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jennifer ann Jan 2015
Madison and cassie snuck down the steps and into pypers room, quietly closing the door and locking it. "what happens if someone knocks?" cassie asked. "like anybody would even knock on her door"  Madison rolled her eyes as she opened Pypers closet. "this is cute." she grabbed a black hoodie with a lepard printed skull on the front. ill take this she grabed a white frilly vintage dress with a brown belt on it. "the rest of these clothes are more than likely from the free store." Madison poured bleach all over the clothes & pink bed spread while cassie poured pepper spray into her perfumes and face wash. Madison smiled as she lifted pypers matress. "syringes." Madison picked the two syringes up along with a black belt that had been hidden underneath pypers matress and smiled. "guess whos not getting high tonight *****." she placed them in a ******* bag she had across her shoulder. cassie then put itching powder in pypers bras and her pillow cases. then putting nair in her shampoo. "alright, lets get out of here." Madison whuspered and the too of them unlocked the door then locked it back and quickly snuck back to there rooms. 25 minutes laighter the too laughed as they heard a pounding coming from downstairs. "what the ****?" pyper screamed. "my door is locked." she slambed her fist into the door. "seriously." she turned the **** multiple times. "whats going on? did you lock yourself out pyper?" Cassie asked as if she had been confused. "no i didnt locked myself out you spastic ******." Pyper hissed. cordelia then rushed down the stairs in a panic. "it is 11 0clock at night what is going on?" she asked with concern and worry. "someone locked me out of my room thats whats going on. like an immature 12 year old MADISON!" Pyper shouted. which only made Madison laugh as she listened from upstairs in her bedroom. "i have an extra key, we'l talk about this is the morning. i had a dream that i had been having dinner with kurt cobain and ryan gossling and then ryan gossling opened his mouth and your screams came out pyper.... sorry, i'm half asleep." cordelia tried to  explain as she made her way up the steps and into her office . "what happened to your key pyper?" cordelia asked, sounding concerned and worried, and still in a bit of a fog. "it's locked in my room." pyper smiled sarcasticly.  "well don't lose this one." cordelia handed the key over to pyper and walked back to her room. "dumb *****" she sighed and yawned as she closed the door. "just pure dumb *****." pyper could still hear cordelia from outside of the door.
jennifer ann Jan 2015
"i'm watching you, stupid *****." Madison pointed at pyper as the girls made there way out of the dining room. "thats enough madison." Cordelia scolded. Nan followed pyper up the stairs  into her bedroom. "why are you following me?" pyper asked, looking at nan in disgust. rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "you have madisons money." nan crossed her arms and smiled. "excuse me??" pyper replied as if she were offended by Nans accusation. "mhm, and you have zoeys sunglasses.., cassies ipod, and 25 dollars you stole from emilys purse. along with her art pencils." nan replied. "wow, you're A cleptomaniac." Nan laughed. "okay, how do you know all of this???" Pyper asked, her cheeks red from embarissment, and her head lowered in shame. "i'm psychic. i can read minds." nan explained. suddenly cassie walked past pypers room in search of her stolen ipod. "has anyone seen my pink ipod???" Cassie questioned, it was sitting on my bed, and now i can't find it anywhere. " she looked around hopelessly. "well then look in your room cassie. give me 5 minutes and i'll help you look." pyper shouted. "wow, you're a real piece of work arent you?" nan rolled her eyes and chuckled. "what is your angle, nan?" Pyper questioned, rolling her eyes aswell. saying names name as if she were mocking the whole idea of her. "my angle, PYPER. is this, you give everyone there **** back or i'm telling cordelia and you're out of here." Nan smerked. "you're not going to tell on me anyway?" pyper asked sadly. "no, not onless you do it again." nan sighed, "we stick together here, we're a family, we don't steele eachother down thats not what we're about." nan explained sympatheticly. "wow, thats funny because that's all my real family ever did." pyper replied with big sad puppy dog eyes. nan nodded, "i'm not here to listen to your ******* excuses or your sob stories. if saying that you've had a hard life, and never had anything given to you. and the world owes you.  helps you get to sleep at night then fine, cool beans. but i'm not buying that ****.  and these girls don't owe you anything. now, i expect everyone to have there **** back by the morning, or i will tell cordelia." nan sighed and rolled her eyes. "okay." pyper nodded with a wounded look upon her face. Cassie stood outside of the door, still listening. her eyebrows raised in anger. and then made her way up the stairs and into madisons room. "what are you doing here pipsquick. im NOT in the mood." Madison sobbed. "oh i think you're in the mood for this, i know who took your money." Cassie smiled.
jennifer ann Jan 2015
the girls had been chattering and laughing in the dining room when suddenly nan, zoey, and madison charged in the room. making everyone stop and look at them. "Alright *******." Madison stood with her arms crossed and an enraged look in her dark brown eyes. "who the **** stole my money???" she questioned. the girls just sat there and looked at her quietly. "okay, none of you broke *** hos want to fess up? you're ballsy enough to take my **** but you're not ballsy enough to stand up to me? i see" Madison shouted. sadness and hostility in her eyes and voice.
"who took Madisons money? i wanna know right now!" Cassie stood up in anger. quickly rushing to Madisons aid. Madison nudged her alittle and rolled her eyes. Cassie folded her arms, mimicking exactly what Madison had been doing. "BROKE ***!!! HOESSSS!" Cassie screamed, pointing at all the girls. Pyper rolled her big blue eyes and flipped her long crimson red hair laughing, "nobody stole your money you idiot, you probably just misplaced it." she laughed, fearlessly looking madison straight in the eyes. which made nan look at  pyper very suspiciously as she read her mind. "hold my earrings please." Madison began to put her hair up in a bun. "what is going on in here?" Cordelia stormed in the room with her arms folded. "put your shoes on Madison." Cordelia looked at Madison in confusion. "nothing, Madisons spazing out because she thinks that someone took her money. and now she's getting all 'ghetto' and bent out of shape about it. taking her payless heels off like she's actually going to do something." pyper rolled her eyes and joked, making the rest of the girls laugh aswell. "payless? i only wear chanel." Madison flipped her hair. Nan looked Pyper in the eyes suspiciously, shaking her head from side to side. "i'm going to say this once and once only." cordelia shouted. "i will not have any fighting or steeling in this house. and if anyone is caught fighting or steeling, you will be expelled. it's a big bad world out there girls, up until now you've all lived very sheltered lives and i'd hate to send you out in it to fend for yourselves." Cordelia sighed. pyper got a very sad look in her eyes. "sheltered" she snickered, "right."
Nan looked at pyper sadly, still reading her mind.
"what are you looking at?" Pyper shouted at nan viciously.
"i'm not sure yet." Nan replied curiously.

— The End —