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Chandra S Dec 2019
I am fairly sure
you have given up too much
to procure;
what you considered the healing touch
of my thin fingers.

And I;
unbelievingly realize
that no matter how hard I try,
I may never be able to provide
all that you may have sacrificed
to get me by your side.

All I can do
is to continue
to yield to your point of view
and to share and care
for your dreams and schemes
about life.

But after all this time
it is unfortunate to find
that so much care
robs the deepest love
of its flair
we begin to choke
in our own holes of loneliness
and without intention
your sacrifice
and my devotion
become inside-out versions
of each other......
shauna-leigh Nov 2018
It’s gotten worse this week.
It’s usually bearable,
I feel like i’m constantly floating.
Nothing around me is real.
Figments of my imagination.
Puppets in a show of my dreams.
However, my dreams are reality.
They are not dreams at all.
Not in the slightest.
Sorry. I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve not really had anything to write about but this was something that was playing on my mind. I hope you like it. Sorry
Jack Ghaven Feb 2016
I did it!
...Well for a week or so
Partial credit?
...I tried real hard though

Or at least this is how I feel during sobriety
Rather after I have just ended a short stint
I drift off and become a member of my own society
Get quiet and hope the world will take the hint

I really can't handle myself or how I misinterpret things
I'm lost in the translation from my head to the real world
You'll never know the pain the memory of you brings
I was lost and found, nothing and everything all because of a girl

I never did it...
And never will!
I only hid it...
Have you had your fill?
Not sure what's going on here...
Dreams of Sepia Sep 2015
drum beats percussion & bass
sounding through the hollow tunnel
of my spaced out head


a thin voice like a wretched angel
beating at my heart strings
this is what being on street drugs

must feel like
electronic beeps running like
some train in my head

the endless train tracks
passing through everywhere
past the night's city lights

lonely hearts
in half-empty bars
propped up by the stars

yeah I'm feelin' it
yeah I'm feelin' it

whisper a song of love
I can hear it
reaching for her in the dark

is this how we build Babylon
by the songs we write
& leave behind

yeah I'm feelin' it
Heard some fantastic new music on youtube today. The title  of the poem is in Spanish & means ' The music of my heart'

— The End —