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Butterfly Jul 14
Curtains closed, old cups on my desk
Brightness fills my room
"Goodmorning baby"
A smile on my face, and motivation for the day comes my way
What the **** is this
Well what do you expect when you don't write for 3 months.
Kapi Laur Nov 2018
in every life
we follow a path
that leads us till we die.
in every life
our thoughts a bath
no lifeguard standing by.
we get to chose
where to go
and what we want to do,
but there is no choice
in who we love
why do i still love you?
Mel Feb 2018
Your an anomaly
A walking contradiction
Your words are Venus and your actions are Mars
You say you wanna be my "*****" but then get back with you ex *****
***** what the ****?

You ignore my texts all day but I don't sweat it, but then you go and say" we need to spend some time together I really really miss you I might tear up when I see you"
***** what the ****?

You say we never link, but then when I plan some you say " I might "
***** what the ****?

I'm tryna see who you got fooled me or the  other *****
She thinks shes getting a promise ring, but
You say "she's just something to do when there's nothing to do" only promises you got are broken one, lies.
***** what the ****?

Update: No longer bestfriends just complicated as ****
I was mad asf when I wrote this, lol. Uhm probably won't even keep it up for 24 hrs. Just need to write my feelings down and vent.
Zoie Marie Sep 2017
The emotions fade
I'm alone again
I get confident
And it fades
How did you get me?
So in love with you
I don't understand
How much I need you
It's undeniable
I'm exhausted
And wish to be in your arms
I'm tired of the hangovers
Tired of the drinks
I just need
20 minutes of ******* lead to days of needing you
I hate the rain
I hate the sun
I hate the cold
even when it's gone.

I hate the pain
I hate the joy
I hate to feel
I hate those who feel!

I hate you!
I hate them!
I hate everyone!
I hate everything!

I hate myself.
You hate me.
Let's hate myself

I hate that.
I hate that!
I hate the world!
I hate my world!
I hate your world!

I hate that car
that just passed by
I hate my neighbor
who've just passed by
I hate everything I see
on that window
I hate that window!
Close that window!

I hate that dog!
Whose dog is that?
I hate
whoever owns
that dog!
I hate them both!
I hate you!

I hate this bed!
I hate this pillow!
I hate this blanket!
I hate everything I see!

I love to hate.
I hate to love.
I'll just keep on hating
Because that's
what I am.

And I hate you!
I hate everyone
who'll read this poem.
I hate this poem!
I hate this poem!

I hate this poem!

But I loved
writing this poem.

Spread the hate!
window's broken
17 November 2014

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Samm Marie Moore Jul 2016
It was unbreakable with nothing to shatter it

Maybe it was just another lesson
I** was supposed to learn
Still how am I
Supposed to forget

Yet here I am trying to know who I'm talking to
Out in the open I cannot figure this out
Undeniablely I can't manage to forget
I don't know who this is about, just having a hard emotional period
This is what you pay to love
Take it in
To watch it burn slow
Just a reminder sometimes
*It would be better to let it go
WistfulHope Dec 2014
I'm curious...

How did my ExxP parents
Give birth to two IxxJ children?

How did my 'ideal match' parents
Get such a ****** up marriage?

How does my T father
Really feel about and think of his F son?

How much does my ISFJ brother
Hate his INFJ sister for stunting his F growth,
Because our ESTP father, my shadow type, has annihilated mine?

How am I supposed to be able to predict
My ENFP mother's flip-flopping parenting,
Even if we're both NFs?
Finally decided to sit down and type my family (, ehhhhh...).
Only one I'm not certain of is my brother.
- - -
You'll probably ignore/not get this, unless of course you're a certain INFP who I had in mind while writing. (******* The Wing)

— The End —