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 Jan 20 frog
sometimes I wish I had cancer
then people would send me flowers, and get well soon cards.
but I am bipolar
so when I am sick
I suffer alone, ashamed
because too many times
people synonymously use my illness for crazy.

-please stop
 Dec 2021 frog
Jamison Bell
What scares me. Is you feeling for one minute the way I feel everyday.
 Sep 2021 frog
Leah Carr
Moving on
 Sep 2021 frog
Leah Carr
Soon I'll live in another world
Where colours paint the once-empty words
"Someday, I'll get better."

I thought they were lying
When they looked into my watery eyes, as I was crying, and said
"Someday, you'll get better."

Now that healing is drawing near
And light is flushing out the fear
Here I am, saying loud and clear
"I am getting better"
Didnt think I'd live to write a poem like this...

— The End —