoughts,
Just fed up
By my own world
I care
Care a lot
More than a lot
When your nature become your problem.
The thing is that when you love something you simply care about that, and people take your all ways wrong. They don't understand that they are being favored with that care which is my hidden love for them.
#care #misunderstand
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Life is too short.....
Spread out your plenary heart....
Unfold the talks, open the covert just roll...
Cause! Who knows? Tomorrow will never fall...

Collect all memories...
Hold the guts and left insecurities...
Live the moment and accumulate retentive knoll....
Cause! Who knows? Tomorrow will never fall....
Waiting eagerly for the moment when people will be able to live the moments of today....without hustling for tomorrow.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Forgive the mistakes,
Set the freedom and love a little more.
Be patient and define your goal.
Cause! Who knows?
Tomorrow will never fall.

Forget the omissions,
Aid the broken, flutter the sun's warmth.
Remain with zeal and find the never withdrawing soul.
Cause! Who knows?
Tomorrow will never fall.
Some values which are to be added before the end.:))
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
Millions silences
lunatic word...
Longing patience
Abruptly rode...
Overwhelmed sweetness
Engrossing sword...
Increasing contusion
Terrible award...
Coloured night
Immense Ford...
Smiling motivation
Grieving thought...
Helping hand
Helpless afford...
Whelping affection
Regretting wayward...
Comparing beyond comparison.
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
The silences comprised in the beautiful rhyme.
And repentance which are running out of time.
Defending the rebel against the predator.
Realize with destructive path and amity distributor.

Deliberately mixing selves in the awful lies' lime.
Affecting with falsehood doing self defined crime.
Until when? the untold utterance will be the interrupter.
Nails are stitching the daze and it remains only motivator.
Everything, each surrounding, just confusing!!
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
The strong & ghastly storm
confusing the world to be fine same
Boat of woods with an orifice
gravitating towards furious way

The water, water in & out
Drowning is something sure
Before death don't intend to die

Oars in the hand of rower
the inexperienced one, unable
Still, slowly, stir the wooden paper's boat

Worrier doing the unintended slit on skin
Warrior brawling the slitted skin not to stop
Alteration of worrier to warrior

Something the hardest strive
Mind & heart losted hope
Soul the hapless one still struggling

But, Until when??
The span is gathered in few days
Till the last beat witnessing the riot

Between the storms of live created by life
pleasant gift of words strike the heart
Ready to give the tremendous soul

Yet finding self in mist of deface the pious grace and rifting the storms with
withdrawal of soul Ohh!! the innocent one
#fed up #annoyed #tired
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
From first desolation to last agony
Whole life with conflicted ceremony
Doubt became the hardest chain
Suffocating the precious tied crony

The wonder of thoughts along the word
Distrust and misguiding gave birth to nerd
Doubt blocks the million ways to knock
By leaving the never filled voids in heart

The castle of dreams, palace of fantasy
Embedded with the feelings of ecstasy
Doubt the cruel again vanished the route
Blocking the turnstile left in state of leprosy
Some doubts **** the precious relations and left with emptiness.
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
It's like never happening dream which I daily dream with open eyes, unconscious thought and painful heart.
Hopelessly controlled in midst of that dream which now I feel like nightmare that ruined my peace.
Sometimes your dreams becomes nightmare and turns your peace into havoc.
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
The dark clouds fall apart,
Touched by unknown art.
Accomplished by dreams and scar,
Unable to find the way  out to jar.

Privileged to have some angles,
Yet trapped in numerous triangles.
Wallowed over own grief,
Swallowed the devil's sniff.

Incompetent, dumb, drained and drown,
Ruined by weakness, tung up the frown.
Risking the eternal, abolishing the deeds,
Only wish not prevent the eager needs.
Dare to dream.
Ready to face outcomes.
Accepting the weakness.
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
The rain that showers over my window and bathed the glass.
Few drops from those moving ***** sprinkle over my face.
And I  come to know that I'm alive.
Still alive.
Feeling the intense petrichor.
And I start to feel that I'm alive.
Still alive.
Nature makes you realize that you are still alive.
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
The advantage of drowning is that you can see your own helplessness.
Kanak Kashyup Jun 2018
Under the crimson surface, lie delight memories.
Alluring, admirable, calmer than fulfilled desire.
The dark night binding memorable site.
Satire is the game of destiny, love is still the destination.
The black motions and white notions, grey is just illusion.
Expressions are beyond pretend when you have the real, soul being confused.
Mind is always a predator, heart is a heavenly prey.
Memorising memory inflaming the thoughts, emotions can never be burnt.

