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Rabbit hole, rabbit hole
Where do you lead?

Hop right alongside me
Fall in love, in to the unknown

Bring me to a crazy land
Someplace insane and fun

A dark shadow
Just below the surface

Jabberwockies and Cheshire cats
Sharp claws, Hero of the land

Play your role
The queen of hearts

Or maybe, of mine at least
Love, this adventure

In to this rabbit hole
Falling in love with you

My soft little rabbit
My brilliantly lit hero

Lead us along this road
Through chaos and the unknown

This fantastic place
I'll only walk with you
I live in the mountains
Middle of no where
I'm all alone tonight
It don't seem fair
Yet I see the stars
Shining so **** bright
Every last little one
Giving off a speck of light
Each one a part of something greater
Each one a piece of what's real
I don't know what YOU are feeling
But that's how I wanna feel
Like I actually belong here
Like I'm not living for myself
Like there's some bigger out there
Like I'm as special as everyone else
I want my light to shine that bright
A smouldering sky for YOU to see
I just wish that someone out there
Was making a wish to have me
We spend so much time
Looking for the next
We forget to hold hands
Entwine fingers
Spending moments
Not time

Look in to her eyes
Spend the time
Fall in love
Again and again
Get lost in her mindlight

Feel her breath
On your skin
Her precious touch
Every moment
A momento of life

In the end
What do you bring with you
Not money, maybe not even time
You'll leave a headstone
But, just maybe, you bring the memories
Brothers and sisters, RISE
From all the oppression;
Buckle not beneath lies!
Stand against aggression!

Who are you to be put aside?
Who are you to be cast in flames?
Who are you to be thrown to tides?
Who are you to dig your own grave?

Who are they to chastise your name?
Who are they to decide your worth?
Who are they to justly blame?
Who are they to steal all your mirth?

"No more!" I do so lay this claim!
No more Valleys, Shadows, or Death!
No more will we play their game--
No more are we their fools to jest!

Who among you is without skin?
Whose been rendered of flesh and soul?
Whose been robbed of meaning within?
Whose been made to renounce control?

Take it back! Fight for your lives, friends!
Come together! WE are stronger!
It's the beginning of their end;
Tyranny won't last much longer!

WE must stand together and strive!
Where one is weak, WE are scary!
Unite; WE will take back our lives!
WE are Legion--WE are many!
She breathes fire by day
A sensual being
Of passion and light
Quick to smile
Quick to anger

Her body, soft and hard
Quintessentially paradoxal
Always at odds, even to itself

Admire her lithe curves
Enjoy her ways
Like a storm
Or the waves
But respect her tempest

Fires that smolder
Smokey eyes
That have been darkened by rage

Lips that wrestle smiles
Wrenching forth laughing so
Quickening joy
Then knocked of balance
Over again

Strength and desires
Fear and spite
Bitter delights
Of a gemini's days
After day
I don't wish upon stars
Too fickle
Already gone

Rather, perhaps
I look to your eyes
See the future, dreams

That's the chance
A better place
Love, more

I can stare forevermore
Across oceans of time
See us, ours

What would be better?
Puny stars
Extinguished before us

Ours, hand and hand
What more, what more
Than to be by your side
 Oct 2014 The Unbeliever
 Oct 2014 The Unbeliever
Let the wind hit me hard enough to pick me up.
Hard enough to make me forget.
Scoop me up.
Drop me low.
And rattle me hard through the air.
Remind me what it's like to really be free.
But don't let me go.
I might never come back.
One day,
I will tire of waiting for you
to love me ~

You will lean back
and fall
finding I am not there to support you

You will turn around
and see the nothingness I have become
having given my all to you

Forgive Me.
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