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i know
the raven quoth
and croaked
himself horse
for Lady Macbeth
while the crow
is an omen
of doom
or a messenger
carrying secrets
for the gods
if i saw
one of these
blackened birds
in solitude
i doubt
i could tell
which it was
Sunny days and starry nights
Falling in love in Saint Barts
Tonight and kissing her
Softly under the moonlight
And she's in my arms tonight and
We're listening to our heart's beating
In perfect harmony
All through the starry night.
Sunny Saint Barts
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Anais Vionet
The idea that our founding fathers intended anyone over 18 to possess enough firepower to destroy the entire continental army of 1776 is absurd, arrogate and dangerous.

BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Arrogate: to take or claim an illegal right.
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Dr Peter Lim
Short sentences do me well

I don't labour over what to tell
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Dr Peter Lim
Don't let it

get you down*

whether it's tomorrow

or the moment now-

still is my heart

whether events delight or frown

to faith I dearly hold

I'm unshaken on my very ground
* copied, not mine
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Dr Peter Lim
Be patient, wait, listen, be still, be kind, think of others more than your own self, give a smile to everyone, drink your coffee and thank the barista, tip the waitress, donate $10 to the Red Cross, buy a rose for your wife, read a poem of Keats, listen to a piece of Mozart and be grateful you are blessed
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Dr Peter Lim
But we walk away

when life still  holds more-

indeed every day-

for us to explore
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Dr Peter Lim
Pale leaves fall silently in the dead of winter
I realise I have lived far too long
I was once a bold and outgoing singer
but no longer has life left me any single song-

in the night's thickest snow I wander
the heartless winds they blow loud and strong
tears of forlorn love on icy rocks they flounder
in this chilling hour I weep,  to none do I belong
 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Jayne E
take me to Monterey

take me to Monterey
let's find a secret beach
play with me
in the shallows
lay with me
in the warm golden sand
take me to Monterey
let's find
a secret hideaway
kiss me
under a waterfall
that cascades
onto golden sand
take me to Monterey
walk with me
hand in hand
I want to feel
warm sand
between my toes
I want to look
into your eyes and know
when I'm with you
I'm always home
take me to Monterey

 Jun 2022 Traci Sims
Jayne E
he brings me peace
wrapped up in love
his love is tender sweet
we fit together as hand in glove

he knows just such
to soothe me right
and when I need his touch
to be strong with might

he found me blue
bruised petals torn
knew what to say and do
to chase away my forlorn

he has ruined me now
for any other ever
with the love he endows
a bond too strong to sever

he is more than a good man
my respect for him grows
depend upon him I can
as he can me he knows

the love he gives is so good
forever my heart his to keep
at last love manifest as it should
forever I am his little meep

© J.C.
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