Kanak Kashyup Jul 2018
My heart is like an unexplored galaxy
Along with various stars
Glimmering flickering stars
Light of sun in and afar
The cosmos binding scars

Like in empty space full of
Bounded by bolide and comet

But obvious there is no oxygen
And group of flesh will pay and access
Cosmic expanses
And remain for infinity the same

And soul the tiny atom of faith
Larking in those dark
Conditions meet, meld and melt
Beats adrift
Along with soul drowning together

Essence currents

Fireball, in and out
It's space full of planetoids

And my heart,
Remained entangled in chaos of cosmos in search of eternity.

Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
Dreams escaped
from red-watery eyes
and rolled down
towards the plain
wheatish terrain
it kept rolling
and accumulating
piercing the heart
without touching it
controlling the conscious
of unconscious mind
rolling, rolling and
reached the ****
and dripped towards
the floor
and fall
fall on the
insensitive floor
avoided and
invaluable for
those helpless
drained one
still glared
by red-watery eyes
and vanished
dreams are scattered
on the floor
& quashed.
Sometimes we brutally entangled between what we want and what we can for pursuing our dreams.
Leave with no options and follow the fate.

And come up to the harshness of life.
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
What is the real meaning of forever.......??? I wish I could get the answer.... somewhere....Someday....
Now-a-days FOREVER  is so temporary....
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
The memory get captured in single frame are as stable & delighted as that moment and not as the people who move and fade.
That's why I click so many photos.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
The tiny spread of fragrance
of that snowy flower,
when reached the wheatish soil,
it reverberated in alter of that gravel into clay composition.
#snowy #flower #wheatish #soil #transformation #gravel #clay

#friendship #me #nature #changes #moods #yet #confused
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Adopting the path of lies and leaving the way of truth, haplessly in the shadow of emotion.
Pulling the deeds for the sake of self destruction in forming reverse of motion.
Undiscovered & unveiled rush in the hidden core of liberated  heart's false notion.
Secretive fellow of hidden words lies to the most trustworthy sword & fear's remotion.
Continuous slaps of life.
Will fight hard.
Kanak Kashyup Jun 2018
Her soul born with the armour of never withdrawing trials amidst of all those smirking strugglers.
Her soul fallen for the nightmares instead of dreams to carve it for the destination without any illusion to care.
Her soul adored the dearth in the era of scarcity without any drop of calming water with thirst of ocean.
Her soul craved for the presence by burning all the essence to eliminate the fear of losing the beloved ones.
Her soul broke herself infinite times to protect her from any interim sensation of falsehood trying to fake.
Her soul feared to lost in the dense mist of failures cause it remain without any beholder to feel it again.

Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
I am fine.
I am fine
I am  fin
I am fi
I am f
I am
I a
Am I
Am I f
Am I fi
Am I fin
Am I fine
Am I fine?
I wish ever anyone notice that fine.
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Ohhh I fell I fell for you
Can't say when and why
Even I m asking myself why??
Why for you??
Yeah nothing!!!
The answer is nothing!!
I hated to see your name in my contact.
Your status.....mean nothing to me means everything to me.
Your each picture saved in my phone....deleted and again saved.
It really hurts when I stare your pictures in my hidden part of gallery.....or the hidden part of my heart!!!!
I know I'm befooling myself.
Your messages not for me but still it brings a vigour in me.
We see each other.....You shake your hand and I hold my beat.....expecting not to reply..... But when you bow I just kneel.
It's nothing for you I know..... But for that I waste my whole sleep.
It's true we are not friends..... but I guess not strangers too.
I can see when you goggling me then and now... I notices your small efforts to make me spell something for you....
I always see when you focussing on my talks....but not say a word....
What should I relate from that....??
What  should I name it??
What should I??
Why should I??
When you talk to your best friend!!
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
I can't say...
That I hate you
I can't say...
That I love you
I'm in between both.
Either way it's only you!
Inspired by a drama- IPKKND
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
The net of betrayals......the darkness of failure.......
I'm in the midst'f ocean of loneliness and no one to cure......
The angels forget the....address of deepest layer.......
I am here whole suffocated from absence of adhere.....
The something inside me  still want some compassion and care ......
It's like I am dying abolishing my tear.....
Want to laugh truly but to make me that no one is here......
Smile my dead one wanted that glare....
That never understanding treacherous whom I share......
Sailing the deepest of my sea of emotions and fear.......
All alone wanted a real support that closest near..........
Circled in misunderstanding #isolation#unbearable failures
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2020
I see the rivers,
And a lane emerging from
that river along
with chaos and jumble.
A road in crumble and fire.
I want to emerge
with me in light and warmth
from dark and cold,
with a mind accepting the
with her demons,
with a soul compromising
with ice and clinkers,
with a heart
its every part
regardless of how many pieces
it has.
With so many tangled ways
in my breathes,
I don't know, when will I be able to
emerge from the
labyrinth of my life,
which I myself have become?
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Let your perpetual glow remains only yours & not a kinda force.
The sparkles in gratitude attached through you should certified yours.

