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I am as meek as a rabbit;

The embodiment of shyness
Like a nun who took a vow of silence
I am not looked at any other way
Except a girl who's face is gray
But if only people knew,
If only people looked through,
The keyhole to my imagination,
They would think I am a creation
Of the devil himself

I may no speak, but trust me
I am more predacious than you believe.
SG Rose Sep 2014
Deep below the surface,
in dark and muddy waters,
she was raised.
Never looking for the surface.
Never knowing there was land.
Until one day,
the winds started to change
and the deep rolling waves
washed her ashore and far
from the mud her roots were
planted in.
The sun warmed her face,
Her fins grew to feet
and with a walk turned sprint,
she paved her own path-
so very far from mud she called home.
She knew her contentment was temporary,
as the rains always come.
And when the water crashes from
clouds to land,
the dirt will swallow the rains
and the mud will anchor into her shoes.

Hold your breath silly girl,
down you'll go again.
Meagan Jan 2013
~ Anticipation overwhelms the air
   Time slows down, freedom elopes
~ Motionless, extremely unaware
   Nervousness grows stronger, as my heart beats faster
~ A familiar face, everything changes
   Emotions all fade, faith is restored
~ Right back where we left off, we continue the pages
   Underestimating the new changes
~ Another 'hello' soon follows another 'goodbye'
   Back to reality, we go our separate ways
~ Always remembering the little things throughout time
   Our paths will meet again, we both know it's true
~ Commotion of lies from people around
   Never believe them, they'll never force me to frown
~ We take what we want, and give what we take
   Without this, we would believe and become what we hate
~ Another journey home, don't know what to expect
   I know there will be you, and the things you protect
~ Dignity, reputation, what the people see
   While I protect what makes me free
        ~Meagan Williams
Long distance love, how strong is it really? I guess I'll find out.

— The End —