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envydean Feb 2016
The black ink
Permanent against his skin
A protection
A ward
Against evils

No demons can get
Inside his body
To control and possess him
To tear his mind apart

His body is his
With the tattoo
On his chest
In permanent
Black ink
for @tattooedsam on Tumblr :) Poem is inspired by their URL :)
envydean Jan 2016
It has been said
by several hunters
that the Winchester boys
they’re soulless
they’re without inhibitions
that they’ll **** without
even a second thought

Some say
they are soulful
that they care
too much
too hard
and that’s dangerous too
Written for @soullesshunters on Tumblr - my BOTM winner for January
envydean Dec 2015
He can fly;
Flit through time,
Glide through dimensions,
And swoop through the universe

It’s all at his disposal;
To use the universe,
To his every need,
(Just like the others)
To get to the Winchester brothers

The stars will greet him;
As long lost celestial companions,
They meet frequently,
Watch as they see his true form,
Soar through the vacuum,
Towards the light of the Earth
Written for @mishtletoe on Tumblr who asked for Castiel and The Universe :)
envydean Nov 2015
He’s all green eyes
The type that sparkle
In the early morning sun
That reflect with love
And bravery and protection

He’s all light freckles
That dance across
His nose and cheeks
That can be counted
As galaxies in the universe

He’s all lean muscle
The kind that is
Built naturally
From years of hunting
And fighting evil things

He’s all sadness and defeat
After losing his brother
Just one too many times
And losing all he loves
All the **** time

He’s all Winchester
Stubborn and selfless
Damaged and dangerous
Protective and brave
He’s Dean Winchester
written for @deanyw on Tumblr for winning my November Blog of the Month :)
envydean Sep 2015
My Soul is bound to a demon
I can feel its force
Twisting and turning
Roping its way around my heart

My Soul is bound to a demon
It sent me to Hell
Yet here I am still on Earth
Though I cannot control it

My Soul is bound to a demon
The darkness within me
I shall never let it take me
I will fight until I am free

My Soul is bound to a demon
But my Soul wants to break free
Written because I was inspired when I was making a graphic and I also needed some words for said graphic so here we are :)
envydean Sep 2015
He’s screaming your name
In the middle of the night
You run down the hall
Ready for a fight

Your gun is drawn
And you crash through the door
Your bare feet are cold
On the old hard oak floor

He’s tumbling and turning
And can’t keep still
The nightmares plaguing him
Of those he’s had to ****

He’s tangling himself within the sheets
So you step forward, put your gun away
Your expression drops, just like your guard
Just for a moment you watch and stay

After a while
The nightmare seems to settle
You return to your room
Legs resting against the bedframe’s cold metal
Based on a scene in Supernatural Season 10, written in Sam's perspective :)
envydean Aug 2015
He’s just a little boy
With a broken soul
With only a brother to fix him
Take this as Sam or Dean :)
envydean Aug 2015
He reaches down to the dwindling Soul
Wrapping an arm around it
Forcing it to piece back together
Into something more human
Something more righteous
Than just a soul with no flesh
It hadn't meant to cause hurt or harm
But sending a man’s Soul back to his
Body has its repercussions
The tighter he holds the more the flesh burns
A burst of light in somewhere that
Has more than darkness
And the surroundings change
A man whom had been just a soul
Tearing and torturing other souls until he broke
Was once again human
A human with an angelic handprint
On his left shoulder
Written for @deanshandprint on Tumblr :)
envydean Jul 2015
Surrounded by darkness
Death, despair and pain
Instruments of torture
Ways to make you hurt
And never think again

Then there’s a light
Something bright in the distance
Enclosed in a safe embrace
Darkness as unconsciousness ensues
Bringing him back into existence

Consciousness regains and he’s back into darkness
Scratching at the wooden surround
Nothing but a lighter to see
That he’s six foot under
And needs to get out of the ground

Fingertips beak the surface
Reaching up to the mid-morning sun
***** hands and a dirt face appear
He stands and looks around
The only thing missing is his gun

Making a trek to the nearest place
Shirt strapped firm around his hips
He finds a small shop
Grabs a bottle of water
Nicks a magazine and a bag of chips

A crash and a bang
Shattering glass
A sound so loud
He’s covering his ears
Thinking how long this will last

For an angel is calling
To his sisters and brothers
That Dean Winchester has been saved
The Righteous Man has been earthbound
Out to save the rest of the others.
written for my July Blog of the Month Winner @deanisaved on Tumblr :)
envydean Jun 2015
Dear Sammy,
This darkness inside me
It'll **** me soon
I don't want you
To see it
Take over me
To bare the weight
That maybe
You could have saved me
But I can't even
Save myself.

Dear Sammy,
I don't want to leave
But I have to
You're better off
Without me
There's so much
You can do
You can save the world
But you can't save me
Not if I can't
Even save myself.
Kinda spoilerish for S10, but whatever
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