Let your flare be sunshine not the moon's borrowed luminance.
Fill the eternity with your memorable & abiding fragrance.

The glittering in your eyes credited for you constantly endures.
Your gaze and rays, flirting ways, should never remorse.

Give the sky a privilege to be amazed with your glimmer essence.
Wishes, Blisses, passion & ardor ,never  let them cross your dream's fence.
Inspired through the words of  a friend. Thanks for being there always.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
Muddled between passion and reliable
Unworthy for both the norms
Authentic to promised words
Glaring to self vowed world
Flung delusion torning the tame
Full of illusion, vanished reason
Unconsciously losted lame
Trapped in deserting game
Combating steps regret the phase
Wanting the crown, freaking the rain
Veining of heart full of swords
Smiling dreams with scattered reality
Unable to find way out to social detention
Fate is cruel in the way to destiny
Unwilling running on the lines of palm
Still with a hope to conquer the desires
Still with a hope to turn the burnt into ashes
Mist of confusion, life is illusion.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Whole life, in seek of stars neglected the moon.
In search of fame, leaved the peace.
And it's time that run out of life like falling sand from the tightening fist.

Fighting with self and the most loved ones for sake of masked ones.
In being  socialised with strangers forget to gaze over familiar.

Became that insane for stabilizing self worth, back out the most worthy part.
Lunatic over matterialism, abandoned the soulful spirituality.

After getting name, earning fame, left with aloneness.
Glaring behind, Whom to curse? Who is to blame?
And suddenly, some voices came from the soul & heart- "your self created knoll of ego, elevation of gathered false pride, thrown over of real ones for purpose of virtuality."

And here comes a time when eagerly needed that hand and reverberated with emptiness, enormous enough to scatter the soul without any possibilities of mentation.

The hands have reached the soil of grave with the mountains of repentance.
Staring the grave without blinking, without winking and completely sinking, with only wish that is the togetherness.
Usually, we neglect the thing which we love most and when it comes to hold that loved one, we remain holded with their emptiness in our lives.
So give that most loved thing that importance, that you never found yourself with emptiness.
Inspired by a friend. Thank you so much for your presence in my life.
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
Fierce prose carves & take me down....
The silence of snow and flakes made my world mourn....
Endless reasons to joy still searching for one....
If only but fatefully it's only ifs that mean....
Lest this is the only way or least that falling rain which leaves the brown...
Priorities worth time not excuse that's for an  option....
Be beholden wanna resolve.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
Pierced the surface of
Moving life by making
It immobile
Captured it's skin
On the wall
Supported by the
Heartlessness as courage
The whelping innocence
Growing with that hanged skin
Swinging around
Looking around
Hovering around
With joys and laughs
Unaware of the agony
Of that rope of his swing
Nature is destructed
Walls are smirking
Childhood is blinded
With cruelty as bravery
And spring, spring is
Losted forever......
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Even your hardening fist and glaring eyes are favorable.
Cause both have witnessed the untie knot and memories which are indelible.
Just some illusion & indelible memories.
Kanak Kashyup Feb 2018
Be bewildered wanna resolve,
The humour is new trend that waited to strove.
Integrated thoughts those need a cove,
Submission of self gonna somehow solve.
#confused #integrated #hope #accumulation # waiting #still-waiting
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
I am the wanderer..... Searching for peace.
Physically most calmed......wanting the mental ease....
I am the vagabond forging for peace.

Restless night fragmented dreams.....I am the nomad hunting for peace.

Unstable mind, unconscious thoughts.......... I am the vagrant exploring for peace....

Concentrated feelings, centered eyes............. I am the rover scouting for peace.

Recalling the events, regretting the deeds..... I am the drifter questing for peace.

To stay to move, to slow  to  soon....I am the traveller hovering for peace.

Remember or not forget the thought... towards the roads.........I'm the visitor looking for peace.
In search of that never owned peace...
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
Some people will stay longer on our mind..,
than in our life..because that's the fate.....

Affection starts with glare when stares end..,
Because eyes are more curious to

Your regular appearance turned a stranger into friend..,
Now my one gesture is enough to turn your smile into bate...

