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for Lori, Riley and Kendrick

the questioning words jump off the page,
into two hands transforming,
words shape shifting into
multicolored ink stained fingers,
now, all a chokehold on my brain,
my throaty gasps rasping from
a simplistic convolution -
single questioning deserving an answer

what are you made of?

the obvious answers left in the slow lane,
bone, tissue, rivers and arteries of blue bloods,
just oil and fuel of a containership,
but the cargo carried, that’s the real stuff

you have insight inside that cannot be seen,
self-survival instincts that morph into morals,
our shared air affects you differently,
a sense of defending, caring,
costless  and costliest simultaneously,
spaghetti strands strong sinewed intertwining,
into a better human than most

to call you hero is wrongly insufficient,
but the thesaurus lends me no substitute,
weep, I do,
as the spring and summer blushing green
will not be seen by you at all, and by me,
seen now so differently,
when thinking of
soil-born courage instinctual that has no name,
but grows only in nature

what are you made of?

we know now, but knew not well,
that thing that makes you leap first,
was all you, the entirety of the best,
that exists, existed, as reminders to us,
to mine it, wear it,
medal it upon our fabric

you three,
breathe it back, exhale it from where ever you are,
that trace chemical odor in our atmosphere,
of life-giving sweetness, a rebirthing chlorophyll freedom
that we humans all desperately need,
even just to know it exists,
and inform us

what we need to be made of
“As shots fired inside a synagogue outside San Diego last month, Lori Gilbert-Kaye, 60, put herself in between the shooter and the rabbi and died as a result.
Riley Howell, 21, charged a gunman who burst last week into a University of North Carolina-Charlotte lecture room carrying a pistol. He too lost his life to save others.
And Tuesday inside a STEM school in Denver, Kendrick Castillo, 18, lunged at a fellow student who had pulled a gun in class, giving his classmates time to take cover. He was the lone student killed in the attack.”
saranade Aug 2017
I have a heart full of cement
Solid... Permanent
I've sang your lament over and over again
But every song has the same intent
Like something permanent.
I regret not having a patent on your scent,
Or the way your teeth are bent or broken.
Like at some point a decent person
        Had a cruel accident
                 But, against your jaw
..........A fists descent...
...To punish you..........
And forever augment that one percent of you.
I don't know the intent of the event
But, I do know you underwent some hell
To get to me, in our present
But, that doesn't matter my gent
My denouement is becoming distant are here...
                      And there you went.
But, our two souls are water and powder
We create cement...
I'll miss you my baby boy
saranade Apr 2016
When He's here.
When I have night terrors, he's next to me.
When I laugh, he smiles with me.
When I get stressed, he distracts me.
When I'm working, he follows me.
When I cry, he kisses my tears.
When I wander, he's always at my side.
When I became paralyzed, he became more alert.
When I need a hug, he accepts my one armed hug.
Riley, my dog.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
You were the light that got me through the darkest of times. I wanted your heart & soul, but you weren't willing to have mine.
Self Titled
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
My guess is that my lovers in London,
An entertainer of sorts
I bet she puts smiles on others faces & it brings her much joy.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
Ancestors of ours fought for our freedom. So they believe.
Everyday free men are robbed of life for petty things that became criminalized somewhere on the timeline. I would like to believe that I am free, that my children will grow up with equal opportunities to do as they please. Care free. Worthless. Life should be bliss, some say it is, those we've welcomed ignorance. Failing to see the truth, think for themselves, not standing up for what they know is right, bowing their heads like dogs afraid of initiate the fight.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
It sure is a nice night to make new life.
I'm the luckiest man alive with you by my side.

I love how passionate you are & I respect your drive.
Just the thought of the curve of your smile makes me wild.
I intended for this to be short but this may take a while, I could go on for hours on out talking about the Queen, the Goddess, the one, who without no doubt is an angel sent from heaven made straight from the hands of God.

Together we'll have little angels of our own. The blood of you & I.
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
I loved you before I knew your name.
Even though now you're gone I still love you the same.
No one could ever replace those feelings you gave me.
Three years later, My love for you remains the same..
Logan Schaller Sep 2015
Netflix & chill is a must.
We laugh & we touch.
Could this be love or is it lust?
What if this just isn't destined for us?
It's you that I want.
It's you that I trust.
Don't keep those feelings bundled up to yourself.
I'm here to help, cause you're the one.
You own the crown & the belt.
You're top shelf.
You're the love of my life.
My moon & my stars.
Can I be your sun & light, just for tonight?
With me everything is alright.
I am your knight in shining armor down on one knee hoping you'll take a chance on me.

— The End —