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i feel completely exhausted
i lost the ability to relax
my jaw is always clenched
my muscles are always tense
my mind is always infested
nightmares are haunting my dreams
flashbacks of repressed memories are darkening my waking life
i jump at the drop of a hat
the slightest sudden unexpected sound makes me flinch
anxiety is plaguing my existance

Mida Burtons Jul 2018
dizzy with anger
the light dims in my head
why the **** does it matter to what they said?
i fall to the floor
letting the water envelope my naked body
everything is sore
i refuse to understand
to comply
hot tears race down my face
why do i ever bother and try?
when all i end up doing is crying
i looks down at my arms sighing
the water turns a crimson red
would it be so bad if i was left here dead
all these thoughts spiralling through my head
because it really does matter to me what they said

— The End —