Fingers, the smoothest when crossed my hand..,
Making me unmovable & my screams..became blate...

Gently & gradually.. we grew with a noticeable bond..,
Our shared laughs and silly secrets..people started to relate...

Step by step, cards and no.s are exchanged..,
Making fun, scaring..Leaving and adding..a strange warmth ,we sensate...

Avoiding, Ignoring, Annoying and hurting... but remembering only bond..,
Realisation of sensation or emotion...not enough fortunate....

But timing, the cruel destiny and tears needed to be expand...,
Left with memories and untold story of closeness or a form of regret....

because some people will stay longer on our mind..,
than in our life..because that's the fate.....
Inspiration is a close friend.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
The bond of never explained affection is nurturing by never vowed devotion.
Cared by some intentional agitation & ignoring the deeds of inclination.
Preserving the shadow by leaving the clutched hands of predilection.
Sometimes in life you have to carry the untied knot for sake of your own peace.
Kanak Kashyup Apr 2018
Fallen rock touched the waves
Breaking the faith of salinity
Avoiding the strive of abalone
Above the billowed underneath
Running drops comprising lives
Exerting the leftover to fate
Undertaken the curling of breath
Removing the hope of splash
Masking the skin of trawls
It's fate for the faultless slosh
To start from happiness &
Ended up in smiling contused form
The best way to express your feelings is to express through nature's bond and word.
Kanak Kashyup May 2018
Climbing above with staring eyes, beyond all dust and surrounded fog, walking by hope with emotions to bits and beyond.

Saviours are converting into one, formed the garland of unnamed flowers, blooming in the garden of foe.

Wishing to be humane at cost of each heaven, culprit is favorite and stolen every mind's made rite.

A riot in the surface of heart smiling soul & mocking sense, full of absence & feeling the never felt interference.

Proud turned into pride, arrogance into smile and that rock into soft pedal.

Still afraid of falling, afraid of failing, afraid not to be in bits, but clutched by optimism of inner faith somehow with downing dusk.
Hope this ray become shine of my life.
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
Like the full mug of coffee that special coffee mug spilled it's drops....
The same way I  dropped  my happiness in your each saps....
Coffee  sweet and sweeter......
Remember the first eyes' colloid glitter....
Sugar like sugar.....the soluble we.....
Nothing is like that there is now it's only me........
Accumulation of that thick layer over the surface......
The equal amount of unremarkable guilt I face........
But what is the fault of that unfortunate worthy spoon....
No no no not in that worth to be envious of that moon......
The plate at the base of that mug that coffee mug. .......
My dreams are the same way lied below the false pride of thy smug.....
Inspired by a talk with friend.
I don't know the whole story, just a small incident bonded to few hours.
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2018
The feeling of being an outcast an outsider
Joke with me or on me they are always the decider
Innocent or fool. so called friends the offender.
Seeking a soul in groups of stranger.
Unable to reach atleast that one defender.
Have you ever feel how it's to be an outlander.
Don't break that small innocent tiny leaf's tender.
Unbelievable how any one could be so lender.
'll be decided by the one who is the sender.
An option in aloneness not the part of the fender.
Again not innocent a fool wanted to be a member.
Won't  join that thread again O mender.
Is it so difficult to trust an anti lander..??
Let's leave one day may they find this Commender.
Cause it's very harsh full to be an outlander!!
#Alone #Misunderstood #new fake faces #tired #new city #new people #old me
Kanak Kashyup Mar 2018
I'm running out of words
to write my grievous thought
in ugly situation of fate
by the cruelty of time
by own ones
by familiar faces
by fake promises
of any companion
in spite
of my failed attempts
from self given scars
again to hope
myself to write
again to breath
When the sphere turn you down at that extent where nothing remain to sustain the hopes and to motivate you towards life.

#tired #betrayed #hatred # write
Kanak Kashyup Jan 2019
The castle of love,
You painted on my heart,
with the splashes of your yearning.
I was able to see the
hues of urge under the grey lead of pencil.
Afraid of grey,
I turned off my assorted feelings,
Allude to my eyesight,
Your teared the mist of pride.

You perceived my terror!  
I was in defeat.

You took me in my loneliness, as for my isolation, you were the barrier.
And, I chose to adore you from miles in my chaotic silence, for which I was, I'm the witnesser.

Integrity of your tenderness, you blazoned over white sheet and I saw the grey turning into black.
I didn't find the grey!

You seized my terror by brushing over your grey pride and defined me  shield against every pain,
The shield of essence.
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